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colinfurze 8 måneder siden
Lots going on and stay Tuned for the MEGA Build. Thanks to all that subscribe, send me stuff and are here watching whatever the project, you guys are the heart of the channel and I thank you all. Check the amazing puzzle out as I love the image and in a digital world a puzzle is a great change www.colinfurzeshop.com
Mar zar
Mar zar 3 måneder siden
@Sylvester S 5
Sylvester S
Sylvester S 3 måneder siden
@Mar zar 4
Sylvester S
Sylvester S 3 måneder siden
@Leos74 3
Sylvester S
Sylvester S 3 måneder siden
Kipras Juršė
Kipras Juršė 4 måneder siden
I have been here for like 7 or 8 years. It’s been a longggg time
tr3v0r Dag siden
i love the joy on colins face when he hold the **shark head**
jeevan preetham
jeevan preetham Dag siden
answer to life's great riddles shark head
jeevan preetham
jeevan preetham Dag siden
whole world : please wear helmet colin : nah, i got my safety tie
Noble Thompson
Noble Thompson 2 dager siden
Random comment for the NOsections algorithm.
MSC 4 dager siden
I could watch a whole playlist of "Colin's random purchases".
4 string Guitar
4 string Guitar 4 dager siden
Man i know you probably wont see this comment but you put the most work out of any youtuber into your channel and i love it, keep up the good work my crazy british brother!
OliB123 6 dager siden
0:01 I have that book:)
Alan Cox
Alan Cox 7 dager siden
Lathè porn 😃. Lovely lathe Colin.
Theredraptorswonky 8 dager siden
little did we all know he was standing above a secret tunnel
Jeffrey Boarman
Jeffrey Boarman 10 dager siden
Somehow he reminds me of the Monty Python's
adam susor
adam susor 12 dager siden
Kind of a late comment i guess but since im new to the channel ill comment anyway. Have you ever considered something like a manual / cnc lathe? I know haas makes one but they are much larger than a bench lathe. functions both like a manual and a cnc.
BlueSpartan 076
BlueSpartan 076 14 dager siden
the lego stop motion vid had me dying laughing lmao
BulletProofGuy 14 dager siden
He defo doesn’t have his Fammily live there..
vOID 12 dager siden
they do lol
Danny Mayhead
Danny Mayhead 15 dager siden
Love you vids can you make a drift quad .
Toby 16 dager siden
The intro it’s just to right 😂😂😂
I want you to make another video like this
BABITA JAIN Måned siden
Erik Norén
Erik Norén Måned siden
Haven't been here long enough. Are uploads usually on thursdays? See you next thursday seems quite similar to "see you next tuesday"... Edit: Oh furzday....
CrazyDuckLord 2 måneder siden
You deserve the 11 million colin i hope you get some more subs and maybe soon you could let your son pick something to do again! :D
calle beier
calle beier 2 måneder siden
Hey Colin! Love your vids, could you try and make a compact articulating loader. I made one on my channel out of a lawn mower. Would like to see how you would make one ☺️
William Addy
William Addy 2 måneder siden
Great video!
SKITY✔️ 3 måneder siden
6:06 is that ready
geoffballantyne 3 måneder siden
Logan Heron
Logan Heron 3 måneder siden
O 3 måneder siden
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Jacob Bowen
Jacob Bowen 3 måneder siden
Is it just me that wore a safety tie to my sisters wedding
spacecat6416 4 måneder siden
i like how colinfurze put his name in the title but spelled it wrong so it sed colin furze
Peter Silk
Peter Silk 4 måneder siden
I love these sorts of videos definitely keep doing them :)
Random Person
Random Person 4 måneder siden
"HBM you fool!" Laughed way too hard
JAM_YT_07 4 måneder siden
Why does the lamp murder the i?
plasma cutter6434
plasma cutter6434 4 måneder siden
Jake 5000
Jake 5000 4 måneder siden
or the comment's (maybe)
Ruben Buist
Ruben Buist 4 måneder siden
Loved it!
Lord Chicken
Lord Chicken 5 måneder siden
Colin furze can he build it yes he can! Lol
Jean-Paul Valintino
Jean-Paul Valintino 5 måneder siden
When are you going to build a human catapult
memes Universal
memes Universal 5 måneder siden
Awsome video
DragonEyeOfficial 5 måneder siden
whut ?! you still do everything on your own ?!?!?!? filming edit n preps ?!?!? thats crazy overhead stuff pal !! wow !! no more than one 11mil subscriber channel do this im sure !! your my first youtube inspiration and why i start youtubing ! x10 props !!! awesome !! continue !!
Romario Lima
Romario Lima 5 måneder siden
Salve do Brasil
Eddie Lee
Eddie Lee 5 måneder siden
When is the shark head bin coming?
paul norris
paul norris 5 måneder siden
It is a nice chuck. Using a lathe with a tie on.? Twat
Mandy Preston
Mandy Preston 5 måneder siden
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Alex Aitkenhead
Alex Aitkenhead 5 måneder siden
3d print stuff
Spacetick1 5 måneder siden
His first video was called Mr blobby just thought u wanted to know
Mic Chicken
Mic Chicken 5 måneder siden
I like that aluminum cr125 frame in the back ground
ChongBoy1 5 måneder siden
Awesome, just found Plot32 band on Deezer '... Furzeday'. Now on my favourites!!! daily play to support you guys
q370p 5 måneder siden
i can't believe i learned DRO before colin.
Matthew Piper
Matthew Piper 5 måneder siden
NOsections Xmas effed you in Oz
Matthew Piper
Matthew Piper 5 måneder siden
Beware top gear. But you deserve a BBC retirement.
Notorious Dragon
Notorious Dragon 6 måneder siden
You actually the coolest person
Audiobrainiac 6 måneder siden
Big fan, been watching for years now. But dude. What's with all the ads? I'm having to fight them off. I know they're a part of youtube content for obvious reasons but I've never had to click to avoid so many thoughout a single video. One or two? No big deal but like ten ads? What's the deal? Referring to actual interruptive ads, not your content)
Louis Ohagan
Louis Ohagan 6 måneder siden
I love back to the future
Rick Hendriksen
Rick Hendriksen 6 måneder siden
Hey dat is een nederlandse draaibank
Phuck YouTube
Phuck YouTube 6 måneder siden
What's that genre of music called
Zach McQueary
Zach McQueary 6 måneder siden
Did I hear a Joaquin Phoenix Joker laugh at 6:00 ?? :)
British Tree
British Tree 6 måneder siden
shark toilet looks dodgy i dont want me plumbs bit off
Luin Rentrop
Luin Rentrop 6 måneder siden
Other people: I’ll wear safety gear and have the ambulance ready to step in if something goes wrong Colin:I’ll wear a tie
Happy Chappy
Happy Chappy 6 måneder siden
you are better than this colin............. promoting face makes colin..................tut....tut.........
Mario Nico
Mario Nico 6 måneder siden
Please don't wear your safety tie while you working on the lathe!
Kaleb Houston
Kaleb Houston 6 måneder siden
That’s not a motor bike go kart it’s a croch cart
Albius banana
Albius banana 6 måneder siden
What are those little hair things on the tires?
Gary Cutlack
Gary Cutlack 6 måneder siden
make a dalek from doktor who please
Adrian Kingston
Adrian Kingston 6 måneder siden
Nice lathe collin !
Imfamiliar 6 måneder siden
Build a car engine that's powered by gasoline. Oh, wait.
Casey Hutchison
Casey Hutchison 6 måneder siden
This video was god damn wonderful!
Slik Fuzion
Slik Fuzion 6 måneder siden
5:09 😂
Kid Savvy
Kid Savvy 6 måneder siden
DEFINITELY make more videos like this again!
poleyboi 6 måneder siden
Puzzle is a winner, kept us entertained for 3 days of Tier 4 😂 cheers Colin
MizzzKitty 6 måneder siden
Lol😆😁😊... I absolutely love you Colin! Everyone! one! of yr videos! You never fail to entertain. You are oooh sooo amazing!🖤👌👏😎... Thanks for being you! An sharing it to the interweb, for all of us to see😁😊😘... and enjoy.
MrJskov 6 måneder siden
Is it on purpose that the right front tire is mounted the 'wrong' way around on that drift-thingy?
Philippe Virgili
Philippe Virgili 7 måneder siden
Next time I'll dive a tie necktied!
David Bravo
David Bravo 7 måneder siden
Really happy for colin for having new tools!
Jerome Claessen
Jerome Claessen 7 måneder siden
I see your HBM is going a little slow. Maybe you should, I don’t know, attach a jet engine to it?
Nobody but me
Nobody but me 7 måneder siden
Todd Cooper
Todd Cooper 7 måneder siden
ALL pro lathe operator say never wear a tie!
James Smithers
James Smithers 7 måneder siden
Lathe goes brrrr
Blondinci 7 måneder siden
Blondinci 7 måneder siden
Back to the future
Adam O
Adam O 7 måneder siden
I want the furzebox please
Adam O
Adam O 7 måneder siden
How do I know when you restock?
Alex Malik
Alex Malik 7 måneder siden
Personally I loved this video, please make more.
DIPSTAR 81 7 måneder siden
Wish I had your talent and amazing mind..looking forward to 4wheel drift thingy booby thing lol
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 7 måneder siden
The dislike is 999 I'm sorry I need to click it for 1k
James Bond
James Bond 7 måneder siden
Sorry can't hear you with the armband on your face.
Ingwie Phoenix
Ingwie Phoenix 7 måneder siden
I love those update videos! Sure, I love watching you put together projects and be a lovable madlad - but hearing what you go through behind the scenes and even plugging your merch - which I had forgotten existed, not gonna lie :o - is great to listen to! Also giving some friends and youtubers you like and trust some shoutouts. But most importantly: LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER music? Dang! =)
luxy the furry
luxy the furry 7 måneder siden
I thought i had a strong accent...but damn mate you take the earl grey and curly wurly.
Union Jack Gaming And Vlogs
This man is mad. I love it
Kevin de best
Kevin de best 7 måneder siden
HBM have some high quality machines they are all built in their facility that is located in the Netherlands :)
Just Harry Johnson
Just Harry Johnson 7 måneder siden
Next project make a paramotor. I will be your test dummy if you want someone to fly it.
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 7 måneder siden
We love the video you should make a "this month in the shed" video every month to keep us updated on new tools and projects!
Sara Lester
Sara Lester 7 måneder siden
Collins what about the catapult
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 7 måneder siden
I am shocked that Colin still does all the editing himself, there are NOsectionsrs with a tenth of his subscriber number that have editors do all the editing.
Master Đạt
Master Đạt 7 måneder siden
in my language your channel' name mean very fun
Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa 7 måneder siden
Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa 7 måneder siden
Ильшат 7 måneder siden
Первый раз вижу чтоб токарный станок поднимали с патрона
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 7 måneder siden
it would be so funny... ??
Gacheru Mburu
Gacheru Mburu 7 måneder siden
Mushroom 7 måneder siden
7:08 Thats the same story my dad has when he got a fake shark head. It's a bit more realistic, but the story is basically the same. 🤣
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 7 måneder siden
Do more videos like this please!!
Rock girl
Rock girl 7 måneder siden
Love the lego film! It had the whole family in stitches.
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