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colinfurze 7 måneder siden
IT'S Makers secret Santa Time with 8 Amazing Channels, check out all the videos here nosections.info/first/PLBsfTOjKcQe-duagTS5o2rx5vzthE5BZt.html What other MAKER channels you want to see next year......go tell them to get onboard
Frankkey 27 dager siden
1:09 Totally a Matrix 4 prop.
Cak-KuS Farm
Cak-KuS Farm 3 måneder siden
Wow good..
¡VIVA LA LIBERTAD! 4 måneder siden
It is audio of coat.
Kazmma Boy
Kazmma Boy 4 måneder siden
Get me that jacket
Kazmma Boy
Kazmma Boy 4 måneder siden
Get me that jacket
manstafstevnav 4 dager siden
i come here once in a while to rewatch the moment at 4:34, shit`s too funny lmao. brilliant
Chris Bammer
Chris Bammer 4 dager siden
Someone is a fan of Fringe
Andrew Eckenswiler
Andrew Eckenswiler 4 dager siden
Why isn't this guy sponsored by Redbull, he must drink 40 a day.
CORE 5 dager siden
This is the coat Big Band wears
Spacetrucker 5 dager siden
I thought Colin and Sam were the same person. All British people look the same to me.
Ziggysdankgenetics 5 dager siden
5:26 why do I find it weird Colin wiped his bum then fed it to the shark trash can? We flush Doodoo paper in the states? LOL
Jacarutu 5 dager siden
...and how do you wash it?
Jersi 6 dager siden
czech version nosections.info/green/sX5nZJhmpaOu3rI/video.html&ab_channel=rado407sw
BillBoard Hits
BillBoard Hits 6 dager siden
lol literally acting like jim carrey in this video 🤷🏻‍♂️🤣🤣🤣
Algarad [YT]
Algarad [YT] 7 dager siden
give it to me !!!!!
Boruch Schuster
Boruch Schuster 7 dager siden
The stereo amplifier gets crazy hot!
Connor 8 dager siden
dizzee rascal would like this
nephos100 8 dager siden
Hi Mum Furze.
dead ontime
dead ontime 8 dager siden
I been wanting to do something like this my entire fookin life
Eric Beeman
Eric Beeman 9 dager siden
Thats rich man lmao oh shit ya know someone is gonna be wearing that soon lol
Austin Billotte
Austin Billotte 9 dager siden
i love colins channel but i was not a fan of that coat, i feel like he ruined a nice coat
Noble Thompson
Noble Thompson 11 dager siden
Random comment for the NOsections algorithm.
Justin Bishop
Justin Bishop 11 dager siden
Another Great Show!
Puffy_btw 11 dager siden
budget of 75 Colin: Uses Lazer cuter for over 20.000
3 Mimuse
3 Mimuse 11 dager siden
My friend got electrocuted after watching this video.
peter nguyen
peter nguyen 13 dager siden
I subscribed to Furze purely on how cool this was. If you ever decide on making a v2 for this, I suggest adding an internal harness over the shoulders so that the coat isnt stretched from the weight of the speakers. Also have epaulette speakers and bluetooth compatibility.
YOOOO You delivered the speakers to lookmom!? awesome!!
victrith1 14 dager siden
Did you just cut a jacket with a laser !!!?? Hahaa nice..
Mr.JackTheNasty 14 dager siden
i love this old tony picture is just so perfect XD
Crabz Gamez
Crabz Gamez 15 dager siden
The ultimate viberater
Deaf Gamer
Deaf Gamer 15 dager siden
Why does collin look like D.B. Cooper in that coat?
MalhaIIa 16 dager siden
with a more subtle look, perhaps double layers. strings to shoulders to carry the weight. with a fine mesh to let the sound out, but hinder view. + 9D ambient / dark music. oh dear you would freak people out.
sleeper _jepun
sleeper _jepun 16 dager siden
Creative piece of 💩😂
Abysswalker 17 dager siden
What type of coat is that ?
S M 17 dager siden
Hesus 17 dager siden
Dizzee Rascal: *I'll take your entire stock*
tuff_lover 17 dager siden
beerpowered 18 dager siden
2020 and you have a phone with a headphone jack? LUCKY!
George Bowman
George Bowman 19 dager siden
everybody gangsta til mum puts your coat in the wash
Zaneta jeziorska
Zaneta jeziorska 20 dager siden
In the intro did he say nyelp nyaw
kuba bob
kuba bob 20 dager siden
Colin is like Mr bean but with high IQ
꧁༒Charlest༒꧂ 20 dager siden
Colin Furze: so how much coat do you want? Travis Scott: Yes.
The Z Family
The Z Family 20 dager siden
*Psssst* hey you yeah you…. Would you like to buy hearing loss?
stein joosten
stein joosten 20 dager siden
I like how u sow energetic all the time some times hard to folow bud stil its great to watch
Cesar Rodriguez
Cesar Rodriguez 21 dag siden
Who da fuk is ruth?
uriituw 21 dag siden
Is this guy suffering from mania?
kroks06 21 dag siden
5:54 what car is that?
Orange and Black
Orange and Black 22 dager siden
Hahah god I was hoping not to see that touching the toilet 🤢
Mohammad Khalid
Mohammad Khalid 22 dager siden
Some one should knock Davi 504😂😂
Jerickson Lima Rodríguez
Chuchero on a jacket 🧥 🤣🤣
Ender Dragon 336
Ender Dragon 336 23 dager siden
9:41 lol
ZerqTM 25 dager siden
well this is gonna confuse people looking for painting videos lol
Valerian 25 dager siden
Mecurian 26 dager siden
Wouldn't an mp3 player make more sense? As opposed to a tape deck.
Beo Dega
Beo Dega 26 dager siden
Hi greetings from Germany, your last name means farting in german. Made me laugh when i saw your merch "farting face mask" :D
ZombieNightmare 28 dager siden
I need one😂
Srijan Varma
Srijan Varma 29 dager siden
Look mum I bought a coat no one can wash
BuildingLego32 Måned siden
#russiahardbass lol
Relax Man .Are U On Speed. If U Are Then Do Smaller Doses. You Are Doing Too Much .Don`t You Realize:) Anyway All The Best
Harryhonsoo Måned siden
I F'in love this dude. Longtime fan I wish I could be your neighbor and share a bit of tea with you sometimes.
Jayadamsdeschain Måned siden
What s madman. Gotta love him.
I’mbored Måned siden
Imagine playing zavodila on max volume just saying some bones would be broken
Durin Greyowl
Durin Greyowl Måned siden
Another very entertaining video!
Panzeryager Måned siden
It’s official that’s cool
Dog Cat
Dog Cat Måned siden
Make rocket please🚀🚀🚀
Marity456 Måned siden
he should make a working chainsaw man cosplay cause he already looks like denji
BioClay88 Måned siden
... when you want a boss coat but made a typo ordering. a win nonetheless.
Raziuri basow
Raziuri basow Måned siden
Now, can you make it play hardbass
King Creator
King Creator Måned siden
Every one gangsta until colin makes an infinity coat
بقوري الأسمر
اكو عرب هناا
smith Måned siden
it's like somone gave a concussed blue peter presenter speed
Gadget UI
Gadget UI Måned siden
Wow is cool....
Dima Ret
Dima Ret Måned siden
Почему Чип Фуз делает плащ?)))
Margo Aziza
Margo Aziza 2 måneder siden
Can we talk about how good Colin looks in a trench coat
muhamad gery gery
muhamad gery gery 2 måneder siden
Sound man
Highrup 2 måneder siden
Glad to see he’s found a better use for the shark head
Tristan Vliet
Tristan Vliet 2 måneder siden
Thats a great coat every one will have one next year
meetcord996 Ethereal vibester
he is the very very weird but very very cool uncle who does this type of stuff
Macho Sancho
Macho Sancho 2 måneder siden
You had me at BASS
5peciesunkn0wn 2 måneder siden
I misread the title to start with as 'Brass coat' and was very confused as to how you were going to make a coat out of brass instruments for 75 pounds... Then the speakers came out and it made far more sense.
Professor WaffleCones
Professor WaffleCones 2 måneder siden
Molten Cheese Bear
Molten Cheese Bear 2 måneder siden
In German there exists the term Furz-Idee (fart idea), which applies here very much.
Union Of Soviet Socialist Republics
Davie504 is sweating over in italy
Aaron Stoop
Aaron Stoop 2 måneder siden
Евгений Потешкин
Сейчас школьники с колонками выйдут на новый уровень)
josé peña
josé peña 2 måneder siden
Y su fuera más altavoces pero de menor tamaño?? Sería genial
crysis4real 2 måneder siden
'The Bass Coat' lol - what is the weight of this?
L̶o̶v̶e̶ 2 måneder siden
I don't know wht to say🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Code Lyoko Fan 10
Code Lyoko Fan 10 2 måneder siden
I need this... I NEED THIS!!!
Andi Dwi
Andi Dwi 2 måneder siden
spikere keneng dengkul langsung meriang🤣
Антон Зырянов
Антон Зырянов 2 måneder siden
Чё русские есть.?
Василий Паскаль
Прикольный придурок!) Лайк из России!)
Finn Finn
Finn Finn 2 måneder siden
The next day, Be hold this is the invisible coat
Raj kumar
Raj kumar 2 måneder siden
Try that BASS COAT On public and see their reaction....
Lastchatte2 2 måneder siden
If you have done that with a hoodie, you'll have trillions of morons ready to buy it and to go on the streets annoying everyone with stupid rap music.
ツMaximus 2 måneder siden
the real question is, does he still want it after he realises Colin has taken a shit in it.
lee batt
lee batt 2 måneder siden
Colin is like the adhd version of This Old Tony. Or is it Tony is the sedated with valium and ketamine version of Colin?
jonathan joestar
jonathan joestar 2 måneder siden
I remember from step up 3 the bad guys had the same coat
tht1guyfromtht1place 2 måneder siden
What car are you driving my guy?
Mark Monzalea
Mark Monzalea 2 måneder siden
Oh yeah .. ilike it boss
กวี เรียวทาม
Artem Prokopets7875
Artem Prokopets7875 2 måneder siden
Не плохо
CREATIVE CHANNELPH 2 måneder siden
please make a subwoofer car🇵🇭