Colin Furze Workshop/Tools Tour & Wolverine Claws 

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Whats in the Boxes how do the tools work and more, its the Colin Furze Shed Tour, plus 2 new pairs of WOLVERINE CLAWS.

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16. april. 2020





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colinfurze År siden
Hope this answers a lot of your questions and you enjoy seeing the tool demos. Thank you all for watching as the 10MILLION subscriber milestone is looming its great to have you all on the journey.
lourens buitendijk
lourens buitendijk 19 dager siden
you didnt show the intrance to the bunker
John Cooper
John Cooper 2 måneder siden
It is amazing what you have done in that little amount of space. Wish mine was organized that well. Mine is now a machine shop with big machines that take up a lot of floor space such as a Bridgeport, surface grinder and lathe. No room for big projects.
Lee Kronforst
Lee Kronforst 4 måneder siden
Are you a mod or a rocker?
copy cat
copy cat 11 måneder siden
Or a video showing us solar power or powered stuff we can make at home.
copy cat
copy cat 11 måneder siden
Can u do a video on that rpg on the ceiling?
James Wallace
James Wallace Dag siden
Who now spots the winch and now it all makes sense..!
Matyáš Řezba
Matyáš Řezba Dag siden
Aaah, stealthy! However, I see the nails at the carpet end, used to pull it away to access the tunnel. Well played, Colin
THEDGK360 Dag siden
If Colin ever got a new workshop, I’m not sure if I could still watch.
Ruby Dag siden
John Merrick
John Merrick 2 dager siden
Hi colinfurze, just wanted to ask whether the swift cut plasma cutter is still available in that size, and how much one of that size would cost. Also, I saw the laser cutter in the newer videos; what model is it? Thanks!
Julio 6 dager siden
Can anyone explain why it got 777 dislikes??? I love this youtube channel and found this video interesting, honestly confused why so many people disliked it.
Julio 2 dager siden
@Dinny McGettigan thanks for that, I know it's very normal looking at his other videos that he get slightly below or above 1% dislikes, but I'm just curious what is there to dislike in a video such as the one I posted about. Colin seems very likeable, the video subject matter is fairly innocuous, why would approximately 1 out of 8 people proactively hit the dislike button?
Dinny McGettigan
Dinny McGettigan 2 dager siden
Less than 1 percent
RDX 6 dager siden
I look back and see the crane. when the video came out a year ago I didn't notice it at all. XD
The Pickle
The Pickle 6 dager siden
Wow, I didn't know stud welders existed, now my mind is flooding with ideas.
No Name
No Name 7 dager siden
23:37 "And also these white stains are the place where I made my son"
Chimp Plays
Chimp Plays 8 dager siden
what do you do with your projects once your done
German House Renovation Project
I‘m sure you know that your name „Furze“ is in german the plural form of „Furz“ what translates to „fart“.
Nick Megert
Nick Megert 10 dager siden
You have to be the coolest engineer I have ever seen. Can't wait to see your next project.
Gregor Forbes
Gregor Forbes 12 dager siden
0:59 and various other times he’s pointing At the secret tunnel
Semajal 12 dager siden
nosections.info/green/x6aEe5iifKesxpk/video.html Can clearly see the modified carpet, and the winch on the ceiling :D Oh Colin you sneak!
men24 13 dager siden
14:04 giggity
James Connerty
James Connerty 13 dager siden
This was made a yr ago look above where the red winch is on ceiling to lift door for secret door to lift
James Ray
James Ray 13 dager siden
now that his new project has come to light, It's easy to see what we missed before .. He's got the bar on the carpet here..
Chris Goldsbury
Chris Goldsbury 13 dager siden
the roof pump and the carpet screws were hiding the whole time!
Mattias Ronnberg
Mattias Ronnberg 13 dager siden
"Plastic feet" haha
anry1231 14 dager siden
Noble Thompson
Noble Thompson 14 dager siden
Random comment for the NOsections algorithm.
Christopher Alsop
Christopher Alsop 14 dager siden
Oh look, fasteners at the edge of the carpets. Hmmm
RCModels 14 dager siden
You can see the second pump on the roof at the start lol
World Aerial View
World Aerial View 14 dager siden
It is so good to see pure British Character. I have watched you for years. Thank you for the content ...
Eat More Music
Eat More Music 15 dager siden
The center finding ruler has me shook i need one
Marco Stößer
Marco Stößer 17 dager siden
Respekt! You are a Real Hero! 💪👍❤️
G Or
G Or 17 dager siden
Great use of the space
Jolly Joy
Jolly Joy 18 dager siden
you forgot to mention the underground hatch!
Bernard Kriel
Bernard Kriel 18 dager siden
bro...you seem to achieve more results in your shed then we can do in our whole 3000 square meter workshop.....mad skills!
Sin City Exotics
Sin City Exotics 19 dager siden
Idk why but Colin seems like Gordon Ramsey as an engineer in an alternate universe
Abhishek Soni
Abhishek Soni 19 dager siden
The meticulousness and thought involved in making this shed, not only to make is more efficient but also safe, is easy to overlook when you see one of his typical videos. There's a careful, organised, punctual man behind the crazy facade.
CraftingGab 19 dager siden
Did you make a video about your manual Wolverine Claws?
tengelgeer 21 dag siden
Now I know what was missing from this tour! The secret bunker hatch!
jac bisgood
jac bisgood 22 dager siden
Good on you boy!
birk248 22 dager siden
Was that a bazooka?
Mack 23 dager siden
When Colin is talking about his hydraulic pump: "Essentially, what I use this for is my press" Everyone after tunnel p2: "Well that was a lie!"
TheSpencj 23 dager siden
22:23 the carpet nails hiding the tunnel!!!
George Tero
George Tero 24 dager siden
It’s got a carpet furze because you’ve got a secret bunker entrance underneath it 👀
matt lander
matt lander 2 dager siden
You can also see the winch motor in the ceiling
Cᐰptain ᐰwsome
Cᐰptain ᐰwsome 9 dager siden
and he can move the air tubes to the tunnel
BlueSpartan 076
BlueSpartan 076 15 dager siden
/ Ritchie
/ Ritchie 21 dag siden
@Connor Shakesby 😂😂 there definitely needs to be another one
Connor Shakesby
Connor Shakesby 21 dag siden
When I saw this I thought it was recent
Tech Blade
Tech Blade 27 dager siden
Hi I live in England like you how dig is your workshop
Sk'2500 Måned siden
He ain't lying ahah, look at the rolled 4 layer carpet! The access tunnel to the bunker and house has been there hiding from us all this time ahah sweeeeeet
matt lander
matt lander 2 dager siden
See the winch motor mounted on the roof above the hole plain sight!
md sameer
md sameer Måned siden
he is most British non British guy
Dineiriyu Volmkrey
Dineiriyu Volmkrey Måned siden
Cmon man you need DOOM music in your videos.
Dineiriyu Volmkrey
Dineiriyu Volmkrey Måned siden
I believe they are Bone claws or bone saws
Rishi Kaushal
Rishi Kaushal Måned siden
The perfect man cave
Scott M
Scott M Måned siden
You should move to America. We would let you make anything you like here. Heck you could build a ballistic missile if you like.
Alireza Malakooti khah
Alireza Malakooti khah 2 måneder siden
one of the greatest videos I have ever watched.great job dude wish you the best
D 2 måneder siden
I love to watch older videos of my favorite youtubers bragging about how they're about to cross the X subscriber mark, and by the time you're watching the video they've LONG smashed that record. Dunno why, it just amuses me, and makes me happy to think about the past, and to see that they've made their goal!
Terry Firmin
Terry Firmin 3 måneder siden
I am born on 2009
Raua 3 måneder siden
You remind me of my dad - had he been an extrovert, that is
Splendid Isolation back up account
I haven't been feeling great wanna colab?
Braxton Smalls
Braxton Smalls 3 måneder siden
What a time to be alive.
Braxton Smalls
Braxton Smalls 3 måneder siden
A “good ole boy.” I thought those only existed in the states? 🤔 learn something everyday
C:\ampbell 3 måneder siden
Worried that jump lead will wear and break.
nathan l
nathan l 3 måneder siden
Watched 4 minutes of it and think this an absolute gem of a video 🖒 Fantastic ideas cant wait to watch the rest !!
Darren 3 måneder siden
Does anyone know what 3d printer Colin has?
Darrell Bryant
Darrell Bryant 3 måneder siden
WoW Colin, very well thought out tool shed.!
semipro317 3 måneder siden
La primera vez que vi el video tenia subtitulos en español pero ya no, ahora no entiendo nada :(
Paul Webster
Paul Webster 3 måneder siden
how big is the shed
John Schweiger
John Schweiger 3 måneder siden
I was going to say I thought flamethrowers where illegal 🤣did you actually get a record for that
Lucas Wells
Lucas Wells 3 måneder siden
can we get a video on how to make manual wolverine claws
O 3 måneder siden
The permissible vision proximately steer because armadillo noticeably curve except a sore division. numerous, strong oxygen
Doom Slaier
Doom Slaier 3 måneder siden
Can the welding machine weld with a semiautomatic device if MMA welding + TIG welding is written on its wall?
steve cater
steve cater 4 måneder siden
Thanks Colin, you are one hell of a crack-up mate. Great workshop and an awesome inspiration to us creative types. Don't stop being 'wacky' any time soon
E. K.
E. K. 4 måneder siden
What happened to the milling machine that used to sit in the corner?
Leo Bear
Leo Bear 4 måneder siden
How long wire you arrested for
Mels Van kippersluis
Mels Van kippersluis 4 måneder siden
10 million!!!!!!!!
Dave's DIY
Dave's DIY 4 måneder siden
I love this workshop, nice and cozy for BIG ideas :D I look forward to upgrading from the ole workbench hehe
Kieran Brown
Kieran Brown 4 måneder siden
Yeah but it's no underground workshop... :P (idk why it's on your bunker build list)
SLIGHT RETALIATION 4 måneder siden
8:42 I thought this was PG?
DreamSteam 4 måneder siden
17:35.... im metric..... 😉😉 no reason to wonder...... 😊
matijafurzepirnat 4 måneder siden
Johnathon Montie
Johnathon Montie 4 måneder siden
Casual RPG hanging out in the rafters 😂
Ebay Buyer Defender
Ebay Buyer Defender 4 måneder siden
My Favorite builder on youtube.
Silvan Zingg
Silvan Zingg 4 måneder siden
nice video
Jake Beck
Jake Beck 5 måneder siden
The giggity had me laughing hard
dirtjumper23 5 måneder siden
Did I miss Colin saying how big the shed is? How big is it?
Martin Cameron
Martin Cameron 5 måneder siden
Love your videos!
K Crib in
K Crib in 5 måneder siden
Nice to see the loon gene is live and thriving and living in a cool shed with carpet on the floor 😂😂
Christian W
Christian W 5 måneder siden
Damn cool Workshop Colin, but how's the size of this Shed?😀 Greetings
Milo Lim
Milo Lim 5 måneder siden
What is the dimensions of your shed
Dave's Empire
Dave's Empire 5 måneder siden
Great shop tour. Cool seeing all your tools
Tajr 5 måneder siden
good to see fireball tools!
Brodie Watson
Brodie Watson 5 måneder siden
4:04 is everybody gona ignore the fact that he has a fockin RPG on his roof 😳😲
Ian Wright
Ian Wright 5 måneder siden
Nice. But ditch the tie when you use the lathe.
nkaltso 5 måneder siden
Fireball tools are the best, it changed the way I weld
Aaron J M Miles
Aaron J M Miles 5 måneder siden
19:17 please say you named it Alan!
S. Sullivan
S. Sullivan 5 måneder siden
Anyone know the name of the equipment at 13:20? The kaleidoscope thingy
levi griggs
levi griggs 6 måneder siden
Great video!
levi griggs
levi griggs 6 måneder siden
How do you usually get all your scrap metal?
Jack Stratfull
Jack Stratfull 6 måneder siden
How u connected ur electrics? Isit connected to the house electrics? Or seperate & how
tpax3p 6 måneder siden
Can we have updated promo code for stakesys.co.uk please)
Gordon Mckelvin
Gordon Mckelvin 6 måneder siden
You mispronounced "Mini-lathe". it's mina-litha. ThisOldTony told me.
Oliver Collard
Oliver Collard 6 måneder siden
Stakesy’s makes me want to buy there stuff because it looks cool, I don’t even have a welder
Daniel Morley
Daniel Morley 6 måneder siden
do you have a video on making the manual wolverine claws
Union Jack Gaming And Vlogs
The hydraulic connectors look like an accident waiting to happen. Yeesh, if you bang your knees on that, you’re done for
Randy Westerberg
Randy Westerberg 6 måneder siden
I love that he makes everything in his little shed.
one street
one street 6 måneder siden
This look like rick and morty garage
Jayden takle
Jayden takle 6 måneder siden
How many sheds and garage do you have
quinn860 6 måneder siden
Fireball tool clamps respect
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