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This channel is the home of crazy inventions, brilliant world records and constant disregard to health and safety. I guarantee you will not be disappointed with the videos uploaded as there some of the best and most original on the net and it is TV shows that copy me not the other way round. Thanks and hope you have enjoyed the ride.

Bicycle of Hydraulics
3 måneder siden
3 måneder siden
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Colin Furze Stuff
7 måneder siden
Weaponised Homemade Screwtank
9 måneder siden
The Triple Bath (with slide yo)
10 måneder siden
Upside down Garden Swing
11 måneder siden
11 måneder siden
Ron D. Lite
Ron D. Lite 3 timer siden
@collinfurze can you release a channel promo, say the end of most videos but in a separate trailer?? To convince me misses that Furze is Fast and Furzious 11
Brady Franks
Brady Franks 3 timer siden
Guys I just can't let you go on with your day without Following Tom's insta please, he earned it 🙏:)
Mike Woods
Mike Woods 3 timer siden
Glad I dont live next door to you.
StapleCactus 3 timer siden
You keep playing these bangin' tracks over the work I'm going to start thinking England actually has good music.
Dimondtrilogy Yolo
Dimondtrilogy Yolo 3 timer siden
How do you reload it?
Exploring with warrior
If u was my neighbour and I know what u was doing would not care and would help u out wit it
syntaxerorr 4 timer siden
Digital cameras didn't exist in the late 90's? Firewire connections? I guess we live in different universes.
Ron D. Lite
Ron D. Lite 5 timer siden
Lol @ #minecraft
james cheal
james cheal 5 timer siden
that video was a great one
Mike5 5 timer siden
Just wait until Colin opens his new London Underground station in his back garden
Animechanxoxo 5 timer siden
The neighbours probably think your starting a rocket
Sam Bee
Sam Bee 5 timer siden
You're breaking the law riding inside a moving caravan on a public road! Haven't you been told by your parents that it's naughty to ride in caravans when you was a boy, when you had the idea that it could carry extra passengers if it was towed by a car? Obviously not......
Cory F
Cory F 6 timer siden
Just imagine the permits you would have to get to do this in a residential area in the US
Mr Beast
Mr Beast 6 timer siden
Well, I mean it’s not really a secret
Splitter 5 timer siden
Yeah his neighbors have definitely watched this
Самоделки или все своими руками
интересно по чем у них металл
Howard Redder
Howard Redder 6 timer siden
Most people have SHTF guns, Colin says hold my bottle rocket's and pulls out the illudium Q- 36 space modulator. Marvin has been looking for that for over 2000 years!
Robert Mosasaurus
Robert Mosasaurus 6 timer siden
I bet the trees get so high of all the smoke, they think the flashes of the fireworks are hallucinations
Le'Onto P
Le'Onto P 6 timer siden
This is White Boy Summer
Bruce N
Bruce N 6 timer siden
Colin’s the only dude I know who does construction wearing a tie.
Ankit Patel
Ankit Patel 6 timer siden
Or you can just use 12V adaptor and plug it in WiFi adaptor.
John Rooke
John Rooke 6 timer siden
Needs some lights and mirrors at for pump my ride thinking super powered motor bike etc
KIILLFATE 6 timer siden
Rocks out of the pants like Andy hahaa that's great.
overpowered croissant
overpowered croissant 6 timer siden
Try and Make a go-kart using 1 or 2 motors from washing machines (I got this idea from watching the washing machine that wouldn't die)
Noble Thompson
Noble Thompson 6 timer siden
Random comment for the NOsections algorithm.
Walter 7 timer siden
how much have this cost you in material alone?
Ramthul 7 timer siden
colinfurze or as I call this channel: cocain and power tools
Aryeh Aisen
Aryeh Aisen 7 timer siden
I find this part where he pats the metal so funny for some reason 0:21
Paul Neil IV
Paul Neil IV 7 timer siden
What's with the orange paint on the floor?
guts2 7 timer siden
You should patent the hydraulic pointy thing
weird guy
weird guy 7 timer siden
Imagine doing it again
lisa bond
lisa bond 7 timer siden
Calling when you going to put on your part five because my dad is obsessed with your channel
James Johnson
James Johnson 8 timer siden
Man I swear the uk has better fireworks than the us. Wish I could get my hands on half the stuff you guys do 😪
Jonny Wilson
Jonny Wilson 8 timer siden
More more more. .... Pretty please x
tom moore
tom moore 8 timer siden
What a pair of bloody idiots no regard to safety he should of been in hospital for third degree burns what has the world come to
him self
him self 8 timer siden
Me: would have been tired/ bored by just marking an *X* on the floor where I was to start my dig😭😷
ceiolN 8 timer siden
That is not safe, but it looks fun!
Shinotama 8 timer siden
Man it pains me watching you them cut with those disc cutters without safety specs on...
caithlynn the fourth night legend
allright 👍👍
Adam Hanratty
Adam Hanratty 8 timer siden
Why didn't you just pump the concrete in? Surely that would have been a lot less work? 🤔
Cdev Lentil
Cdev Lentil 8 timer siden
That opening sequence must have been a bitch to make
Octavian Voicu
Octavian Voicu 8 timer siden
Did you bury those cameras in concrete? 😂
Cdev Lentil
Cdev Lentil 8 timer siden
Are these German in origin?
samjd 8 timer siden
Here is a master tunnel digger for you to enjoy! So come on, lets go! nosections.info/green/k4t3kKSqip6Wqqo/video.html
him self
him self 9 timer siden
He sits next to a poster above him saying strange piles of earth appearing in stamford 🤣
ROYAL MECH 9 timer siden
Markuss_Plays_2010 9 timer siden
The cat o matic more like the sceer o matic LOL. So for the bad spelling Iam not from England
iowa_don 9 timer siden
Secret?? I'm sure none of the neighbors noticed all of the dirt leaving your property, all of the steel being delivered or wondered where all of the truckloads of concrete went. Sure they didn't.
Mobius Trip
Mobius Trip 10 timer siden
Just watching this gives me bum a squeeky and nauseous sensation
alakija(cash app(gman123
kamil uddin
kamil uddin 10 timer siden
Me:wondering what he did with all the rocks he destroyed
Coltin Myers
Coltin Myers 10 timer siden
Should combine the shield to it and rope launcher
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 11 timer siden
I can't imagine having to do all of this work and in the end being a couple meters off of where you're suppose to be ;-;
Wesley Snipes
Wesley Snipes 11 timer siden
90kg 300m!!!
lewis williams
lewis williams 11 timer siden
Please can you put a vending machine over the hole, you'll be the real life Stan from gravity falls
Ross Hepburn
Ross Hepburn 11 timer siden
Send it to Sam pilgrim see what he can do on it
希修斯遠程 11 timer siden
Why? Part---5/😭😭😭😭😭
lewis williams
lewis williams 11 timer siden
All this stuff just chilling under a normal UK suburban house, the resale value is going to be mental honestly 😂😂
Bunny Warriors
Bunny Warriors 11 timer siden
i love everything about this video
Kittenz 11 timer siden
Why would NOsections randomly recommend this 7 years later?
Davro Tu
Davro Tu 12 timer siden
When civilization ends and aliens base humans on what they find in your bunker . . . Oye vey 😂
Mack 12 timer siden
Winch on the ceiling and the wooden block behind the carpet?! Just how long was he working on Terry?!
ba.skidder LOCKDOWN
ba.skidder LOCKDOWN 12 timer siden
No new uploads? You underground furze
Angry Wasp
Angry Wasp 12 timer siden
When was the last time you had an estate agent round ? Would make a great video ;-)
Paul Gardner
Paul Gardner 12 timer siden
I'm sure you must be top of the heap on your local metal supply's Christmas Card list.
Mack 12 timer siden
Winch on the ceiling? No bandsaw in the corner? New blue carpet with screws and washers near the wall? Laugh when he says "I have some digging to do"? Those plastic tubs? It's fun to look back on older videos to see just how long Colin hid it from us. I have a feeling we'll see the micro diggity again for the cut and shut phase of Terry.
Mobslayer_Doge Gaming
Mobslayer_Doge Gaming 12 timer siden
Seems like an evil lair
sini jacob
sini jacob 12 timer siden
digs faster
sini jacob
sini jacob 12 timer siden
make a electric scoop 4 bucket
Jacko 12 timer siden
when are you going to make part 5 because im exited for it
Kevin Traynor
Kevin Traynor 13 timer siden
How did you rebuilt that underground tunnel
paul clark
paul clark 13 timer siden
Theres me chuffed with my planter made of pallets.
Nickodemus Maximus
Nickodemus Maximus 13 timer siden
Tom Lamb has to be the most wholesome man in the world
Tim the meme rater
Tim the meme rater 14 timer siden
Rip van 5:34
wilma dicfit
wilma dicfit 14 timer siden
how wild fire 81 started
Beyblades In My Heels
Beyblades In My Heels 14 timer siden
The right to bear arms shall not be infringed