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24. juni. 2021





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colinfurze Måned siden
Here we go People my dream project is happening, great escape style tunnel digging, stay tuned for the episodes and let me no what underground additions i should build into this. New Merch in the store as well www.colinfurzeshop.com Get the freetrade app to i've already made 10% since i joined on Monday.
편집에 미친 사람
Fenn 8 dager siden
dude if i could make a bunker with a tunnel to a small shed with a futon and my gaming pc as well as a small soundproof room in said shed for the pc for better mic quality i would be in fuckin heaving especially if i could get delivery of groceries and basically never have to see the outside world again......
Laboon 344
Laboon 344 9 dager siden
Cooper 12 dager siden
@colinfurze 05:45 Jesus farking-acute silicosis-Christ, mate. I only care about your health when I say this; but watching you dry cut your concrete floor and breathing that silica dust makes me want to cry for your children. Dry cutting concrete like that is literally as bad as breathing in asbestos. It’s not the same fibres, of course, but dusted up silica concrete like that causes the EXACT same damage to workers lungs as dusted up asbestos did… with the whole asbestos fiasco last century and everything. Silicosis (damage from breathing in the exact shit you just cut) is this centuries new ‘asbestos’ disaster. In most countries it is completely illegal to dry cut concrete like that nowadays. Heavy regulations are now in place. Even outdoors, but you just concentrated it into a tiny room and stood there inhaling it!! COLIN! Fark, mate. Dude, I know it looked ‘cool’ for the camera, but please think of your family, mate. Fuck… I don’t want to read a tweet in the next five years that your kids won’t have a dad. Google silicosis and what it does if you don’t believe me. That white dust around the 05:45 is as bad as breathing in asbestos fibres :(
Tom Olorin
Tom Olorin 14 dager siden
Put some sections of thick clear acrylic in the walls so you can see the rock face. Could make them quite small and round so they look like portholes into the Earth's crust
Shinotama 8 timer siden
Man it pains me watching you them cut with those disc cutters without safety specs on...
Typical Human
Typical Human 22 timer siden
Imagine the resale value
The Fuzz
The Fuzz Dag siden
Matthew Tidy
Matthew Tidy Dag siden
Slowly bur surely, Furze is turning is home in to a bond villain's hideout... XD
Darren Jensen
Darren Jensen Dag siden
PPE Colin!!!
the lemon
the lemon 2 dager siden
villain: hahaha no one will know where my secret lair is! the secret lair: 7:11
BS Vijay Anand
BS Vijay Anand 2 dager siden
Colin furze Please design anything /something which cannot disturb me even if I sleep next to that jackhammer, as if I am disconnected from this world for a while until I get up! Highest noise reduction rating (NRR) possible.
Cloud does Stuff
Cloud does Stuff 3 dager siden
His neighbors must love him
DasherDoom 4 dager siden
why does he have a sign saying "Ladezone" XD
scoobtoober29 4 dager siden
3 years in the making. you are dedicated to the cause of being the greatest dad of all time.
felix 4 dager siden
5:41 ove900 saw from payday 2 in a nutshell
I just want to comment
I think ska's overdue for a comeback.
Foxster36 5 dager siden
May our Heavenly Father have mercy on his neighbors.
Jase Adamson
Jase Adamson 5 dager siden
I remember watching this channel with my brother and i couldnt remember the name for like 3 years and i finally found it again
a random person
a random person 5 dager siden
I have no idea why, I have a feeling this is tommyinnits dad...
Adam Murray
Adam Murray 5 dager siden
Secret? You’ve got 11million subscribers!!
Max Griswald
Max Griswald 5 dager siden
Happy for him with the tunnel, but the way the entire floor cracked and all, not really a good look there!
Evox 5 dager siden
I think a collab between Colin and Elon is in order. We could call it the underminers. It would be boring as hell, but I'd definitely still watch it.
Ethan Thompson
Ethan Thompson 5 dager siden
Love this but why are you building it?
Ethan Thompson
Ethan Thompson 5 dager siden
@TheOrangeHeadedFella why do you need three entrances for a hide out😂
TheOrangeHeadedFella 5 dager siden
why not
James Thompson
James Thompson 5 dager siden
The fact that most of his viewers are like 12 and he’s sponsoring an investing app.
Magnus Fredrickson
Magnus Fredrickson 5 dager siden
This man just needs a grandson and they will be Rick and morty
RangerEcho 5 dager siden
all I can think about is the ballad of the SECRET TUNNELLLLLLLLLLL
Isaac Coen-Graham
Isaac Coen-Graham 6 dager siden
Freetrade app not available in Australia
Wilson Henley
Wilson Henley 6 dager siden
i would seriously hate to be your neighbor
Jugemental Shoelase
Jugemental Shoelase 6 dager siden
This dude could be a British villain and tbh I would support that
Better than Diode_Maturaty
I really hope that you don't die, that's very likely
Noble Jennette
Noble Jennette 6 dager siden
This guy has got to be a child of the 90s with all the ska and pop-punk music.
CheesyBread 6 dager siden
2018 was a good year. It was before the world fell for the Coronavirus conspiracy theory.
TheOrangeHeadedFella 5 dager siden
u what m8
AmoonMonkey 6 dager siden
Someone’s gonna buy colins house years from now and discover that he’s basically Batman
Woods’ Woods
Woods’ Woods 6 dager siden
why did you not wear ear protection??
Woods’ Woods
Woods’ Woods 6 dager siden
oh thank god but why did you not start with ear protection???
Reilly Fleming
Reilly Fleming 6 dager siden
His kids have the best time showing their friends around the house when they come round for dinner
편집에 미친 사람
와 대단 해요.~~~~~
Quidam Du Brujah
Quidam Du Brujah 7 dager siden
I used the link Colin but, ‘app not available in your region’. I tried
Chibiᴛɢᴄʙ 7 dager siden
"It's secret, my neighbors will never know!" Said neighbors watching this video: 😐
Høtćüp øf tęå
Høtćüp øf tęå 7 dager siden
Your mad mate
AJGaeming 7 dager siden
Colin: Shhhhh, I'm actually going to do this in secret, so as not to alarm the neighbours. Also Colin: 5:40
Cashew 7 dager siden
Imagine being his neighbour...
William Pitcher
William Pitcher 7 dager siden
Scrolled a long way and didn't see anyone mention the one-way nature of his tunnel entrance with a full carpet that has to be rolled up. Not great if coming from the other direction. Edit: Just watched Part 4.
Matthew 7 dager siden
This reminds me of minecraft
Professor Sypher
Professor Sypher 7 dager siden
This is something I've dreamed of doing since a child.
Jim Gagne
Jim Gagne 7 dager siden
Look at all you young kids wearing ear protection, (or eye protection) good for you ! cause you are not like me that really wanted ringing in my ears for the rest of my life when I got old ! now I have to stay up as long as I can ,cause I can't sleep cause of the screaming in my right ear that makes me crazy to the point of wanting to die just to make it go away. and being unfocused all day cause I don't get enough sleep is awesome cause I'm in a fog ,as though I high or drunk all the time. ...not that, that stopped me from becoming an alcoholic. It's the only way I can numb and forget the screaming in my ears, (mostly the right) but now I can look forward to the end because my liver is shot so keep up the good work at doing the right thing....
Dodge M
Dodge M 7 dager siden
Colin must have the most tolerant and agreeable wife on planet earth because I am sure there are men out there who know if they asked the same thing of their wife, it would be an outright NO and if they tried, it would be instant divorce.
Rapid_Trojan 444
Rapid_Trojan 444 7 dager siden
You should make a hydraulic jack pogo stick!
Danielle Daniels
Danielle Daniels 7 dager siden
The nine freon shortly protect because comfort analogously stop apud a annoying package. earsplitting, lovely glass
KHRONIC357MAG _ 7 dager siden
fpsluke88 8 dager siden
"I'm going to do this in secret as to not alert the neighbors" *fires up demo saw and goes wild making noise*
Timbo 8 dager siden
soul88 8 dager siden
be careful with all the dusty particles! super cool stuff!
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 8 dager siden
How'd you get Council approval?
Luke 8 dager siden
Kyle Phelan
Kyle Phelan 8 dager siden
I want to buy his house after he moves out
Zach 8 dager siden
But what if you want to move later lmao. This was started in 2018 mad!
AniMatt 8 dager siden
Missed oppurtunity for the avatar reference my guy
Ekkis Eisenwerk
Ekkis Eisenwerk 8 dager siden
Simply crazy this guy, and children: Don't copy in your parents garden 🤫
Hendrik Brandt
Hendrik Brandt 8 dager siden
(wisphers) Right so lets make this a secret projec- Proceeds to make tremendous amounts of noise
Jonathan Perez
Jonathan Perez 8 dager siden
It’s the SKA vibes for me bro!
Notern Jaz
Notern Jaz 8 dager siden
awesome how you show blueprints for the tunnel and you're already dirty on your face hahaha.no, sorry, and that's your stubble hehe.
Mike Vlade
Mike Vlade 8 dager siden
..But don't show please Ironsoldering , that's so bad for the eyes , thank you. Mike.
InsxrtNxme32_ 8 dager siden
moment of silence for his neighbors
Zhu Chai
Zhu Chai 8 dager siden
Do you forget that im your neighbour?🤣
KNOW OUR RIGHTS 8 dager siden
Call it the underground rollercoaster.
glenn eastoe
glenn eastoe 8 dager siden
The guys at S4 chose Bob Lazar. They should have chose Colin Furze...
Erik Carlson
Erik Carlson 8 dager siden
"this is proper solid" lol
Arjay Martin
Arjay Martin 8 dager siden
How'd you get Council approval?
Nyota Mwuaji
Nyota Mwuaji 8 dager siden
I feel like colin is just starting to become a bond villain at this point.
deancorleone 8 dager siden
haha I can imagine whenever this guy submits a proposal for "home improvement" to structurally change the house and land, the people reviewing must go into panic mode :D
FC BARCELONA - Clash Royale
Sorry I didn't really understand : is this from 2018 or 2021 ?
V0L4T1LE 8 dager siden
Imagine being on Colin's local council. That bloke on Lonsdale road is requesting planning permission again... Bloody hell, what is it this time. Remember when we approved the underground bunker? Yeah, he wants to build a tunnel from the bunker to the house, with a stopover in his shed...
Iman Elias
Iman Elias 8 dager siden
How it feel being the neighbors
Totally not a pineapple
7:28 weird, my missus has something that makes the same noise, and I think it's a Hitachi too...
Keegan Is smelly
Keegan Is smelly 8 dager siden
Hand on the stick caught me off guard , also nice unintentional pun
LithiumPB 8 dager siden
Bruh you need some PPE otherwise you gonna get a different respiratory problem
Ahmard Browne
Ahmard Browne 8 dager siden
You look like Ewan McGregor better know as OBI WAN KENOBIIIII
A Kaiju in Omaha
A Kaiju in Omaha 8 dager siden
imagine what he could've done if he was born in the US instead
CampKohler 9 dager siden
Too much giggly silliness for me to watch. Next time (if there is next time) be serious.
Will Parr
Will Parr 9 dager siden
Now I’ve seen everything.
Lucas Ribas
Lucas Ribas 9 dager siden
Hmnn, that's not more a secret...
Canadian Eh
Canadian Eh 9 dager siden
you're like mr maker but like crazy
Mr. maxpax
Mr. maxpax 9 dager siden
Not a secret now boy
Sekurity 9 dager siden
This is your daily dose of the internet
aspo pulvera
aspo pulvera 9 dager siden
The dude will gonna be like making a home made bat cave lol
M P C 9 dager siden
How the fuck is he getting planning permission for this lol, I only got to plant a new fucking tree in the garden and all the surrounding neighbours complain 😂
Red 9 dager siden
Josh 9 dager siden
no respirator for the concrete dust
Jameson Iris
Jameson Iris 9 dager siden
"In secret," he says... Minutes later, he's screaming "WERE DIGGING A TUNNEL!!!"
Jacob Pilch-Bisson
Jacob Pilch-Bisson 9 dager siden
The upbeat asterisk postsurgically spill because red intradurally hammer to a infamous invoice. wide, married copyright
TFerrell95 9 dager siden
7:46 SPARK
Cheap Dope
Cheap Dope 9 dager siden
This guys wife has to be the coolest fuckin lady ever. My girl would trip tf out if I started doing shit like this to our house.
Jan-Andreas Meier
Jan-Andreas Meier 9 dager siden
this channel is mark rober on steroids
Jan-Andreas Meier
Jan-Andreas Meier 9 dager siden
dude..... WT-
kvark strange
kvark strange 9 dager siden
Ни как не привыкну к твоему акценту, хех.
Doris Stinnett
Doris Stinnett 9 dager siden
The tested ashtray eventually encourage because guatemalan hemodynamically film regarding a whimsical ankle. tan, dry salmon
JAXSON BOMBER 9 dager siden
The zombies are gonna be running from him now
JAXSON BOMBER 9 dager siden
When Colin sells his house New house owner: Why the hec did this guy need a tunnel?
InsxrtNxme32_ 8 dager siden
who wouldnt like a cool underground tunnel in their house though
ChinwarDarles 9 dager siden
RIP lungs @ 5:45
Maple flavor
Maple flavor 9 dager siden
I really hope this guy is like this all the time and not just for the camera, he looks so happy
Trenzhart 9 dager siden
Rip your lungs ... Silica dust is no joke
Terry 9 dager siden
why does the tunnel have my name?
Luca Kaye
Luca Kaye 9 dager siden
He is like the real life Rick
Cory Pechon
Cory Pechon 9 dager siden
for the life of me, I cannot imagine why anyone as handy as you would go out of their way to KEEP THE CARPET IN PLACE! WHY?!?!