HUGE Trebuchet/Catapult Tested to Destruction 

Ganger 2,6 mill
80% 110 000 26 000

With a New Sling she works a treat......But what can we hit and what can we throw....???
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17. des.. 2020





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colinfurze 7 måneder siden
We have battled the Weather and assorts but we fired it till it broke haha, fires a good 250m+ every time but we can add more weight once fixed and get more power with some fine tuning. CAN we Ever fire the CAR???? Thanks again to Xbox Game Pass for PC for sponsoring this video! Be sure to check out Age of Empires: Definitive Collection and many other great games on Xbox Game Pass for PC here = bit.ly/33XqIku
TrueHelpTV 11 dager siden
Launch Fireworks out of a trebuchet
Longyearbye 3 måneder siden
Yeah! We cry for more! We need more rubbish! Thanks a lot in the name of our planet!
Pete Timbrell
Pete Timbrell 4 måneder siden
Ey Furze. There's got to be a world record attempt here somewhere, surely.
Jonathan Tlumach
Jonathan Tlumach 5 måneder siden
Now we now who started the fires
AD Ethan DIX
AD Ethan DIX 6 måneder siden
Throw a ballistics jell human
Bernd Rohlfs
Bernd Rohlfs Dag siden
well done
kenkade strong
kenkade strong 2 dager siden
Imagine this in an isis execution
Frank Roberts
Frank Roberts 3 dager siden
Epic drone footage!
kagdra omen
kagdra omen 3 dager siden
BlackNox 3 dager siden
That’s a fucking trebuchet not a catapult
Gone From Youtube
Gone From Youtube 4 dager siden
i personally drive a silver ford ka and this footage scares me
Tamim Taj
Tamim Taj 5 dager siden
what r you even doing ?
The Black Panther Official
Its sad how ur waste your Talent and ur time with such dumb as bullshit..
Jorge Parrilla
Jorge Parrilla 5 dager siden
6:12 the songs??
Royal_Panda- Game
Royal_Panda- Game 5 dager siden
Thank french war
drgreengood 6 dager siden
What about trebuchet + cliff + parachute?
Blake Liddell
Blake Liddell 7 dager siden
spawn of war
spawn of war 8 dager siden
Well i can explain exactly why it's not accurate trebuchets are indirect fire meant for throwing over vs at they would use another weapon for meant for more accurate for direct fire i of course could be wrong so correct me if i am
Ronin 8 dager siden
you're outta control... in a good way
David O'Connor
David O'Connor 8 dager siden
This bloke is bonkers.
Covodex 9 dager siden
*"We Trebuchet EVERYTHING"* clickbait, haven't seen them trebuchet the Eiffel tower...
DatGayDangerNoodle 8 dager siden
Or the taj mahal. Smh
Distraction Dance
Distraction Dance 9 dager siden
“We’ve made our own wall” out of pallets and ply and there’s rumours arye the whole thing costed nothing at all!!
The Mangus
The Mangus 9 dager siden
The Cuntegions
The Cuntegions 9 dager siden
This guy has too much fun
Untill ThEnd
Untill ThEnd 10 dager siden
Love this video having way to much fun Lmao'
StapleCactus 10 dager siden
I think medieval trebuchets were only good for about 10 shots, so you did better than wood. Also, I really thought trebuchets went farther than that. A mere 200 meters doesn't seem like useful castle siege tech. I was thinking more like 500-700 meters.
La Tre Clays
La Tre Clays 10 dager siden
Age of empires was the shit
boniface mbilinyi
boniface mbilinyi 10 dager siden
Collin wants the trebuchet to hit the car and me from the third world country don't want that to happen.....
geoffmackley 10 dager siden
Epic nonsense, epic drone flying .....
Thomas Maiden
Thomas Maiden 10 dager siden
instead of lifting the weight up with the JCB, pull the arm down. Its just a big lever.
Bjorn Lemugu
Bjorn Lemugu 11 dager siden
OK for the engine throwing, "pouce bleu" like we say in France
Reichsvorstand 45
Reichsvorstand 45 11 dager siden
Hahaha that Age of Empires music i live it 😂😂👏🏻
thedrew4you 12 dager siden
Now launch a trebuchet with it, and your quest will be complete.
GSXR J3FF 12 dager siden
The precision of that catapult is actually mind blowing
Weill 12 dager siden
“Basicly we made the target bigger” Proceeds to hit right in between the cars
Hadi Febrian
Hadi Febrian 12 dager siden
Imagine you are an antiquete-medieval soldier facing dozens big monstrous sling like this
Peter Evans
Peter Evans 12 dager siden
Every single failure was incredibly obvious before occurrence. Don't appreciate the purposeful failure just to make the video's more relatable.
Will Batson
Will Batson 12 dager siden
Rick and Morty!!!
AJ Jameson
AJ Jameson 13 dager siden
love the Age of Empires soundtrack.
Justin Barton
Justin Barton 13 dager siden
Auto insurance company: what the heck happened to your vehicle? Collin: uhhh it got smashed with by a metal block fired from a catapult. :) Auto: :/ no seriously what happened?
Jeff Smelling
Jeff Smelling 13 dager siden
Knock up a deployable tower crane. Just need a crap ton of box section and a welder :P
default pfp with a fly
default pfp with a fly 14 dager siden
Make a cube out of metal then put parachutes on it then put a stabilized camera on the outside so the person inside can see where he's going
Grant Roberts
Grant Roberts 14 dager siden
The farmer goes out to work in his field and finds all this crap everywhere, Bloody Furze has been here again!
Justin Davis
Justin Davis 14 dager siden
When the age of empires victory song kicked in that brought back some old memories
66 Elephant
66 Elephant 15 dager siden
why in england we are alowed guns but we have this
bryan diel
bryan diel 15 dager siden
flywheel trebuchets have more strength and less flex!!
Pietro Ripamonti
Pietro Ripamonti 15 dager siden
thumb down for polluting
Luxaly 15 dager siden
i would opt for a trebuchet 2.0 wich is bigger with a massive arm and a massive weight i would make it a fixed weight tho cause bearings are gonna break so have as low breakable parts possible :D
Bongo Wongo gold
Bongo Wongo gold 15 dager siden
you’re camping and all of a sudden a brick flies through your caravan
Kewin Connin Jackson
Kewin Connin Jackson 16 dager siden
Leodagan aime cette vidéo.
M Jackson
M Jackson 16 dager siden
Broken glass, plastic, and metal out in a field? Have you no respect for mother nature and our inter-connected ecosystem? You're not 5 anymore in 1980, so please take a grown-up, twenty-first century approach to the fun. Those cars that you guys in your disposable culture just smash up and destroy, would be fixed, maintained and useful for many more years in tens of other countries around the world. So arrogantly wasteful and entitled.
Twinings Irish Breakfast Tea
Warwolf Mk. II
anonymous69 17 dager siden
what happens if you hang on to it as it fires
nickpDK 17 dager siden
HEy this is CLickbait xD You fortgot to trebuchet the Trebuchet
radi nelaj
radi nelaj 18 dager siden
You should build it near the sea( at sea shore ),the person who will be launched , will fall into water ,so there is no risk any more
SouthWest Bristol MX
SouthWest Bristol MX 18 dager siden
Living the dream 💯💪🏽👏🏽 Keep up the good work great channel
Cal 18 dager siden
We need a Colin Furze Museum RIP Trebuchet
Walking Through Germany
I think is a lot work to clean the field🤔
Johnathon Meadows
Johnathon Meadows 20 dager siden
Colin, your medieval ancestors would be proud
JohnnyJohnsonJohn 21 dag siden
Colin’s gonna wage war on the British monarchy with his superior military might.
Demonic Wolf
Demonic Wolf 21 dag siden
0:39 “upgrated”
DanNy GómEz
DanNy GómEz 21 dag siden
3:45 jajajajaja
DanNy GómEz
DanNy GómEz 21 dag siden
You are crazy man
Ricker’s Homestead A Hobby Farm
That would be cool to make on a smaller scale. Something that could sling bricks.
Sad 22 dager siden
if the world went to shit colin would be a warlord
Big Boy
Big Boy 22 dager siden
I imagine you couldn't hit the smaller target because trebuchets are traditionally meant for... well, bigger things. Houses and such.
King Snowy
King Snowy 23 dager siden
I appreciate the Age of Empires music.
Maxid1 23 dager siden
How many launches before it broke?
Michael Dewey
Michael Dewey 23 dager siden
George Bennett
George Bennett 24 dager siden
Just casually trebuchets a ball of fire
Hwa Song
Hwa Song 26 dager siden
Imagine the terror of his future enemy
Twisted Kitty
Twisted Kitty 29 dager siden
Isn’t it insane to think they built these out of wood during the medieval times! It’s absolutely bonkers!
Mr. McFreeze
Mr. McFreeze 29 dager siden
Immagine you are in a war and your country is launching you with a parachute so that they can save aeroplanes
bob doeful
bob doeful Måned siden
Everyone is preparing for world war 3. Russians: pull out ak-47s Americans: pull out m60s Colin: pulls out trebuchet
supervcycle Måned siden
you need a trough down the center of the bottom to guid your projectiles
Rijal Natiqi
Rijal Natiqi Måned siden
Gila kamu wkwkwk
Connor Lacelle
Connor Lacelle Måned siden
I was having such a nice camping trip
KONO Måned siden
ohh that age of empire sound ....EPICCCCC..
Needassistance Måned siden
This guy is like Fred a George from Harry potter.
Maximillian Martinet
Maximillian Martinet 2 måneder siden
You Should Make One Double it's Size in the Future and Stand it Next to this One :) Like a World Record Setting Trebuchet... Crazy Views, Totally Furze, and Absolutely Epic!!!
Dr. Cryptox
Dr. Cryptox 2 måneder siden
Kudos to who ever flew the drone through the falling straw, that was a nice shot
mriley8391 2 måneder siden
music horrible and almost ruins video
Roberto Guerrieri
Roberto Guerrieri 2 måneder siden
Yuvraj Nath 6D 33
Yuvraj Nath 6D 33 2 måneder siden
Epic x infinity = Epic x Colinfurze
RdubU 2 måneder siden
He really did do all that stuff for reals I I can prove it he left it all over my field it's still here
Jason Crittenden
Jason Crittenden 2 måneder siden
Making the target bigger still didn’t work? Make the projectile bigger then!!!
Blaž Oblak
Blaž Oblak 2 måneder siden
Imagine a slingshot size of the threbushe.
William Burdon
William Burdon 2 måneder siden
The block through the caravan gives a new meaning to breaking and entering in the day season!
al bundy
al bundy 2 måneder siden
Necu rrence
Necu rrence 2 måneder siden
That was insane hahah. Is there a chance you could do a scorpion ballista and shoot a dummy dragon with it?
Old Staff
Old Staff 2 måneder siden
That fireball looks SO COOL
T M 2 måneder siden
colin you are f-ing insane, and i love it!
U2sweet Gaming
U2sweet Gaming 2 måneder siden
CVnX 2 måneder siden
Engine:"by by"
LJCyrus1 2 måneder siden
I think historically accurate trebuchet targets would be much larger than what they were trying to hit. And even then I expect there were plenty of misses.
Глеб Свиридов
Глеб Свиридов 2 måneder siden
Mechanics says, that they can remove engine from the car fast and safety These mechanics: 3:43 Механики на СТО говорят, что быстро и качественно могут снять двигатель с автомобиля Эти же автомеханики: 3:43
AsalAja 2 måneder siden
Kenapa tidak buatku aja mobilnya 🥺
The War Munger
The War Munger 2 måneder siden
Definition of a madlad😂👌...love the music
Sandra Wilson
Sandra Wilson 2 måneder siden
Name it big yeetus the yeeter
zpolukuchka 2 måneder siden
Tom Stanton Made a Flywheel Trebuchet to throw tennis balls Maybe it can be scaled up to throw 50 lb medicine balls
Lukey 007
Lukey 007 3 måneder siden
The Yeeter 3000.
Chalky White
Chalky White 3 måneder siden
Sorry we are not in at the moment, we have gone to launch be back in an hour.
fuxseb 3 måneder siden
Please, trebuchet a huge ball of lit up steel wool.
The Ludonarrian
The Ludonarrian 3 måneder siden
Not cool with the Christmas tree. Its already been killed, no need to disrespect it too.
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