Make a Motorised Drift Trike with Basic Tools 

Ganger 10 mill
83% 207 000 42 000

Looking for a cool project or something to do in lockdown well this is for you, 140cc of fun and only a handful of tools needed.

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Track 1 is called "New York Skyline" by "Ten Hands High"

Track 2 is called "Honey Hold Back" by St Peters Dream"

Track 3 is called "Going Home" by "First Floor"
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Track 4 is called "Are you Ready" by "Wolfs"

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2. april. 2020





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colinfurze År siden
This is the perfect starter project but what others would you like me to do.....Also get your colfurze sticker sheets so everything likes like a furze build www.colinfurzeshop.com Hope your all healthy and well
Toxic Turbo
Toxic Turbo 16 dager siden
Can you make an electric one with no welder
Dylan Halfe
Dylan Halfe Måned siden
This was awesome I would buy that off you for sure
Steven Paterson
Steven Paterson 2 måneder siden
Please colin buold and sell these machines, al buy one right now,
Liam Milford
Liam Milford 2 måneder siden
Raymond Salazar
Raymond Salazar 2 måneder siden
I will buy that how much bro
ceiolN 7 timer siden
That is not safe, but it looks fun!
Teddi755 OG
Teddi755 OG Dag siden
That looks fun I want a go
Let Shown Bob Oi
Let Shown Bob Oi 2 dager siden
Basic my ass
Strik3r 4 dager siden
Colin's out here living his best life.
tuezme 4 dager siden
Imagine he was your dad and for your 16th birthday he gave you this
Craig Ster
Craig Ster 4 dager siden
So cool, I've seen several of your projects & gotta say I'm impressed. This one looks like too much fun! Might have to see about this my 10 year old twins would love it. Thanks for the idea, & take it easy.
alfie tomkins
alfie tomkins 5 dager siden
what cc is that engine
Juan Santana
Juan Santana 5 dager siden
I have that welder... The orange one... Can you please do a review
FN _aimbot
FN _aimbot 5 dager siden
D2 mojo tires
Wummi [163bpm]
Wummi [163bpm] 5 dager siden
Furz = Fart in german
Ricky H
Ricky H 7 dager siden
You have mad skillz. Love the channel. This looks like a project for my sons and I.
Finnegan Sommer
Finnegan Sommer 7 dager siden
Andreas and Leander Friends
How much for one if you make one for me. BTW I live in norway
Russell Booler
Russell Booler 7 dager siden
How much u selling for
Niko las
Niko las 7 dager siden
what kind of engine is it?
Sscheringe 7 dager siden
Harvey Phillips
Harvey Phillips 8 dager siden
Build a quad without a welder
Freddie Burroughs
Freddie Burroughs 8 dager siden
Make a speedway bike don’t care if you use basic tools or not it would be pretty hard with basic tools
Sanda Hoboyi
Sanda Hoboyi 8 dager siden
Add Da Vinci Glider wings and EDF jet engines under wings 😋
Scrawney McGee Bulliment
Can u sell me one pls
HYPE 8 dager siden
What if kick botowski rides this bike?
Ryanjames Velasco
Ryanjames Velasco 9 dager siden
Sir what is the sized of the wheels and what is the name for it reply as soon as possible sir thankyou and gid blessed
Jackson Finkjr
Jackson Finkjr 9 dager siden
No helmet
Kova _T
Kova _T 10 dager siden
from which you took the engine
QUADBIKE 11 dager siden
Joshn569 11 dager siden
150 squid for that rear axle, what a deal!
T Shupenia
T Shupenia 12 dager siden
Where do you source engines like that one?
Toby Cooper
Toby Cooper 12 dager siden
Can i buy the electric one
Ideek Frog
Ideek Frog 12 dager siden
Ty so much for track 4 it's so goodddd
Ideek Frog
Ideek Frog 12 dager siden
Music taste is fucking brilliant
Royal MV
Royal MV 12 dager siden
You should make a really fast power wheels but keep it electric
Dianne Pittaway
Dianne Pittaway 12 dager siden
cm or inches cos 35cm x 21cm is small
Michael Holliday
Michael Holliday 13 dager siden
Colin, You put a kink in the exhaust which is a restriction and cuts down on your power...
Virgilio Bautista
Virgilio Bautista 13 dager siden
Nice good idea its amazing bro thank you for sharing your video watching from philippines
SquidyMC 13 dager siden
Colion: "im a neat person!" Work Shop: suup
Saorijamilet Hernandez
Saorijamilet Hernandez 13 dager siden
Q presio tienes tkenes enbios
Larry Mikel
Larry Mikel 14 dager siden
says your work place mate 11:47
BLDJLN 14 dager siden
Ah yes, the Beer-em' X
matthew Gilpin
matthew Gilpin 14 dager siden
looking through old Furze videos looking for evidence of his tunnel project
royal decree for the church of muskology
Or just buy a welder they are only about 100 bucks...
That tall guy KTM
That tall guy KTM 15 dager siden
You need to make a crazy 2stroke 250 go kart or scooter 😁
Mikołaj P.
Mikołaj P. 15 dager siden
So there's a tunnel in progress under that carpet already. Did you need to edit out some hollow floor sounds?
Big Rick
Big Rick 15 dager siden
Add turbo
Алексей Белоглазов
кто из России
Shaun Mayer
Shaun Mayer 15 dager siden
I would love to see you build a 4x4 drift go cart
NeaonBHB 15 dager siden
Colin: "I'm pretty neat..." Carpet: "am I a joke to you?"
Jake Baisley
Jake Baisley 16 dager siden
Suspension would be killer
Krishi Seburun
Krishi Seburun 16 dager siden
Will you give away something?
Shay Bae
Shay Bae 16 dager siden
You’re like The Boring Company of the people 🤍
Hippity Hoppity
Hippity Hoppity 16 dager siden
this guy is such a clown i love it xD
Austin Nichols
Austin Nichols 16 dager siden
i am a neat person his drawing
Sir Dorito Muncher
Sir Dorito Muncher 17 dager siden
Thank you Colin, very cool
Dame245 17 dager siden
Can you try make a lawnmower that you can sit on but it’s got drift tires use what ever tools you want but under £900
Gaismas Zeme
Gaismas Zeme 18 dager siden
This man really is mechanical genius.
dat llama3
dat llama3 19 dager siden
You should include the cost in your tutorial builds like this one
Ieuan Gwynne
Ieuan Gwynne 20 dager siden
Imagine Colin as your DT teacher😂😂😂
Albin ;D
Albin ;D 20 dager siden
It looks like so much fun!
Gamer Enrique
Gamer Enrique 20 dager siden
A bike car?
champigneux franck
champigneux franck 21 dag siden
cc trop cool
Lel Lul99999
Lel Lul99999 21 dag siden
He the type of guy tu build minecraft redstone buildings irl
Benjamin Salmon
Benjamin Salmon 21 dag siden
hey colin can you make mi something
Katzun Kaimoto
Katzun Kaimoto 21 dag siden
Now make one without power tools! I have faith in you!
Ikki 21 dag siden
"Deja vu...."
Steven Walton
Steven Walton 22 dager siden
#shibarmy love your channel
MTB jumps
MTB jumps 22 dager siden
could you comment where you got the back wheels from?
Imagineer 23 dager siden
I'd be good to see a big daddy of the drift trike. What about making a V8 trike that has the potential to be registered for road use?
Matthew Washington
Matthew Washington 27 dager siden
Colin: I'm a neat person. I like to be neat Shed: why am I not very neat?
the red gal
the red gal 27 dager siden
"Today I made an airplane out of rubber bands, coffee stirrers and hot glue".
mark aprill
mark aprill 29 dager siden
I'm seriously wondering how the royal fuck can somebody acquire this skill set. I'm being serious.
Mr. Lucifer
Mr. Lucifer 29 dager siden
What's that thing on the tyre ???
Maki 54
Maki 54 Måned siden
Tnx for inpirating i will go make 1 for me😄
TBM24680 Måned siden
12:15 yo be careful, your going to offend someone. (P.S. this is a joke if you get salty about this, get over your self)
Plan and Create
Plan and Create Måned siden
Elayyan Mohammed
Elayyan Mohammed Måned siden
Assassin's creed hidden blade With basic tools please please please
Spicy Moustache
Spicy Moustache Måned siden
Can I have one
Nabil Anaqi
Nabil Anaqi Måned siden
this guy is brilliant. well done keep inspiring
Jose Alexandre
Jose Alexandre Måned siden
good night where are you located? do you have any for sale? or start someone you have for sale?
Matthew Crawford
Matthew Crawford Måned siden
I like trikes
TENSHI Måned siden
Nice Project 😨 wanna build one on my own. Btw "Furz" is German for "Fart" Greetings from Germany 🇩🇪
Mo_ Kliz.07
Mo_ Kliz.07 Måned siden
Good job
Michael Reyes
Michael Reyes Måned siden
He reminds me of Jaime Lannister hahaha
brandon patti
brandon patti Måned siden
what did u put over the wheels?
Владислав Невидловский
Mickey King
Mickey King Måned siden
Thank you Mr. Furze! You have helped me double my speed of construction. Even with 50 years of fabricating experience, I am slow (always trying to make it perfect). I have started using your brilliant methods of corner cutting mixed with my way only when necessary. You schooled a Grey Beard! Cheers!
Last Voxy
Last Voxy Måned siden
How Much cc in the engine?
DJ ESOTERIC Måned siden
build an motorized skateboard! your awesome yo
Karl_87 Måned siden
What engine do you have there? 😁
Josh Sutcliffe
Josh Sutcliffe Måned siden
Do you have some blueprints for it?
Les Thompson
Les Thompson Måned siden
here's one for you, a five wheel mobility. buck dored , That's a mobility scooter lentond & turned into scooter with a lifting dack driv wheel, like the buck board , flayer of the 1920. but ubated for to day age , LOL .
Sanju Gowda
Sanju Gowda Måned siden
Tell the price
Sanju Gowda
Sanju Gowda Måned siden
You sell this bike
QUADBIKE Måned siden
Ron McNeal
Ron McNeal Måned siden
Very, very cool!! Good for you.........and all that have tried to follow your lead. Just really cool.
Linley Covington
Linley Covington Måned siden
Your cool I laughed till I'm plum nearly regarded
Alex Ondaatje
Alex Ondaatje Måned siden
can i buy that machine of you like can you do $600
XREF 916
XREF 916 2 måneder siden
What exact size engine do I need? I know its 140cc, is it just a standard dirt bike engine?
Commander pufftart Martin
Commander pufftart Martin 2 måneder siden
I love how he’s doing all this in basically dressed formally
Aaron Rodriguez
Aaron Rodriguez 2 måneder siden
Old man mid life crosses
_shuttermeup_ #PHOTOGRAPHY
Who else came after flying beast
Shark vs. GoPro
Ganger 8 mill