Weaponised Homemade Screwtank 

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colinfurze 9 måneder siden
There we have to Furze Screwtank, been a good project this, so what other vehicles projects would you like to see come out the Colin Furze Shed.......
Robert Stevenson
Robert Stevenson 18 dager siden
A loong tank with caterpillar tracks.
ToeNail Muncher07
ToeNail Muncher07 26 dager siden
Mabye a tank with tracks and a rotating turret...
Foxymicko Måned siden
hello is you user name on nitro type badkid_kayla
Grim Tech 1337
Grim Tech 1337 3 måneder siden
Would be super awesome if you were in megabot vs kuratas with that tank of yours?
smoki'nplaybox 5 måneder siden
wilma dicfit
wilma dicfit 13 timer siden
how wild fire 81 started
Paul Gardner
Paul Gardner Dag siden
so gnarly.
The unbeatable nerf war weapon
Mitchell Guerrerio
Looks more like Ewan McGregor than Tony Hawk with age….. “Hello there!”
Pizack3 2 dager siden
I really want to know what legal arrangements Colin has to go through for some of these projects, or does he just not bother? 😅
AfraEditz:) 2 dager siden
Kuli jawa
luckyfan Isaac
luckyfan Isaac 3 dager siden
Can you make the giant emperor Dalek from Doctor Who?
LOKUM 4 dager siden
Would be cool with a "rocket barrage" on the roof for the next firework thing
Tigo_ZA Gaming
Tigo_ZA Gaming 4 dager siden
I think an underground mole vehicle is long overdue.
Cyborg Metropolis
Cyborg Metropolis 5 dager siden
I have made the decision not to weaponize my screwtank.
Jeanette Groome
Jeanette Groome 5 dager siden
Where do I get one
Andyzelinsky 5 dager siden
I love colin, but not his music
Celtic704 5 dager siden
Me as an American using a drill press to fish an 80% AR15 lower
forestofall 5 dager siden
alright Colin dont use the flame... okkk never mind
Fairway Band
Fairway Band 6 dager siden
Please make the ultimate band tour bus! 🤘🏼
Maximanuel Otuffatz
Maximanuel Otuffatz 6 dager siden
Next video: With the screw tank to mc drive.
Joshua Endres
Joshua Endres 6 dager siden
chimera tank fallout 3 flashbacks
ФСБ РФ 6 dager siden
Quiet kid when paintball match starts:
macasin 7 dager siden
Is this legal?
Kevin Vandeford
Kevin Vandeford 7 dager siden
I feel like we the USA would scoop this guy up like project paperclip and have him building UFOS in a secret underground lab somewhere near Vegas
Martin Habovštiak
Martin Habovštiak 7 dager siden
Gun grabbers: second amendment will not help you against tanks anyway Colin Furze: hold my screw
Krakenpots 8 dager siden
An apple launcher is illegal, but the flamethrower is a-ok?!
Sasha Dogg
Sasha Dogg 8 dager siden
This thing is so so cool with the rocket flamethrower Apple launcher on water and land
Minecraft Er
Minecraft Er 8 dager siden
Easily the best thing you’ve ever made.
William Gray
William Gray 8 dager siden
At 5:18 you can see wires that gide the missiles into the targets
Drew Mortenson
Drew Mortenson 9 dager siden
4:45 as someone living in california, this was a moment of pure hell
GreenPuma99 9 dager siden
A screwtank sounds like something my uncle would have in his basement..
Living in Australia, I was sweating nervously when he used a flamethrower in a forest.
FBurckhard 11 dager siden
A potato cannon is seriously illegal there? LOL
OFFICIAL DOOSH 11 dager siden
Yet wg doesnt support its community...
Lisa Laezza
Lisa Laezza 11 dager siden
Thid guy should work in the millitary arms industry.
Mowing Mudding and more
Nice, all you need is a big front hatch for it so that you’re not exposed
Connor Biggins
Connor Biggins 12 dager siden
ah yes zombie survival equipment, plants vs zombies need to up their game
twilight 12 dager siden
What's with the crossout vehicle
denny playz_13
denny playz_13 12 dager siden
This man is able to create tanks, hover bikes, weapons, anything that could be used in the military, in his backyard.
Try this at Home
Try this at Home 13 dager siden
If you could make a hydraulic pogo trike I’d fly across the pond to cheer you on mate. Just message me for the schematics. 😉
Marcus Chauvin
Marcus Chauvin 13 dager siden
Your apple cannon is only illegal outside the United States.
Arceus 101
Arceus 101 13 dager siden
If you used lightweight plastic screens instead of full metal sheets, you could have armour without it being too heavy
Kathryn Walsh
Kathryn Walsh 13 dager siden
I'm just waiting for *BREAKING NEWS* Local man starts a 1-man coup.
Range Ryder
Range Ryder 13 dager siden
You got a loicense for that apple launcher mate? The entire world is a nanny state at this point.
Drewko 13 dager siden
Oye m8, ya need loicenses. 🖕😂
SonofEyeaboveall Effoff
"Flame-tanks primed." C&C 3 Nod Flame Tank.
FIJIMAN36 14 dager siden
You can’t convince me that Colin isn’t Batman
this man just made an illegal weapon in his shed. the things he does for content
Airunstoppable Games
Airunstoppable Games 14 dager siden
mi6 is 100% stalking this man
Fe De Paz
Fe De Paz 15 dager siden
No wonder the Zombie apocalypse won't happen....what's the Zombies point when they all get rekt by some Englishman with a tank and a drunk Scottish Demolition man?
King Masterlord
King Masterlord 15 dager siden
how about you take the screws off and put you a pair of legs on
Jamal Sargio
Jamal Sargio 15 dager siden
ATF reads title *click* “I don’t think so”
Joscha Teichmann
Joscha Teichmann 15 dager siden
Jo Colin, a flamethrower in a forest? Who thought that was a good idea?
John Dennis
John Dennis 15 dager siden
How about you build the spider from the movie Wild Wild West!
chill out
chill out 15 dager siden
you're the best form of delusional colin
Ms. Mural
Ms. Mural 15 dager siden
Potato cannon, ILLEGAL. Flame thrower, oh that’s fine.
bmgotwork 16 dager siden
If this guy was in the army britain would be a superpower by now
[ThOn] codfanboi2
[ThOn] codfanboi2 16 dager siden
damn he is ready for ww3
MRgun202 16 dager siden
British: A butter knife is a deadly weapon! Colin: What about a Screwtank? British: Nahhh, that's cool
Lockdown Timepass
Lockdown Timepass 16 dager siden
Make a helicopter
ANIMATING MONKEY 16 dager siden
The uk government didn't even let Tom syndicate have a not a flame thrower but a weponised screw tank is a okay
halofat1992 16 dager siden
You should make a screw tank camper like a screw tank RV
Andrea H
Andrea H 17 dager siden
What would you do if in this situation? nosections.info/green/tJ2asJ-TZZ9qlpU/video.html
Александр Батанов
USSR 1970) nosections.info/green/uJ96gINjlqyWvNw/video.html Take a look at this
Golden Eagle
Golden Eagle 18 dager siden
You should try make a speedy tracked tank
Jason Laferrier
Jason Laferrier 20 dager siden
atrumluminarium 20 dager siden
Yeah the flamethrower in the forest made me nervous lol
Vincensius Erlangga
Vincensius Erlangga 20 dager siden
Mas cara buat ini gimana aku mau dibuatin dong
MORPHOICE 20 dager siden
I dunno how youtubers do it. If I built a tank and set a forest on fire, I'd go straight to prison.
Owen Rattner
Owen Rattner 21 dag siden
You know, you could probably fix the whole floating situation with a ballast at the bottom. You just have to displace enough water to counteract any extra weight.
drainey 21 dag siden
California: *wildfire from one tiny source* Colin:
LynxrBeam 21 dag siden
You can get certification for potato cannons? Where?
Johnny To Exypnos
Johnny To Exypnos 22 dager siden
am i the only one who think that this guy is a big kid?
Rolexman 456
Rolexman 456 22 dager siden
The real question is..is this legal?? lol keep up the great content Colin
gazknight21 22 dager siden
Awesome. Wild Wild West mechanical spider next
Danger blonde
Danger blonde 22 dager siden
Always wondered how forest fires get started
Matthew Wyszatyckyj
Matthew Wyszatyckyj 22 dager siden
You can't fight civid with that but worth a go love this guys videos
caleb lebaron
caleb lebaron 22 dager siden
he outdid the Geneva convention with that flamethrower.
Truth Serum
Truth Serum 23 dager siden
Well done, Colin
Tin Ton tv
Tin Ton tv 24 dager siden
U was made a russian project
dustin buck
dustin buck 26 dager siden
Somewhere in a Warehouse an lni handbook is exploding into flames.
Joseph Carpenter
Joseph Carpenter 29 dager siden
Amazing as always 🙌🏻
That_other _guy
That_other _guy 29 dager siden
YOU NEED A FRONT you could make the front a door like those weird tiny cars plus make a front for the tank
James Wheeler
James Wheeler 29 dager siden
Needs some frontal armour! Looks great fun though 😂 great build
林宸毅Jayden 29 dager siden
fake explosion from 5:37 to 5:39, there was a bomb inside the target DONT FAKE VIDEOS
林宸毅Jayden 29 dager siden
play in slow motion and mute
林宸毅Jayden 29 dager siden
fake explosion from 5:37 to 5:39, there was a bomb inside the target DONT FAKE VIDEOS
林宸毅Jayden 29 dager siden
play in slow motion and mute
johnny mottram
johnny mottram Måned siden
wow i love this i'd love that in the markets
daniel wiley
daniel wiley Måned siden
Meanwhile here in America I built a potato gun strong enough to kill a deer and nobody says anything about it
Mr.TopHat Måned siden
4:32 he's doing fire?.. IN A FOREST!?
Joshua Antonio Faustino
add a piece of armor at the front that will also fold because you are going to be facing your targets to shoot so, you should have armor with a hinge so it can fold down so you can get inside.
P love
P love Måned siden
WHOA!!! So cool.
AfriKann Warlord
AfriKann Warlord Måned siden
genuine mad man
Mountain Falcon
Mountain Falcon Måned siden
OH MY GOD the INVENTION Of NITRY TYOPE BYE COLIN FURAZEE!!!! he is FAMOUS for nitro typing daily!!! 25 hours day !!!
Yospls7327 Måned siden
The British Version Of Hacksmith Industries
James White
James White Måned siden
My hopes of someone building a bipedal tank have increased.
Jax Måned siden
there’s only one man that can survive the apocalypse...
The Lit Typer
The Lit Typer Måned siden
anyone here from nitro type
CommanderPuffy101 Måned siden
Mad as a march hare but an absolute bloody genius keep it up!
YesIAmAChicken Måned siden
Try making a turret for the potato cannon
Zombie Bot
Zombie Bot Måned siden
wow super, hope seeing a second tank it would be a doubly fun experience
Knot Sure
Knot Sure Måned siden
Steam horse
MusicAda Måned siden
4:28 California when someone’s pregnant
Hibah Price
Hibah Price Måned siden
It's that thing from resident evil 8
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