MASSIVE Trebuchet/Catapult First Test 

Ganger 2 mill
86% 112 000 17 000

Its as big as we could make it without it getting stuck in the warehouse......
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10. des.. 2020





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colinfurze 7 måneder siden
This thing has POWER, we have made some tweaks to the sling and we have constant good shots now, but what would you fire out this thing. See you soon with more chucking action. Thanks again to Xbox Game Pass for PC for sponsoring this video! Be sure to check out Age of Empires: Definitive Collection and many other great games on Xbox Game Pass for PC here = bit.ly/2Jq9ZPX
Finn Gardner
Finn Gardner 23 dager siden
A boeu
dzikusdzikusdzikus 6 måneder siden
Use a piece of some big tractor tire instead of this bag.
Fernando Davillar
Fernando Davillar 7 måneder siden
I think the "tape shaped" strap could have an aerodynamic disadvantage before a round section one. Wouldn't be a good idea to roll It?
THE COININATOR 7 måneder siden
Colin I am obviously not able to send text messages that make sense. I watchedTom Stanton launch a boomerang goodbye with a trebuchet and I wondered the size of your monster could probably launch an aircraft give it a shot
THE COININATOR 7 måneder siden
Colin I’ve been watching Tom Stanton again and he’s been throwing a boomerang with a tribochy Iwondered if you can launch an airplane with yours as big as it is give it a shot
Wesley Snipes
Wesley Snipes 11 timer siden
90kg 300m!!!
Noble Thompson
Noble Thompson 2 dager siden
Random comment for the NOsections algorithm.
JB Ballenger
JB Ballenger 2 dager siden
Alterra 4 dager siden
People say america is known for being "The Land of the Free," but if someone made this in the US the atf would have them in jail serving 3 lifetimes
Adam Forbes
Adam Forbes 5 dager siden
Lost a bunch of distance by not chocking the wheels. Also it's like 300 US for a roll of kevlar for a sling...not sure if you can get it in your country....gov't watches that here and you have to verify what it's use is for.
justin wiggin
justin wiggin 5 dager siden
you might also be having some power loss with the wheels moving when its going.
Diesel 8290
Diesel 8290 6 dager siden
Fuck your man just threw up that washing machine like it was nothing 😂
Fidèle Castor
Fidèle Castor 6 dager siden
New challenge : throw a washing-machine and fix it after that ;)
Darth Vincentius
Darth Vincentius 6 dager siden
Watermelons and pumpkins are too meta of ammunition
10_ji 8 dager siden
you should launch a camera
cclemonb1222 8 dager siden
I half expected him to combine the trebuchet and his 360 swing idea, and launch himself sky high with the treb.
TheiPotter 9 dager siden
this man just casually carries a washing machine like its nothing! what a lad 5:03
wickedtoast 9 dager siden
i can already tell your straps are way to long
SMC Detailing
SMC Detailing 14 dager siden
Bowling balls... just saying...
Karthik M
Karthik M 15 dager siden
could have optimised it, it would have fired lika howitzer
Tony Murphy
Tony Murphy 15 dager siden
Your sand box needs to be heavier...
Dembros Studios
Dembros Studios 15 dager siden
Brought to you by TFL London to Glascow in 0.5 seconds.
SpedCODM 18 dager siden
The laugh at 3:47 had me fucking DEAD
j d
j d 21 dag siden
The robo uprising will judge you from this video. Your time is limited , make amendments to the datanet at once .
JohnnyJohnsonJohn 21 dag siden
Every mans dream.
Daynico2000 21 dag siden
Instead of the bag or the chain link, I think you should wear leather And instead of bending the end down, you should bend it upwards so that when it reaches the top it doesn't come loose soon and make it fly more up than forward, if you bend up you get more swing and makes it fly farther than higher
Maccoy Muise
Maccoy Muise 22 dager siden
How are there 1.7k dislikes may I remind you that this is a Colin furze video that many 👎s is physically impossible
Craig barwell
Craig barwell 22 dager siden
You should have tried putting your chain around the ton bag
Edward Warwick
Edward Warwick 23 dager siden
In the states, they build them and launch pumpkins and bowling balls, also worthy objects.
George Bennett
George Bennett 24 dager siden
You should make a second Chanel called throwing washing machines with Collin
George Bennett
George Bennett 24 dager siden
This can’t be legal
George Bennett
George Bennett 24 dager siden
I love this guy like all other NOsectionsrs are like hey guys today we’re making a Minecraft house and colins like hey guys today we’re going to build a massive steel trebuchet and launch a car!
Caleb Moore
Caleb Moore 25 dager siden
Breaking news a local British doomsday prepper is laying siege to Buckingham Palace with a trebuchet we are reporting to you live as washing machines and engine blocks are flying over palace walls
supervcycle Måned siden
need to get ahold of the top punkin chunkin guys they have the best trebuchets and can help you with the right sling
Randomus Maximus
Randomus Maximus Måned siden
I wonder how this would do if you shortened the sling by like 2-3 meters. Seemed like the sling was too long in my opinion. I think a shorter sling would whip up and over a lot faster.
Crossiantboy76 2 måneder siden
I’m imaging someone loading it and holding onto the pouch and it accidentally launching a flinging the person holding onto it
neo4em 3 måneder siden
Putin's leg would be hooked!!!
Miroslav Cucanic
Miroslav Cucanic 3 måneder siden
Attack area 51 with that
Sebbyboyyeetplayz !
Sebbyboyyeetplayz ! 3 måneder siden
Portal 3 måneder siden
Now how would you feel if you were just walkin down the road in the country, and you just see a giant metal trebuchet give a washing machine a full send
Chris 3 måneder siden
Dude love your logic. It keeps on getting stuck so just upgrade.
Tombomb 3 måneder siden
What if someone was there and their head blew up from getting hit by a metal brick
aqua dream
aqua dream 3 måneder siden
nice plastic pollution into the nature
Andrew Harper
Andrew Harper 3 måneder siden
You should have four layers of tum bags and in the middle have a layer of chains
RJK 3 måneder siden
Launch an Atlas stone lol!
Gerald van Grootheest
Gerald van Grootheest 3 måneder siden
in belgium they shoot pumpkins 450 meters
Dan Hutchinson
Dan Hutchinson 3 måneder siden
5:05 that’s actually a tumble dryer
Hayden Andrew Smith
Hayden Andrew Smith 4 måneder siden
Please make a thunderbird 2
Scruffy Cryptid
Scruffy Cryptid 4 måneder siden
How to clean up the enemy
the hero cat channel 55
the hero cat channel 55 4 måneder siden
kelly hanning
kelly hanning 4 måneder siden
Why not use balls?
Falkrim 4 måneder siden
arteopteryx 4 måneder siden
how did they do this in the medieval times?
Roninblitz 4 måneder siden
Wanting flaming ammunition.
Komrade BigTex sucks
Komrade BigTex sucks 4 måneder siden
why do you need a patio heater on a nice summer evening?
jjlojamo 4 måneder siden
Perfect test to see how strong something is
jjlojamo 4 måneder siden
How much money did he waste on amo
jjlojamo 4 måneder siden
Anyone else think he probably hit a bird in the prices of this?
paul 4 måneder siden
colin got a fucking bag for this vid
Pierre Salameh
Pierre Salameh 4 måneder siden
You should use it at human😂😂
Flamcrack 5 måneder siden
This shall be called The Yeeter Mc Sneaker :/ i think it's fairly accurate
Viktor Melander
Viktor Melander 5 måneder siden
Too long sling buddy! Shorter radius will give you higher velocity/centrifugal force
Marc Kenner
Marc Kenner 5 måneder siden
I've seen trebuchets, and that is definitely an impressive one, but frankly, the most amazing thing about this video was the skill of the drone pilot.
SVanHutten 5 måneder siden
Missed opportunity: Throwing the patio heater fueled and running.
J Endres
J Endres 5 måneder siden
Launch a human
Cerberus 5 måneder siden
You could use kevilar
Punished Groyper Stormtrooper
Shoot a go pro
Angel Warrior
Angel Warrior 5 måneder siden
Try you hand at utilizing Kevlar as you sling. No?
TelluricDeepDown 5 måneder siden
PewdDiePie watching this: 👁👄👁
Nathan Lewis
Nathan Lewis 5 måneder siden
Also you should try to add an engine so you don’t have to pull it with a tractor
Nathan Lewis
Nathan Lewis 5 måneder siden
Now i want a car for you to sling
AGTXenJager 5 måneder siden
This is when the Medieval Period in the Past got a little to much of Progess and didnt Discovered anymore Technology...
Chris Williams
Chris Williams 5 måneder siden
If you block the wheels and keep the trebuchet more stationary you will probably shoot further
iacob alex
iacob alex 5 måneder siden
iacob alex
iacob alex 5 måneder siden
Hi! I think that , starting with a desk toy idea , you can develop a "modified" trebuchet , as : overunity.com/18541/developing-a-successful-game ...or a "more attractive " simple machine.
TopHat Videos Inc.
TopHat Videos Inc. 5 måneder siden
Releasing way to early. A trebuchet of that calibre should be tossing those things a good 3/4 mile
cwuzii 5 måneder siden
Tie a base jumper to it and let them parachute to the ground. Base jumpers are insane so they probably would give it a go.
connor hoyle
connor hoyle 6 måneder siden
Oh my god. How does he not get killed in every video.
StarWars YTP's
StarWars YTP's 6 måneder siden
props to whoever was flying the fpv drone!
HairyBottom 6 måneder siden
I absolutely love this channel.
Jean-François De Look
Jean-François De Look 6 måneder siden
Est-ce qu'on peu s'en servir pour donner de l'élan à un pigeon ?
Pumkin Spice
Pumkin Spice 6 måneder siden
It's a wonder how people made these machines in the middle ages without machines or steel.
Cumunist 6 måneder siden
imagine getting stuck behind a trebuchet in traffic
Larn Regis
Larn Regis 6 måneder siden
A dozen watermelons fired at the same time could be interesting: Clustrebuchet bombardment.
Wigglyjiggly 6 måneder siden
Imagine slinging an impact grenade out of that.
Artist Irma Felicia Rodriguez Carey
Hi Colin Furze, I am new to your channel, seen you and Nick on his Feather Bowl video and thought I would come on over to your channel. Love all the tech and engineering and craziness, lol Hugs
Whylent FF
Whylent FF 6 måneder siden
Imagine Something Happens And That Rock Falls On Someone's Head😂
gammelhund 6 måneder siden
4:03 there's a fucking idiot standing down range, what the fuck are you doing? You obviously don't have any sort of safety or weapons consultant, and you NEED one if you can't even understand such a basic thing. I'm sorry I love the channel Colin, but this is a toy that could easily kill someone if you're cluelessly fucking about with it. Please upvote this, people.
tedmerr 6 måneder siden
"If They could get a washing machine to fly, my Jimmy could land it" - Jim Lovell's mom in Apollo 13
AMeade 0116
AMeade 0116 6 måneder siden
Furze Space Program: put someone in a box the launch it with the trebuchet
Horizon 123
Horizon 123 6 måneder siden
Am i the only one that noticed that in the thumbnail it has a picture of some one doing the attack on titan salute
Bankai LP
Bankai LP 6 måneder siden
5:46 Wow
Subzero Pie
Subzero Pie 6 måneder siden
Robert Jones
Robert Jones 6 måneder siden
lock the base down before firing, You are loosing quite a bit of energy moving the Trebuchet that could be focused into the projectile. Great fun Colin, your channel makes me laugh sooo much!
Baggy Trousers
Baggy Trousers 6 måneder siden
Now if only it had a flywheel.
iyyappan iyyappan
iyyappan iyyappan 6 måneder siden
You try?
Parker Zeigler
Parker Zeigler 6 måneder siden
I think you should fill the counter weight with lead bbs
RC Ritter FPV
RC Ritter FPV 6 måneder siden
The weight is decelerating too soon. launching at like 70+ degrees instead of 45.
humphrey707 6 måneder siden
The balls on the guy standing down range of that would stop the trebuchet alone
DANH CA HOÀNG SƠN 6 måneder siden
Thật tuyệt thank 🇻🇳🌹🌹🌹🌹like
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 6 måneder siden
Mad props to the drone operator, those were some fantastic shots.
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 6 måneder siden
decoupler bolt.
Alexor 7 måneder siden
I love it how Tom just casually bringed the washing mashine like it weights nothing...
Pseudonym 7 måneder siden
To think this isn't even the biggest trebuchet the English ever made.
Mic Jubba
Mic Jubba 7 måneder siden
Cool Colin hope had a merry Christmas all best u could have pinned the other box sections together with welded on mounts for pins to go thought to assemble when on site instead all welded complete 😁
Flywheel Trebuchet
Ganger 2 mill
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my dream came true.
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