I made Griffs Extendable Baseball Bat from BTTF 2 + Delorean DMC 

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colinfurze År siden
Exited for flying the jet suit with the hoverboard, for progress so far channel members have a first look and some new merch updates nosections.info/mem/p68_FLety0O-n9QU6phsgwjoin Thanks to all viewers and hope your all doing ok in this weird 2020.
Achronic Deth
Achronic Deth 4 måneder siden
Momentary N.O. Classic Small Push Button Switch Red 3A 125V i use this switch on my car for my middle finger light for tailgaters
Achronic Deth
Achronic Deth 4 måneder siden
How's it feel to drive on the Proper side of the car
LadyPiper 6 måneder siden
Did you see Hacksmith's Hoverboard video yet? Maybe you can give it a test ride if they get to test out your Griff baseball bat
deegeetee 7 måneder siden
Small momentary switch, should be perfect for the Slugger 2000. www.banggood.com/5Pcs-3A-125V-Momentary-Push-Button-Switch-OFF-ON-Horn-Red-Plastic-p-1109467.html?rmmds=detail-left-hotproducts&cur_warehouse=CN
Mr.creeper 10 måneder siden
Doin’ ok thanks 👌
wolfpackgaming Time siden
I love how quote on quote nerdy you are the video Idea itself is amazing but to go and get a full on delorian in such mint condition like wow. Ngl im jealous
mikkel nyhuus
mikkel nyhuus Dag siden
Colin has standards?
LadyPiper 4 dager siden
Well. I feel you could also made the bat out of of 3d printed Titanium to make the bat lighter and still durable
Tomás Nores
Tomás Nores 5 dager siden
Wouldn't it have bern easier to use a spring with a locking and release mechanism. Though it wouldn't be as fun and intrecate
Home DAD
Home DAD 6 dager siden
Every time I watch this I think ," this is one of his Best videos, a work of art".
Geoff Smith
Geoff Smith 6 dager siden
I wanted to see him actually hit a baseball with the bat!
EQUINOX 7 dager siden
Nice build, personally I would have used the height adjuster from an office chair, it is a sealed unit that when you push the button it expands and then locks in place and to retract you push the button and then push it against something
Loren Wagener
Loren Wagener 7 dager siden
It’s Biff
Cheesecake Overload
Cheesecake Overload 11 dager siden
When he said " Sorry its not quite to scale" was that a reference or unintentional?
Andiana Jones
Andiana Jones 12 dager siden
I think I loved this intro more than I should!
Joshua Warren
Joshua Warren 12 dager siden
I'm sorry a true fan of the movies would modify it to look like the one in the films.
hughmorris2008 13 dager siden
Colin is FROM the future.... Seriously
Hurri Cane
Hurri Cane 15 dager siden
Thatt is crazy you got a stock Delorean and I agree with not customizing it.
velazquez armouries
velazquez armouries 15 dager siden
You could have gone the extendable baton route
Tobywarzombie 1
Tobywarzombie 1 17 dager siden
Is use magnetic for the hover board 🤨
CchewWitup 17 dager siden
bruh did u mix up honey i shrunk the kids and bttf?
Hyper_Blake 18 dager siden
Back to the future is one of my favorite sets of movies
Liam Bushrod
Liam Bushrod 19 dager siden
that was the greatest youtube intro of all time!!!!
David Littlefair
David Littlefair 20 dager siden
5:12 Was that Robert Lindsay?
Criss' Cosplay And Prop Shop
Colin making random British noises throughout the video *Me* :)
BOOP 22 dager siden
Just make it spring loaded...
TrainKidStudios 23 dager siden
If he ever takes the car and props he's made to a show he better have some Out of time licence plates to put on the back and front.
Wessel Dijsselbloem
Wessel Dijsselbloem Måned siden
Why didn't you use a gasspring? Then you only need a locking system to compres the spring
Delmar Roberts
Delmar Roberts Måned siden
I've got something they say can't be done That I would love to show you. it's a design for a permanent magnet device which if it functions properly would produce more usable current than it consumes in order to remain in motion . Yes!!! it's one of those ridiculous project Ideas that a lot of engineers think they can beat the physicists with But the physicists smuggly and confidently proved them wrong time and time again to be specific it is the 3rd type In which we Attempt to prove That there are mystical loopholes in entropy . I'll give you the shotgun version it is A transverse wave propagated within a closed loop Circuit of perminent magnetic fields I like to call it the vortex loop & I Would love to show you some drawings CAD ect ect That I have which at the very least you might get a good laugh out of.
Joshua Campbell
Joshua Campbell Måned siden
do more vehicles.
ProdriveGT Måned siden
Modify the car, turn it decent. Engine swap and all.
matt nothin
matt nothin 2 måneder siden
Wait wtf didn't even see it work except 1 sec behind dudes back?
ambread allan
ambread allan 2 måneder siden
I’m getting back into punk again cuz u colin!!”x ray specs rule ok”lol cutting edge music foe a cutting edge inventor...
KiM小金KiM小金 2 måneder siden
Larzz Wright
Larzz Wright 2 måneder siden
You always listen to good music dude this band is great
Don Sebastian
Don Sebastian 2 måneder siden
It's very good that people like you exist
jagoq53 3 måneder siden
exon5987pl 3 måneder siden
Give me back my deluxo !
JL Playz
JL Playz 14 dager siden
Simon Riley
Simon Riley 3 måneder siden
Wait a minute, why not just use the same concept as a toy lightsaber it extends from the handle and you wouldnt have to use any electronics
Blonddoggo 3 måneder siden
best intro ever
Dinomaster121 3 måneder siden
why don't just use a spring release mechanism just like how a gun works tho
Jason Schreiber
Jason Schreiber 3 måneder siden
@colinfurze Check out Tayda Electronics for switches and other electronic prototype components... your welcome.
JP Wright
JP Wright 3 måneder siden
My fav part is the always the fake hand
haduroboros 3 måneder siden
Isn't it a brother of John Lydon?
Jonathan Finger
Jonathan Finger 3 måneder siden
You and the hacksmith should do a colab both u make insane inventions
Mike 3 måneder siden
deluxo gang gang
CaptainRemixer 3 måneder siden
Mars' Gaming
Mars' Gaming 3 måneder siden
Marcus Potter
Marcus Potter 3 måneder siden
Mount magnet + to a mettle floor - to the bored to make an hover bored it's already bin done but works and looks easy Todo xd if it looks easy to do it my not be easy at all but yh gl
Jordan P
Jordan P 3 måneder siden
Make the videos five times longer. More content for us, more money for you
KIRK 3 måneder siden
Very British swing of the bat
Sensei Han
Sensei Han 4 måneder siden
Bat to the future
SilverSkill 4 måneder siden
Thedooo needs that guitar
Ryan StonedOnCanadianGaming
Not even Doc and Marty knew what was coming...
duckcontroller14 4 måneder siden
ya know colin furze you should meet up with hacksmith
Nick Marthaler
Nick Marthaler 4 måneder siden
Spring loaded like an umbrella
Jack Berry
Jack Berry 4 måneder siden
It’s now 2020 that’s crazy !! So much has happened
Wyfon Boston
Wyfon Boston 4 måneder siden
Make a iron man suit
Jupiter Whykes
Jupiter Whykes 4 måneder siden
Your a legend mate! 😂😂😂
Andrew Delsureto
Andrew Delsureto 4 måneder siden
He is lucky to be a youtuber because it would be a lot of money for that deloriane
Massive Legend
Massive Legend 4 måneder siden
A deloreon is actually pretty cheap
P4RAS1TE_G0DL1KE 4 måneder siden
I liked this purely off the intro alone, bravo sir
MR G 4 måneder siden
Love the bat Colin, wondering 🤔 if you could design and make some extenable stilts, they go in and out, uo and down, same sort of thingy really ..I'm a plasterer and would be handy if could change the height whilst still on the stilts, haven't found any on the market like that, you have to get off and manually do it each time, what you reakon 😎
ZopyrionRex 4 måneder siden
Totally thought it was Gordon Ramsay in the thumbnail getting ready to smash a Delorean.
Echo Xane
Echo Xane 4 måneder siden
So just wondering. I suppose you couldn't automate it both ways, but why not just have it have some kind of spring loading that keeps it open, and a magnetic system that holds it shut. Pressing a button releases the magnet on a sort of trigger system and lets the springs instantly pop the bat open.... then it's just an issue of getting it back closed.... you could have an internal winch system that pulls it down on a cable until the magnet reengages i guess... I just kinda feel like having that rod down the core of the bat would jar loose from impact after a while..
RockDemon 44
RockDemon 44 4 måneder siden
Ive downloded every song from his chanele there awesome 👍😂
Patrick Howie
Patrick Howie 4 måneder siden
If you need a better momentary switch just order a stainless steel anti vandal 18mm switch I have Lots
Patrick Howie
Patrick Howie 4 måneder siden
Just use a worm drive, dc motor, lithium battery or as you call it a bat tree, and of course other minor components, much smaller
Shadow N
Shadow N 4 måneder siden
Excellent video and very creative 👍
Lucas 48
Lucas 48 4 måneder siden
As a skater it killed me when I saw the mall grab
bananas stuff
bananas stuff 3 måneder siden
No one cares
wellis studio
wellis studio 4 måneder siden
El 4 måneder siden
Its a time loop, and colin is the doc when he was younger!
Alexander Govorukhin
Alexander Govorukhin 4 måneder siden
I need that Delorian
Dvplexx 4 måneder siden
Everybody gangsta until colin turns a dmc into a working deluxo
Conah L'Estrange
Conah L'Estrange 4 måneder siden
I like he made up some excuse about not wanting to ruin the car and it’s totally not because he’s worried for the fabric of time he’s the real like doc !
Jakub Měch
Jakub Měch 4 måneder siden
whats the song on 4:03
Toosty roll
Toosty roll 4 måneder siden
The DeLorean is such a sexy car
William Patrucco
William Patrucco 4 måneder siden
hes like if the hacksmith lived a british drug fueled life
shaquille moody
shaquille moody 4 måneder siden
David Morrison
David Morrison 4 måneder siden
Bat to the Future
Defiance 32
Defiance 32 4 måneder siden
Is Colin slowly becoming Doc Brown for real?
Grux Galaxy
Grux Galaxy 4 måneder siden
How do you like the stiff gas and clutch pedals
Mr.SMILEY 15 4 måneder siden
I can't believe delorean is still standing in 2020😏
Sqoou Too
Sqoou Too 4 måneder siden
Video starts at 3:00
fordy 4 måneder siden
Is this the car that Mike brewer got for the farmer 🤔🤔🤔
J4V 4 måneder siden
I found your channel by accident on the video about the at at
wolfman 5 måneder siden
@colinfurze there is this NOsections channel called hacksmith Industries he gave me the actual working hoverboard so it's technically no longer science fiction
Daniel Lemos
Daniel Lemos 5 måneder siden
Brilliant opening bit XD
Txc_ 116
Txc_ 116 5 måneder siden
Feel like he’s trying to make up for something
The Big Picture
The Big Picture 5 måneder siden
Use a button
Motor Powered Diecast Reviews
do u own that car?
Ethan Salters
Ethan Salters 5 måneder siden
Watching this British Accountant threaten those fruits and vegetables with an extendable baseball bat has been quite the experience.
iron flab
iron flab 5 måneder siden
Will you make me a bat I will pay 500$$
michael ford
michael ford 5 måneder siden
This car was on wheeler dealers and its your mates Tom
Oliver Ogden-Walsh
Oliver Ogden-Walsh 5 måneder siden
Am I late???
everybody in the comment section is talking about the car, music and inventions.. me: his name was biff not grief
Charlotte Scott
Charlotte Scott 5 måneder siden
how abought a spring.
francine gooble goffin gorfe
what if you made one that just flicks out.... aka like one of those light saber toys
qdmc12 6 måneder siden
That's a late model
Kendal Schorn
Kendal Schorn 6 måneder siden
The hesitant rat proximally file because cold concurringly squeak among a black armadillo. alleged, itchy pansy
a2p69 6 måneder siden
Awesome bat Colin what about making a light saber next?
levi griggs
levi griggs 6 måneder siden
Pestilence Page
Pestilence Page 6 måneder siden
nooooice, gotta get me one of these! :P
LONGJDBOLEY 6 måneder siden
Wait what if you just use jets engines or a powerful fan that can stand the human weight like how he made the hover bike
LadyPiper 6 måneder siden
My question is if the motors and mechanisms survive a baseball if you hit it with the barrel or danger zones of the bat?
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