Stayed up all night and Built something Crazy 

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I stay up till 6am in the morning to convert a fibreglass shark head in into a fencepost brick smashing beast..............funny life I have.

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25. feb.. 2021





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colinfurze 4 måneder siden
What a world, I did a few instagram lives while building this, so go check me out on there incase I do it again (I've saved the lives from the Shark Build so if you wanna see mega tired Colin check them out) instagram.com/realcolinfurze/ See you in the next one internet.
Tiefjgfuf 21 dag siden
completely strange music
completely strange music 2 måneder siden
Hi my name is Colin too. And furze means to fart in my language^^
CyberPirate2008 2 måneder siden
Make something like this but more like the industrial shredder things.
Oscar Manuel
Oscar Manuel 4 måneder siden
Build a battlebot
Simon 4
Simon 4 4 måneder siden
love your crazy video's, but i certainly love the video's with a bit of action, xD like... trebuchet... or launching 1000 fireworks or whatever xD
Bunny Warriors
Bunny Warriors 11 timer siden
i love everything about this video
Chris Farley
Chris Farley 22 timer siden
Colin stays up all night makes something cool and goofy... gets 1 million plus views.
JokeDeity 3 dager siden
Well this video is just trash.
Design Design
Design Design 3 dager siden
Where the heck are the cookies?
Animechanxoxo 4 dager siden
3,600 comment
Murphey Law
Murphey Law 5 dager siden
I have never empathized with another human being more than a dude, after nearly a year of pandemic, wandering around his workshop at 4 am to build something needless and more than a little crazy.
Louis Habran
Louis Habran 5 dager siden
How is that possible that Colin is still alive after all the crazy/dangerous things he did/he built? :o
Young Aspect
Young Aspect 5 dager siden
Was just waiting for the press to slip on the inside and his head just explode 😂
Matt .234
Matt .234 7 dager siden
You should put in a surfboard and say you where attacked by a shark. Technically that would be true.
joseph rose
joseph rose 7 dager siden
Do you still have all your fingers?
Billy Grant
Billy Grant 8 dager siden
I can't find the music and a sad
Mike Stewart
Mike Stewart 9 dager siden
What a disaster lol
Mace 9 dager siden
Considering the design, it's a pity you didn't have a big fiberglass moray head.
Seth Golesworthy
Seth Golesworthy 9 dager siden
colin... where did you even manage to get a fiberglass shark head...?
TAZSCOTT 10 dager siden
I wish this guy picked a random subscriber like me to choose something to build for me 😩😩😩😩
Out of all the things he fights with he struggles with a fiberglass shark head. Lmfao
hardgameplay 5
hardgameplay 5 10 dager siden
It has a hat because it's british
Harry 11 dager siden
Colin, you're a man in the know. I'm hoping you can help me out. We've all packed on a few covid pounds (weight, not your currency) and need to start shaping up as things get back to normal. I've found that my new, healthier requirements cannot be serviced by my old, pre-covid equipment, especially the kitchen kit. Do you have any source for a gas powered salad spinner?
Moctop 11 dager siden
That's not how a jaw works, you installed it upside down.
Goldy2247 11 dager siden
One of the funniest made without a doubt
Chad Chadster
Chad Chadster 12 dager siden
Jaws lives!! We're gonna need a bigger boat
Evan Elias
Evan Elias 13 dager siden
CallfortheMedic 14 dager siden
WELCOME TO THE HYDRAULIC PRESS but it's taken too literally
toon t
toon t 15 dager siden
Is there any form of trade this man cannot do 😅😅
Neceros 16 dager siden
My guy please wear eye protection. you making me squint
Veda Davies
Veda Davies 16 dager siden
Excellent video 😜
Veda Davies
Veda Davies 16 dager siden
Nade _0
Nade _0 18 dager siden
Yep, the rug bolted onto the plank is there... Guess I was blind the first time
JESTA 18 dager siden
Is this Colin losing his mind from being locked down for a year for a big fat lie
_ Lime _
_ Lime _ 18 dager siden
-Mom what is dad doing? -Hes making a shark bin.
Aiman Be.
Aiman Be. 18 dager siden
Come on Colin, this is a serious project on itself. I think it is a very unique art installation; I mean think of it, doesn't everything we throw out ends up in shark bellies?
Mauro Ronchiadin
Mauro Ronchiadin 21 dag siden
Can you build a pocket powerful motorcycle that can be put on a bag after use? Or a little car ?
Tiefjgfuf 21 dag siden
Ted Is cool
Ted Is cool 21 dag siden
The cavities in that shark…
Hubert Lenningrad
Hubert Lenningrad 21 dag siden
The moral is, don't wait till morning... Do it all night!
Cakebake 21 dag siden
I'm glad he has cheese he will be fine he has cheese
brian wong
brian wong 21 dag siden
4Real 22 dager siden
Today we got to see what Colin does when he's bored.
Sean Murphy
Sean Murphy 23 dager siden
I find sometimes not often though it’s nice to work or etc in the night it’s peaceful and feels nice
Sean Murphy
Sean Murphy 23 dager siden
Best NOsectionsr ever such a good time watching your videos
prdprdprdprdprdel 23 dager siden
Seems safe enough...
David M
David M 23 dager siden
When you realize in all is video we see Colin hidding is tunel 😁😉carpet, lift and we never see it dam your genius !!
ThePoolboy789 25 dager siden
this was fantastic
Rqt 43
Rqt 43 26 dager siden
02:43 What i see: James may - "CHEESE"
Carl Soll
Carl Soll 28 dager siden
Shark Compactor lol
Alfie Miller-Sharp
Alfie Miller-Sharp Måned siden
Colin you should definitely mount your shredder rollers to a bin, that would be so much more effective.
South London Trains
South London Trains Måned siden
So a enhancement of the JunkMail Shredder
2hyun Måned siden
i do believe colin has lost his mind but it’s entertaining
Mortimer Måned siden
My god
thomas matthews
thomas matthews Måned siden
the most random start to a vid I have ever seen
Cameron Oliver
Cameron Oliver 2 måneder siden
This makes me think that Collin in single. What happened?
Nessie Martin
Nessie Martin 2 måneder siden
Maggie Parker
Maggie Parker 2 måneder siden
Just seen you on Great B Menu I think you should invent something to help your posture. Loads of gamers and computer users have rounded shoulders leading to bad backs, could you help? ☺️
archyzone 2 måneder siden
赵玉龙 2 måneder siden
Nice invention, but the casing needs to be strong.😂😂
black demond
black demond 2 måneder siden
Those are the jaws of life if I've ever seen them
marcos douglas
marcos douglas 2 måneder siden
Cara você tem a voz do canto scopion
Memesfreverone 2 måneder siden
It's alright I got....cheese
Leviathan 2 måneder siden
Colin you need to build a battle bot
Chris L
Chris L 2 måneder siden
This is what all men love. Useless stuff who's only purpose is to destroy shit with. Lol.
Chris L
Chris L 2 måneder siden
I kind of know how he feels. When I was stationed in Mannheim Germany , me and my friends stayed up all night long until like 5 or 6am climbing up in the ceiling of our barracks, making and running cat-5 cable to each other's barracks rooms and programming routers just so we could connect all our computers and Xboxs up to one another and play Halo together. I even went the extra mile and took an old laptop of mine and I programmed my own World of Warcraft server and set it up so everyone could create their own account and play together. If you haven't guessed, we were all a bit nerdy in the US Army Signal Corp. But by God we had fun and were able to do some interesting stuff ourselves that a lot of people couldn't do.
Jake Gallant
Jake Gallant 2 måneder siden
I know its expensive but maybe... sheet metal?? Like 1/8 haha. Dont go overkill
Yazan Farkh
Yazan Farkh 2 måneder siden
MoldyNugget 3 måneder siden
You should make that into a battle bot and compete... actually I should just make a battle bot anyways lol
Chris Brennan
Chris Brennan 3 måneder siden
I saw the same shark head in a antique shop in chichester today lol told the mrs about your video and she just looked at me like I was mental 😂😂 great video had to watch again!!
Trevor Matthews
Trevor Matthews 3 måneder siden
The teeth maybe needed to have been closer so they had more of a scissor action cutting rather crushing not a criticism just an observation keep up the good work these videos have kept me entertained over the lockdown
Rhianne Moll
Rhianne Moll 3 måneder siden
I'd take chomps out of random pieces of wood and leave them at strategic places along the coast....
Luke Woodside
Luke Woodside 3 måneder siden
You should really get a networking engineer in to get rid of the sd card method of using the cnc machines :P
Chris K
Chris K 3 måneder siden
8:00 Looks like he got a cigar in his mouth:)
Dan E
Dan E 3 måneder siden
Hydrolic boots
H 3 måneder siden
The descent in to madness is real 😂😂
DLOW666p 3 måneder siden
Whut the hell?
Doctor Cookie
Doctor Cookie 3 måneder siden
Where was the coffee and tea?
krnekipac1 3 måneder siden
AttendantGrain Gaming
AttendantGrain Gaming 3 måneder siden
1:42 That hello bit is a piece of my nightmares
JTZ 3 måneder siden
Me at my friends His parents: are you hungry Me: 2:42 His parents are you sure Me: umm ok then Me 5 mins later: 7:38
The fishing dimensions 2021
Make hot dog gun
Masdaff 3 måneder siden
“It’s alright people we’ve got cheese! Eheheh” ~Colinfurze
Kitulous Gamedev Channel
Kitulous Gamedev Channel 3 måneder siden
it has two sets of teeth just like nightmare animatronics from fnaf 4
Idiaz_ed 3 måneder siden
Dylan Hawksey
Dylan Hawksey 3 måneder siden
when he said sattlite recever i was like SKY BOX
Carol and Neil
Carol and Neil 3 måneder siden
Next level of your letter box shredder
Pigeon Will
Pigeon Will 3 måneder siden
So much quicker and easier 😂
Callun Thiart
Callun Thiart 3 måneder siden
Insane British man feeds gifts and old electronics to a hydraulic shark on a Tuesday afternoon
Stephen Scott
Stephen Scott 3 måneder siden
I think you are my brother and my parents didn't tell me. Come on they must have known.
mercedes Forza thing
mercedes Forza thing 3 måneder siden
God bless him he's a different guy because of lockdown
myth cafe
myth cafe 3 måneder siden
How does he empty it
Gummi Baum
Gummi Baum 3 måneder siden
It is so usefull
Thomas Knowles
Thomas Knowles 3 måneder siden
It's official... Colin has officially finally lost the plot 😂😂
Laura mccaffery
Laura mccaffery 3 måneder siden
How are you not verified
Brandão vídeos oficial
Brandão vídeos oficial 3 måneder siden
very cool
Martin E Castro
Martin E Castro 3 måneder siden
Hear me out... shark tank...
David Gamber
David Gamber 3 måneder siden
What if instead of the ram powerd crushing jaws you did a shredder like you made for junk mail and mounted that on the base plate. Itd still be the same "story line". Shark eats it and it comes out shredder into the bin
The Russian bear
The Russian bear 3 måneder siden
Not many people you can say this to but Colin has had weirder ideas
joseph jackson
joseph jackson 3 måneder siden
Only a british person could invent somthing that just makes the original taks more difficult then again it would be fun to see what would break it
Apocalypticable 3 måneder siden
Say no to meth, kids.
Dällenbach Lena
Dällenbach Lena 3 måneder siden
you sir, are amazing xD the world needs more people like you xD
Mars' Gaming
Mars' Gaming 3 måneder siden
Chris Sugg
Chris Sugg 3 måneder siden
Watching him stick his hand in there whilst holding the switch in the other made my toes curl.
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