Bicycle of Hydraulics 

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Track 1 is "Ignorance" by "Music from Nothing"

Track 2 its called "Wearing Red" by "Maple Sky"
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Track at 6.45min is called "Odd Socks" by "Keyframe"

The Others are Library Music

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00:00 Intro
00:53 Build
03:13 Hmm Stuffing
03:46 Sponsor
05:02 Frame Complete
06:07 Hydraulics
06:58 Complete Bike
07:36 Riding



22. april. 2021





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colinfurze 3 måneder siden
This bike weighs a ton, is weird to ride and the brakes are terrible but I love it..........what should add or do to it or another bike next.
Jordan Evans
Jordan Evans 2 dager siden
And no it is not the DeLorean the DeLorean is way more complex looking compared to the deluxo that's like you said you are a number one Marvel fan we see Tony Stark in a game I asked you who he is and you said Iron Man
Karsten Playz and entertainment
Add disc brakes to it!
Andy’s Gaming
Andy’s Gaming 2 måneder siden
Maybe A bike that can make fire when you ride it and than push a butten
AlphaDiesel Pump
AlphaDiesel Pump 2 måneder siden
How can I buy it ?
Atom Is Back
Atom Is Back 2 måneder siden
Next time make foldable paddles and handle bar🔥🔥
ROYAL MECH 7 timer siden
g0ldensample21 22 timer siden
Love the man made marvels!
BURUNDI 24 Dag siden
C for CrazyFurze😂😂
The Johtunn Bandit
The Johtunn Bandit 2 dager siden
What about switching to pneumatic cylinders, maybe like a tough airtight cloth gasbag inside of the tubes to give cushion and adjustable height? It would save a lot of weight over all that oil I would think.
BenBRockN 2 dager siden
What if you made a hydraulic bike 2.0, but with only the wheels having hydraulics? Then the center frame would be solid enough to do jumps & tricks.
Hank Turmen
Hank Turmen 2 dager siden
Where does this man get all of his music
Dovakarp294 2 dager siden
This is what happens if James acaster became an engineer
Jordan Evans
Jordan Evans 2 dager siden
So is no one going to talk about the deluxo sitting right there
XPNDBLhero 3 dager siden
Could you please help me build an electric BMX bike¿?
jonx1313 3 dager siden
Make a Swing Bike
Nezzero 4 dager siden
You remember those sand toys at the kids parks that looked like little backhoes? He needs to make a medium size one out of hydraulics for his tunnel. That would be awesome lol
carpcatcher89 4 dager siden
I love u ,I want to have your babies
ross121111 4 dager siden
Wonder what Sam pilgrim could do on that lol
custom rig's
custom rig's 4 dager siden
Also perfekt for finding the perfekt shape ( size and racio) for custom frame/custom bikes Basically you put the customer on the bike and adjust it til it fits them perfectly then takes the measurement and go make the real frame based on the measurement that you got from the hydrolic frame
jbalatutube 4 dager siden
Hey Colin I had a case where I sheared off the valve on my rear suspension and the back dropped down low to the ground and I though how cool would it be if you could go from a normal position to a low position for better aerodynamics. Seat would have to move forwards and down and cranks would also need to move forward so they don’t hit the ground. Anyway seeing this reminded me of what a great idea I had.
Adam Yosef
Adam Yosef 5 dager siden
If you ride that downstairs would it be a smooth ride?
legend 360
legend 360 5 dager siden
now all we need you to make is an insanely short bike
Zafer Ince
Zafer Ince 5 dager siden
Which lathe do you use ?..
Paul For President
Paul For President 5 dager siden
Build a trike; put cylinders on the forks. Open the dumps & make it hop!😅 That'll be so OG! Cheers! 🍻
Paul For President
Paul For President 5 dager siden
Laboring in a tie. You're one unique gent. 🍻
Skepter 5 dager siden
10:02 megamind?!!!
Johnny 5 dager siden
Next, I think you should do a penny farthing project, like weld two of them sideways. The perfect penny farthing for a couple.
Johnny 5 dager siden
This is the prefect bike to gift your toddler child so the bike grows as the child grows.
William Addy
William Addy 5 dager siden
How do you make 2 of yourself Edit:?
Bacon Eater
Bacon Eater 5 dager siden
That first chill music segment reminds me of when Bobby Duke will do a video with no talking. It's just so relaxing to watch
rabid raccoon
rabid raccoon 6 dager siden
100 pound bike!? sounds like you need to put a motor on it!
Дмитрий Андреев
Я бы не рискнул подходить с галстуком к токарному станку
Caitypie rules the World
Have to ask as cool as it is your channel and the things you do - but the noise - seriously - surely your neighbours?
Justin Elliot Daniels
Justin Elliot Daniels 6 dager siden
I don't f**king care about "Raid: Shadow Legends"! Wth does every NOsectionsr keep accepting their stupid sponsorships. Because of this alone, I have vowed to never play that sh*t game EVER, and will NEVER accept a sponsorship from them!
LucaVlogs 7 dager siden
Kringson Sangma
Kringson Sangma 7 dager siden
👍🙏🙏❤️ Thank you brother I'm from Meghalaya (India)
Tafrog 7 dager siden
the brand new Bydraulicle !
Jānis Kūliņš
Jānis Kūliņš 7 dager siden
Alexander Alexis and Alexia
Another wild creation!!
Xievl 8 dager siden
every colin video has rock music, or some type of loud music.. However this one was really different, calming and the transitions along with the music, just perfect. Nice job colin on the video
Gungan Works
Gungan Works 8 dager siden
If you know what to look for, you can see evidence of the tunnel project. For example, the new carpet and the bulge on the floor at 2:36, and the new overhead winch at 5:11.
greenaum 8 dager siden
The high-cycle of dry... for when you're pedalling through really deep puddles. Shame you couldn't use electrical valves instead of manual ones, so you'd have been able to control it while you rode more easily.
Chase Linder
Chase Linder 8 dager siden
This guy makes me feel so dumb
Oren Tirosh
Oren Tirosh 8 dager siden
Actual serious use: test how energy expenditure and efficiency varies by riding pose. Give test subjects a co2 monitoring face mask and instrument the bike for measuring resistance and speed
dertyp7777 8 dager siden
Hey how about a tie binding machine, but please test it on a dummy, I like you :)
Thiếu Vinh Dư
Thiếu Vinh Dư 8 dager siden
Caelorcat Esme
Caelorcat Esme 8 dager siden
It’s a lowbike
Muerte The one
Muerte The one 8 dager siden
When you get the chance make a hydraulic powered peddle and motor powered vehicle
Marximus 8 dager siden
At least you can set it to the right shape that feels the most comfortable and just leave it there LOL
Dean Blue
Dean Blue 9 dager siden
Go up or down hill and always be levelled LOL🤣🤣
Xaevi 9 dager siden
Useless but fabulous.
BIG RED 9 dager siden
I love how he was messing about with the trumbone while there was a saxophone solo
Julian Meyer
Julian Meyer 9 dager siden
Patrick Bardin
Patrick Bardin 9 dager siden
Tromboning a Sax solo, I love it.
James Kingsley
James Kingsley 9 dager siden
Huh. That carpet looks easy to roll up. 🤔 ... Must be my imagination.
Arjay Martin
Arjay Martin 9 dager siden
steam punk
joseph rose
joseph rose 9 dager siden
Could do it without hydraulics. Tubes and sleeves with cam locks and notches to manually set different configurations.
TAZSCOTT 10 dager siden
I wish this guy picked a random subscriber like me to choose something to build for me 😩😩😩😩
Georg Zechozkyy
Georg Zechozkyy 10 dager siden
came for a bike engineering project, stayed for that quirky guy and the music :D lovely keep going :)
Rand Dower
Rand Dower 10 dager siden
you should build a hydraulic drive for it pedaling is old hat. Some form of hydrostatic drive although the braking on a system like that may be intense for a bike you'd need a control circuit that allows for user-controlled stopping and acceleration so it would need a lot of custom parts like mini valve bodies for circuit control and a mini hydrostatic drive. It would be a monster climber since those hydrostatic drives don't seem to care what the grade is it will still keep going the same pace as the psi provided. I see no practical application for this but that is why your channel seems perfect to build it LOL Cool ideas but no practicality seems to be your MO
Adamss Smiths
Adamss Smiths 10 dager siden
GEN 2 MEDIA INC. 10 dager siden
He has lost so much of his mind that he is starting to grow an antimatter brain
Linus 11 dager siden
Thank you For the relaxing Building montag
Mellow Yellow
Mellow Yellow 11 dager siden
Send the bike to Manchester United Stadion dude 😹
Moctop 11 dager siden
Should have some pre-programmed configurations for usability.
André Felipe
André Felipe 11 dager siden
A gambiarra aí e muito top kkkkkk
lászló somogyi
lászló somogyi 11 dager siden
why this kinde of videos of him remembers me of poly bridge
The Coco
The Coco 11 dager siden
Was anyone else triggered that he pretended to play the trumpet with a trombone
Treblig Y
Treblig Y 11 dager siden
Should have used ballscrews, could have kept it slim and trim!
finraay 11 dager siden
Accidentally vibed out to montage instead of watching
Hello im Babu Frik
Hello im Babu Frik 11 dager siden
transformer Bike
JC James
JC James 11 dager siden
How did you get so damn smart? Your projects are incredible and made extremely well. You could work for nasa
Patmanduu 11 dager siden
Next, bicycle with tank tracks.
Patmanduu 11 dager siden
You know, that would be genuinely useful for measuring people to fit custom bike frames.
Super-brave8za 12 dager siden
Go on jumps on it
Jake Ryan
Jake Ryan 12 dager siden
You really need to link up with UK legend Sam Pilgrim!
Daniel Wolski
Daniel Wolski 12 dager siden
It's brilliant! Now put an engine on it...
M Bak
M Bak 12 dager siden
Classy audio for a change. Not quite up to Ave standards but getting there.
asdf jkl;
asdf jkl; 12 dager siden
Now you have proof of concept you should make a motorcycle! Of course powered by triumph
AScientist 123
AScientist 123 12 dager siden
This bicycle could be useful to find the perfect frame geometry for anyone - except maybe for its weight.
896gerard 12 dager siden
Just imagine that the new tunnel-to-be-dug is right under his feet. Cannot unsee once you know it ;)
The Mountain King
The Mountain King 12 dager siden
Couldnt you put a gyroscope and water level in there to have it level automatically? :O
Serba Serbi
Serba Serbi 12 dager siden
Amazing... Smart and skillful workers 😧😧👍👍
Claude Smoot
Claude Smoot 12 dager siden
It needs a rocket.
Rik van der Mark
Rik van der Mark 13 dager siden
Awesome! I want one for my daily commute 🤣
Fench fies
Fench fies 13 dager siden
You forgot hover bike
diecast jam
diecast jam 13 dager siden
You have made a bike version of those low rider cars, if you could get the pumps to work fast enough you could make it do bunny hops and wheelies.
A A 13 dager siden
So much good ingeneering ...
No No
No No 13 dager siden
Totally stupid.. Totally Impractical....... LMAO Totally awesome that you made it
Liam McIntyre
Liam McIntyre 13 dager siden
That’s what she said 0:26
Dr. Dislike
Dr. Dislike 13 dager siden
Harry Veal-Gray
Harry Veal-Gray 14 dager siden
The strangest thing is though that I've wondered about this for years
Timothy Lalzarzokima
Timothy Lalzarzokima 14 dager siden
He is making a video just for this song😂
Zuraine Viegas
Zuraine Viegas 14 dager siden
Hello Colin, I love your videos as well as my kids, i have got 4 of them 😂. Would love to see you build a plastic shredder and a platic extrusion from ONLY recycled parts, from vehicles cemeteries or scrap yards, this channel called “One Army” can help in a way, to get started because they make available the plans to build, but you have to buy the parts. Well I think Colin can do better but avoiding the “spending money” obstacle by getting the parts from scrap and putting them together and making the world a better place! Thank you and stay safe! 😀
David Dunlevy
David Dunlevy 14 dager siden
Collin I found your channel here on NOsections about a year and a half ago, & always love watching them. We love your work over here; keep em coming! All the best from Dallas, TX!
TooTH PiCK 14 dager siden
You should try knitting!
Aki 01
Aki 01 14 dager siden
I like how he admits that rsl is spammed everywere
Karl's Garage
Karl's Garage 15 dager siden
Neighborhood be like: just another day of Colin furze
Kritik Garg
Kritik Garg 15 dager siden
He just recreated the whole history of failed attempts of making a bike in one bike.
KINGDOM 9 dager siden
And it worked. Kinda.
Dark Raider
Dark Raider 15 dager siden
William Leinster
William Leinster 15 dager siden
Next project is to stick a motor on the back of it
Stoneill 99
Stoneill 99 15 dager siden
the tax man
the tax man 15 dager siden
Channel of guy in she Internet I like this another
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