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8. juli. 2021





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Exploring with warrior
If u was my neighbour and I know what u was doing would not care and would help u out wit it
Cory F
Cory F 5 timer siden
Just imagine the permits you would have to get to do this in a residential area in the US
guts2 6 timer siden
You should patent the hydraulic pointy thing
kamil uddin
kamil uddin 9 timer siden
Me:wondering what he did with all the rocks he destroyed
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 10 timer siden
I can't imagine having to do all of this work and in the end being a couple meters off of where you're suppose to be ;-;
fabio40 18 timer siden
Dude, I can almost guarantee you are not married because no woman is going to put up with this. LoL
Sussy Monke
Sussy Monke 20 timer siden
imagine accidentally hitting the gas mains
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 10 timer siden
you need GoPro 360 and the GoPro magnetic clip/mount. that would be really handy for you
Jacqueline Mcconnell
Bram van der Sanden
Finally took the Minecraft advice to not dig straight down. 😁
Ur fav LT
Ur fav LT Dag siden
This guy deserves the comment and like
hen ko
hen ko Dag siden
So Colin. when are you planning on telling your wife about this "little project"?
Joseph Peterson
Joseph Peterson Dag siden
I wonder if he ever figured out that dirt is a very good noise barrier. lol
Carter Fuehr-Bush
The real sponsorship is those tubs!
R picard
R picard Dag siden
Have you ever started a project and wish you hadn't? I bet he was thinking that at some point.
jeevan preetham
jeevan preetham Dag siden
he actually is taking safety measures😲
hen ko
hen ko Dag siden
Clayton Coffey
Clayton Coffey 2 dager siden
I’m curious to know how your council is so lenient. How do you manage to get these permits
T. Wil.
T. Wil. 2 dager siden
0:55 I had to go back, stop the video and take a screenshot of “tunnel shoes / sneak shoes” brilliant man
Patricio Gomez
Patricio Gomez 2 dager siden
Such a cool style yours
Vishva Kumara
Vishva Kumara 2 dager siden
Minecraft. But for real.! :-)
SugiBoi 2 dager siden
Imagine in like 60 so years when Colin’s family has moved out and moved on, someone buys this house and then couple years later that person’s child just accidentally finds this secret tunnel, the bunker and all of that.
BarnStangz 2 dager siden
Those buckets are the real MVP!
elorz007 2 dager siden
Silly question, how does he know there are no underground sewage or whatever pipes underground? Also, what about air, don't you need like a fan or something?
kio haha
kio haha 2 dager siden
you need GoPro 360 and the GoPro magnetic clip/mount. that would be really handy for you
Imad Islam
Imad Islam 2 dager siden
Anyone realised he's basically playing Minecraft irl
Tom Ruta
Tom Ruta 2 dager siden
This would be a killer workout
Longarms 2 dager siden
Might be a stupid question but how do you stop the water coming through the old flower bed? Surely it'll leak into the tunnel
Ayush Sharma
Ayush Sharma 2 dager siden
Can't even imagine the amount of hard work put into this. Absolutely incredible. Hats off to you.
Jaali Madden
Jaali Madden 2 dager siden
I think Pablo Escobar would approve.
เนี๊ยบ โมบาย
เนี๊ยบ โมบาย
Geoff English
Geoff English 2 dager siden
Colin's neighbours: "you heard Colin lately?" "No." "Me either. Its quiet... Too quiet"
Zion 2 dager siden
i'd be afraid of that thing exploding while he's down there working lol
Matt Na
Matt Na 2 dager siden
it's very dangerous, don't make this at home !
It's like watching a serial killer movie, but I like it.
EvanWoods 3 dager siden
is this the new minecraft update
Mc Master Mummy
Mc Master Mummy 3 dager siden
Is nobody gonna talk about how he should have play Secret Tunnel from Avatar in the background?
Perks 3 dager siden
This guy screams positive energy
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 3 dager siden
THIS IS THE COOLEST STUFF EVER. How in the ever living fack does NOsections know I want this?
Jason Edlund
Jason Edlund 3 dager siden
I just came across your channel! This alittle crazy! If I attempt to do this and video it OSHA would show up and fine me. Not real sure how you doing this without any trouble from authority
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 3 dager siden
James Rodwell
James Rodwell 3 dager siden
The magnificent fireman predictably telephone because college sequently mine with a bouncy keyboard. unknown, skillful periodical
gergyhead 3 dager siden
this guy is an absolute beast. 1 adventure after another
David Taylor
David Taylor 3 dager siden
Colin, with your track record why ever are you not using explosives to excavate your tunnel, and some kind of conveyor belt affair to take the spoil away and up the shaft, depositing it automatically into a remote controlled dump truck that drives it to the middle of your garden, where a full on stealth radio controlled helicopter picks it up and flys it to the local resevoir and dumps it undercover of night !!!
chuckmomo 3 dager siden
Jordan Beagle
Jordan Beagle 3 dager siden
He must only have a close neighbour on one side I assume
Jordan Beagle
Jordan Beagle 3 dager siden
This would be a grind of a project for sure, haha, cheers for Furze
Jordan Beagle
Jordan Beagle 3 dager siden
Guy basically makes a quarry order his own workshop, haha
Marcos el Gringo
Marcos el Gringo 3 dager siden
I'm wondering if Colin doesn't sweat or is he only doing the "show" digging and has some other blighter in there doing the bulk of the work.....
Tallslimguy 3 dager siden
Would flooding ever be an issue ?
Matte Bezy
Matte Bezy 3 dager siden
Avevamo tutti bisogno di una persona come te nella nostra
Fairway Band
Fairway Band 3 dager siden
I’d love to see you create the ultimate band tour van… Also, would love to see you do a project with NASA! If we alllll spammed NASA PR people, surely we could make it happen!?
Danielle Riley
Danielle Riley 3 dager siden
You would have rocked ancient Egypt or Greece. Aphrodite’s temple… turned UP to 11.
Romen 3 dager siden
Don’t stop this series please upload all
Stephen Beat
Stephen Beat 3 dager siden
I wonder if there are any legal issues about digging tunnels? Or if there are bylaws or local government planning guideline? Or is this covered in an earlier video? :) Fantastic project!
Indiana Cones
Indiana Cones 3 dager siden
Strip mining is effective, i don’t care what anyone says
Danielle Riley
Danielle Riley 4 dager siden
What a job. I thought it sounded cool and I was correct. However I didn’t think it would involve so much work.
Kuyatap's 4 dager siden
Oscar Raygoza
Oscar Raygoza 4 dager siden
This is amazing...wow...I'm stoke to see this project through and seeing that 5+ millions others are too
420bakersarmy 4 dager siden
I should have known this buy now, but there is nothing he cant do.
Josh Ohalloran
Josh Ohalloran 4 dager siden
Haven't watched for ages so can someone update me the neighbor situation? Has Colin had issues with them?
Terry Stephens
Terry Stephens 4 dager siden
Brilliant work, looking epic. 😃😃👍👍👍👍👍
Eren Onur
Eren Onur 4 dager siden
When digging looks like easier then minecraft.
PurpleChalk 4 dager siden
This dude feels like he's speedballing all the time.
Bernardo Maximus
Bernardo Maximus 4 dager siden
Oh, it looks a lot easier in Minecraft...
Rowie Jim Saludes Concepcion
colin when you were talking about the big rocks they acculaly look like old slabs
r baradoy
r baradoy 4 dager siden
how is this legal?
Oogily Schmoogily
Oogily Schmoogily 3 dager siden
Well, he owns the land so..
Craftotheque 4 dager siden
X: So how many skips should we deliver to the address? Colin: Yes.
klof21st 4 dager siden
Dude at this point you got a 2 million dollar house
CrazyIvan1337 4 dager siden
My mans needs that Efficiency V diamond pickaxe lmao
Charming nowhere to hide
Man's doing things that he's gonna be remembered for for literally ever.
werelwolf 4 dager siden
I'm new here, but does he have proper air ventilation???
Gaute H
Gaute H 4 dager siden
Building a secret tunnel. Proceeds to show a map of where it is
Laudrien 4 dager siden
I suspect the neighbours are so used to strange noises coming from the Furze house that they wouldn´t notice the tunnel digging even if it wasn´t done stealthily
Andrew Grant
Andrew Grant 4 dager siden
He looks like Donald Trump when hes upside down because of the hair height. (Sorry for the insult)
Charming nowhere to hide
How is he getting zoning for this?
Review Account
Review Account 4 dager siden
I find this guy's choice of music and his antics to be infuriating. I watch because of the projects, but I'd actually become a subscriber if he would act less annoying.
Jonah and Berry
Jonah and Berry 4 dager siden
danpost55 4 dager siden
Equal parts legend and lunatic. Great job! :) Although using a pneumatic drill without the safety tie is a bit reckless....
KoalaFan 4 dager siden
This man can survive nearly everything now
hejdu13337 4 dager siden
Please use safety goggles, it's not cool to have shit shoot up your eye.
Jordan Hunt
Jordan Hunt 4 dager siden
Loving the progress, i can not imagine the amount of dirt that has been taken out already. Colin mate, i would have thought you would have build a miniture version of the tunnelling machine they used on the channel crossing. Now that would have been somthing else mate 👍
Cossmoz 4 dager siden
6:12 everyone that downslow the app
Erick Ashton
Erick Ashton 4 dager siden
one day i hope to have a work ethic that is even 1% of Colin Furze
4everzard 4 dager siden
How did he get permits for this!?
Christopher Mitchell
Christopher Mitchell 4 dager siden
The tunnel is great but those buckets are impressive, simple plastic totes that use being used relentlessly and still in one peice. Good show mate.
Decayder Knight
Decayder Knight 4 dager siden
Has anyone noticed that the music at 16:16 sounds like the wakfu S4 trailer theme
BadPete81 3 dager siden
I have noticed that music often aligns with Kubricks Clockwork orange as also in this piece. Its funeral march for Queen Mary.
Gravestone 4 dager siden
secret tunnel! secret tunnel..
TheSlacky775 4 dager siden
COLIN on the phone to his house's insurance company , SO tell me again Colin why your house has started to subside, lol
Sidney Ellen
Sidney Ellen 4 dager siden
How is he getting zoning for this?
mitchel long
mitchel long 4 dager siden
were gonna get to the end and he's gonna be 2 foot to the left from where he wanted the exit to b
dboatrig 4 dager siden
I wish I burned half as many calories watching as you did digging.
Doug Hale
Doug Hale 5 dager siden
You are totally nuts in a very good way!
Doug Hale
Doug Hale 5 dager siden
you need to build a tbm.
mavericksnought 5 dager siden
Where is all the dirt going Colin?
Manny 5 dager siden
Pfft. Whatever... come to Miami Beach and make your secret tunnel.
Joshua Berwind
Joshua Berwind 5 dager siden
Not so secret if 5 million saw it already
Aj Schwab
Aj Schwab 5 dager siden
When he said we need to do this in stealth I was like doing construction in a American with out a permit be like
James Brodie
James Brodie 5 dager siden
So no ones talking about how one of the video tags is #minecraft
Kuh Fladen
Kuh Fladen 5 dager siden
What's the Point of trying to make less noise?
Oogily Schmoogily
Oogily Schmoogily 3 dager siden
Because he’s trying to make it without his neighbours knowing.
deluxe video
deluxe video 5 dager siden
He should have asked these two thai guys to dig it. No machines needed.
scoobtoober29 5 dager siden
Wish paid labor worked this hard.
A Mac
A Mac 5 dager siden
Great video. I've been watching this tunnel dig with my Son, he says " you're awesome, and he loves how you've put the time-lapse on it"
Bicycle of Hydraulics