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My first journey into wood gas has been quite a ride, but will work.....

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30. juli. 2020





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colinfurze 11 måneder siden
Well this was a journey, I've got a way better design in me but I love the trail and error and I know you like seeing it all to, stay tuned for the ultimate garden swing. Limit stock available on the merch so get it quick www.colinfurzeshop.com
rad135 21 dag siden
Иван CNC
Иван CNC 2 måneder siden
emtbrat21 3 måneder siden
i know in the UK they had a coal powered truck
paranee trakulkittiwat
paranee trakulkittiwat 3 måneder siden
piratebuddy 4 måneder siden
when are you going to power the bunker???
Oluwaboriogun Afolabi
Oluwaboriogun Afolabi 23 timer siden
10:11 “it’s working” #starwars
Tyler Eberhardt
Tyler Eberhardt Dag siden
Instead of using negative pressure to pull the fan through, why don’t you use positive pressure to push the gas through? I feel like this is something that you’ve probably already address’s, but I’m curious why you didn’t do that.
But what if it ran on the grass itself...
Noah Lammers
Noah Lammers 3 dager siden
greenaum 3 dager siden
"What do you want to be when you grow up, young Colin?" "A lunatic"
greenaum 3 dager siden
Technically "corps" is pronounced "core", it's a French word (for "body", as in "body of men"). In Colin's case though he should keep it as "corpse" cos it's probably more accurate for a flying bike running off chainsaw motors with no proper guards. I forget where he got the motors from, I know somebody sponsored him and bunged him a pair of free ones that were just a bit underpowered. Kind of silly that, an engine company not knowing the right amount of power.
greenaum 3 dager siden
Just gonna guess, before I carry on watching, but running hot air over steel wool isn't a great idea. It'll oxidise away to nothing in seconds, then clog up whatever the tiny invisible bits fly into. In science lessons they used to heat steel wool in a tube to prove that something or other was producing oxygen. It would rust almost instantly. Sure there's limited oxygen in this system, but surely enough to knacker that steel wool quick enough. I'd just use a water bong style cleaner. They trap LOTS of tar! Or even just spraying water into a chamber full of rising gases. Power stations use high voltage plates to ionise and attract smoke particles but they're like hundreds of metres high which is a bit impractical. Water sounds best. Will cool the gases too. That's handy, since an internal-combustion engine relies on the heat of combustion expanding the gases inside the cylinder, so you want as cool an input as you can to start with. Though I realise there will be air mixed in, still, it would be hotter than ideal.
greenaum 3 dager siden
Ideally, you could let the grass cuttings dry out a bit, and use them as fuel for the next mowing. Depends how fuel-efficient the lawnmower is, and how long he lets it get inbetween. Same principle a sheep works on.
greenaum 3 dager siden
There's a better way of making gas from wood, or charcoal. The way in this video is just evaporating all the volatile hydrocarbons and whatnots, carbohydrates and pyrolysing them, so that's your fuel. In WW2, due to petrol rationing, some people had their cars converted to "producer gas". Stoked with charcoal, not wood. The plan was, you limit oxygen and apply very hot steam. The carbon in the charcoal rips some of the oxygen from the H2O, leaving H. Also some of the partially-burned carbon (because of low oxygen) would form CO, carbon monoxide. That will also burn to make carbon dioxide. Finally some of the C and H react to form CH4, methane. CH4, H, and CO all burn in oxygen to give heat. In fact, the old gas works towns used to have up til the 1970s, used just this same method, on coal or coke, to produce domestic gas. It's why people used to put their heads in the oven to kill themselves, the CO is horribly toxic. Gas leaks were more serious back then. Eevntually natural gas, from oil wells, was captured and employed instead, in the UK we have tons of it up in the North Sea by Scotland. Incidentally gas works used to stink, I presume that's from sulphur in the coal. SO! There's vapourised wood sap and the like, or proper actually gaseous fuel! It has no tar if you make it from coke or charcoal, although in practice perhaps a little might still be in there. It gets energy out of the carbon in the wood itself, rather than just the volatile parts. Might be interesting to build one of those, in WW2 you'd fit it in your car boot (I suppose with some insulation), and store the gas in a big floppy bag on the roof. Obviously the carbon monoxide means an outdoor use would be more practical than trying to, say, heat the bunker with it. Just make sure whatever's burning it runs lean, lots of oxygen, and doesn't leak. It was in millions of kitchens around the world, back in the day, so it's probably safe enough. Just nowadays you hear "carbon monoxide" and immediately panic.
Martin Langley
Martin Langley 3 dager siden
And there's another thing! What I cannot understand among all these wood gas enthusiasts is why nobody has tried turning the stuff into gasoline! Its actually not that difficult. The Fischer - Tropsch process need a pressure of around 5 atmospheres (car tyre pressure plus a bit), and a temperature of 300 degrees centigrade. As feedstock it needs carbon monoxide which is what woodgas is mostly composed of. Discuss please
Caspix 4 dager siden
It's so fun looking at this video and seeing the crane above the hatch to the underground tunnel. You also see the wooden beam the carpet is screwed to. Nobody had any idea what was going on lol
Now make it grass powered
Jason Gilmour
Jason Gilmour 4 dager siden
I like your lawn mower but wondering could you make a steam generator
Average Po
Average Po 5 dager siden
The worlds first meth lab lawn mower
Tim Smith
Tim Smith 5 dager siden
use different size pickle jars
ACID Reptiles
ACID Reptiles 5 dager siden
Slag catchment area? The rest of us just call it the smoking area
OdessitPashka 5 dager siden
This is freaking ridiculous and awesome at the same time!
Riley 5 dager siden
It’s a track star 🌟
El_Shaman_Juaffle 6 dager siden
fuel it with the grass you cut
Erik Andersson
Erik Andersson 6 dager siden
My thought halfway through the video was: "Put the sugar in the water, build a fire, make it hotter. From the hopper to the copper, and its moonshine..🤠" Hahaha what i'm trying to say is that it looks like a moonshine still. 😅👍
R3D Rooster
R3D Rooster 6 dager siden
You should make a grass powered mower 😎
Joel Sanford
Joel Sanford 7 dager siden
Steam engine next please!!!
Aaron Lewis
Aaron Lewis 7 dager siden
Try running a truck ck off of it wonder if I would damage the fuel injectors
Jeffrey Boarman
Jeffrey Boarman 8 dager siden
Your building something that was built 100 years ago
NINJA KNIVES TKO 8 dager siden
I really kinda looks like a portable nuclear reactor
r.e.l ariel shabat
r.e.l ariel shabat 8 dager siden
You are definitely an engineer haha the best
Sean Rathbone
Sean Rathbone 8 dager siden
Hoverbikes? Jet powered vacuum cleaners? Spinning belt knives? wood fired lawn mower!! I foresee a whole steampunk industry springing up around you.
Sniffer 9 dager siden
Anyone notice that he started building the tunnel. The winch and carpet
Yora 9 dager siden
Does this work with hay? Could you power a lawn mower with the grass that it cut?
Dane Roberts
Dane Roberts 9 dager siden
when we get EMPd and cars wont run, you can make a car!
Noble Thompson
Noble Thompson 10 dager siden
Random comment for the NOsections algorithm.
Brayden Law
Brayden Law 10 dager siden
can you use the grass to fuel the lawnmower to cut the grass?
Justin Quick
Justin Quick 10 dager siden
alternate title... "I DESTROY NATURE AT 2X THE SPEED!!!"
IsbjörnXII 8 dager siden
It's a renewable source of fuel.
Rob B
Rob B 10 dager siden
"honey, sorry I can't mow the lawn. We're all out of sparklers"
Shy Guy
Shy Guy 11 dager siden
riding lawn mower
Vitaliy T.
Vitaliy T. 11 dager siden
A very fun episode. Thanks for it!
blip cat
blip cat 11 dager siden
Colin.....the modern day mechanical Dr. Frankenstein.
fivepointeightnate 11 dager siden
Wouldn't it make more sense to create a grass powered mower? Or a wood powered chainsaw?
Sean Rodgers
Sean Rodgers 11 dager siden
I was hoping for a steam powered lawnmower
Censored Citizen
Censored Citizen 11 dager siden
The Knife Professor
The Knife Professor 11 dager siden
This guy is a fu*king Genius
Alan Fitzgerald
Alan Fitzgerald 12 dager siden
The Crux of things are: Don't do this! It's a cool experiment, but don't do it. I guy in a town a few miles from me died when his exploded and it injured his child. The cost of gasoline to mow your lawn is negligible compared to risking your life
kx250monster1023244 12 dager siden
you should do hydrogen technology
Sebastiaan Vanhove
Sebastiaan Vanhove 12 dager siden
but why tho
Nicolas Kuerten
Nicolas Kuerten 12 dager siden
make it grass powered
The punishing JUGGERNAUT
The Germans did this during WW2
IsbjörnXII 8 dager siden
Almost everyone did this during WW2. I think the germans invented it.
Rahul Bhojak
Rahul Bhojak 12 dager siden
Plz make a nuclear power lawn mower 😉
Sir Smile
Sir Smile 12 dager siden
while watching this i rammed my thumb into my fan that is on the fastest speed and it managed to cut my thumb
Bardrick 12 dager siden
I don't think these are really any good anymore now that you can get cheap lithium cells! It's better to convert your biomass into steam to run turbines to charge batteries; you get efficient complete combustion, and your EV starts instantly at the flick of a switch! (high torque, quiet and clean!)
IsbjörnXII 8 dager siden
MaVeRiCk 13 dager siden
It all adds together, I can see the underground door winch and can see the carpet is ready to be rolled up
JC James
JC James 13 dager siden
In the mean time your grass is 3 feet tall
Default Footage
Default Footage 14 dager siden
when did you get your skeleton sticker on your welding helmet?
Wobble 14 dager siden
Wood powered chainsaw
Nick's Stuff
Nick's Stuff 14 dager siden
Was this ever revisited?
Joshn569 14 dager siden
Joachim M
Joachim M 14 dager siden
The heat is to low result should be just carbonmonoxide and methane and a bit of hydrogen as so called wood gas
David Phillips
David Phillips 14 dager siden
Why don’t you just make some gin
braija 14 dager siden
Wouldn't a wood chipper been more apropriate?
wyatt calton
wyatt calton 14 dager siden
Lil420millie 14 dager siden
Why not just make it grass powered at that point
Umur Karagöz
Umur Karagöz 14 dager siden
If you want everything but "why", then welcome to the Furze Channel :)
Ripstain McRipstain
Ripstain McRipstain 14 dager siden
Nice soldering Col!
BackYard Engineer
BackYard Engineer 14 dager siden
This technology goes back during world war 2.
Ben Wade
Ben Wade 14 dager siden
It's very Colin to have built a wood gas lawn mower and then having forgotten that his grass is already short
Biggie 14 dager siden
Make a solar powered mower or a mower that runs off of momentum
Justin Davis
Justin Davis 14 dager siden
I saw someone make a gasifier using an oil heat exchanger for the filter and cooler and it worked great had little petcocks on the bottom to drain the oil and it cooled down the vapors so it wouldn't fry his fan and the flame was short and blue instead of long and red you don't want red also you're going to want the gas cooler when it goes in the engine or the engine will struggle
Paul Dudley
Paul Dudley 15 dager siden
What is the name of the tool used at 5:43?
Paul Dudley
Paul Dudley 15 dager siden
Please put in safety glasses all the time... Your eyes are soo important.
The Mysterious TF2 Player
wood powered chainsaw
Daniel Armstrong
Daniel Armstrong 15 dager siden
I still can't find this in Homebase?
Travis Collins
Travis Collins 15 dager siden
Hope you've got a hovering coffin daddy senpai drill me till i die my furzy wurxy
Fox Reider
Fox Reider 15 dager siden
you have to build a car out of it?
Magnus Jonsson
Magnus Jonsson 15 dager siden
What is Colin running on?
divik wolf
divik wolf 16 dager siden
You should see if things like yard trimming, cardboard and food waste works
John Hellberg
John Hellberg 16 dager siden
lowkey dissapointed its a not lawnpowered lawnmower
Andrew Gyde
Andrew Gyde 16 dager siden
Now make it a grass powered lawn mower.
Will Datsun
Will Datsun 16 dager siden
my mower is actually powered by grass... It is a sheep.
Smallengineworld BCSERK
How heavy is that thing?
Michael O
Michael O 17 dager siden
So at your neighbor's house, are the blinds in the window facing your house permanently bent down by now?
Kyle Brake
Kyle Brake 18 dager siden
I love your videos!
Simone Millen
Simone Millen 18 dager siden
Next time: make a water powered mower which is the boiler a little one
Gareth Andrew
Gareth Andrew 18 dager siden
Looks like a steam punk lawnmower
StankBonkMan 18 dager siden
Gayest montage song ever
Keat0n_ 19 dager siden
Actually insane that it worked
I Am an idiot but
I Am an idiot but 19 dager siden
You’re wild and I like it :)
Bluethumbbutton Eek
Bluethumbbutton Eek 19 dager siden
Truly one of the best channels on yt
Bluethumbbutton Eek
Bluethumbbutton Eek 19 dager siden
Really dig ya music choices feels like. Some old school Tony hawk game music or something
Voliere-info.nl 19 dager siden
next step, wood powered chainsaw
Space Vibes
Space Vibes 19 dager siden
Cool but bad for environment.
Attila Ihász
Attila Ihász 19 dager siden
Now make a lawn mower that runs on grass clippings!
No Username
No Username 20 dager siden
Something burning with little oxygen? Sounds like a recipe for carbon monoxide lol
No One
No One 20 dager siden
Colin : "Oi thats why the fan stopped workin!" Fan : *Melted into a pile of plastic fibers* I love this channel
Rick Blackwell
Rick Blackwell 20 dager siden
I have to believe that this is how technology develops. Great video and result.
Andrew Rose
Andrew Rose 20 dager siden
Climate change in action.
Ethan Lunning
Ethan Lunning 20 dager siden
make a wood powered chainsaw
Lorentari 20 dager siden
Next step: Let it run on dried grass cuttings from last mowing
milan wauters
milan wauters 20 dager siden
You should make a grass powered lawnmower it would be something you could sell for millions
Ethan Bergstrom
Ethan Bergstrom 20 dager siden
That is seriously cool
Brock Lowe
Brock Lowe 21 dag siden
Best merch plug ever
John K
John K 21 dag siden
10:04 local man re-enacts the moment the original powered lawn mower was invented.
Flywheel Battery
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