Upside down Garden Swing 

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Turn your garden upside down haha.
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13. aug.. 2020





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colinfurze 11 måneder siden
Its like a garden multitool lol. Like I said at the end of the video I’ve turned off Mid Roll ads on all my videos as I think its a bad experience so if you wanna support the channels subscribe become members or buy merch www.colinfurzeshop.com
Mr Dude
Mr Dude 15 dager siden
He’s useing the same buckets as the tunnel
CMDR GO FUNK YOURSELF 19 dager siden
Drawing a dick on the grass typical colin.
AtomicSheep 20 dager siden
Can you make vids that are just nothing or some music or something easy quick and then put ads in on hose vids so you can make so money off of it to fund your adventures
Jehrgrhe 2 måneder siden
The 360 swing has returned but smaller
Logan does stuff
Logan does stuff 3 måneder siden
@dumb cowboi Hi
Mack 12 timer siden
Winch on the ceiling? No bandsaw in the corner? New blue carpet with screws and washers near the wall? Laugh when he says "I have some digging to do"? Those plastic tubs? It's fun to look back on older videos to see just how long Colin hid it from us. I have a feeling we'll see the micro diggity again for the cut and shut phase of Terry.
Modern Einstein
Modern Einstein Dag siden
net & uri M
net & uri M 5 dager siden
מת עליך בן אדם....
Liberty Bell
Liberty Bell 5 dager siden
"Dorris! That kid next door is doing that weird thing again!"
Maxe †
Maxe † 5 dager siden
Imagine seeing a grown man swinging on that from your back yard.....
Muslims are terrorist
Muslims are terrorist 7 dager siden
Now make a ferris wheel out of it, that would be great, whit a small engine, something not to fast, lets say 20 km lol
James Kingsley
James Kingsley 7 dager siden
Hmm... Those baskets look handy for hauling dirt and clay out of secret tunnels. Just a thought.
bryan diel
bryan diel 7 dager siden
If I were Colins neighbor, I would say, such a genius device!!
Diego Brando Parallel World
Honey the neighbors are doing spins again
Sean Rathbone
Sean Rathbone 8 dager siden
Neighbour Arthur! He's doing it again!! , what's he doing now mavis ? he's building a swing wot goes upside down! ... bloody ell", dem kids is gonna be launched into space by the end of the week!!!
Nils Seegerer
Nils Seegerer 9 dager siden
I am coming from the most recent video (Tunnel Diggin Part 4) and trying to figure out how long this must have been going on. from the last Video to this here, the carpet changed which is shown in the latest video... Quite some time ago.
Jishnu Goes 360
Jishnu Goes 360 9 dager siden
Builder'sFight 9 dager siden
those baskets seem to have some clay on them...perhaps from a some secret excavation?
greenaum 10 dager siden
Hm, maybe the 360 thing could do with having the weight adjustable, slide it along the length, so that it will work for a kid's weight as well as grown men who ought to know better. OTOH I can see you might not want your kids swinging 10 feet in the air upside-down with a big dongling 50 kilo weight or whatever ready to knock their teeth out if they stand in the wrong place. Perhaps the cold tub is safer. Although, with an old bike radiator, and a propane water heater... Or do it on the cheap and just stick a 3KW kettle element in it then wait a while. Yes we have 3KW kettles in the UK, we take tea seriously.
greenaum 10 dager siden
Backup Colin is there in case Real Colin goes too far one day and ends up taking a rocket-powered shopping trolley into the stratosphere, never to be seen again. If that ever happens, the NOsections password and spare tie are in a special safe. It also listens to Colin's wife and picks the kids up from school, while Col's out in the shed, allowing him the long work and play hours he requires.
Dane Roberts
Dane Roberts 10 dager siden
What happens when you dig so many holes you cant dig no mo?
Jackson Murphy
Jackson Murphy 11 dager siden
I’m watching this video after watching you start the new underground bunker extension. 0:53 yeah, I bet you’re really looking forward to more digging. ;)
Boyesey JR
Boyesey JR 12 dager siden
2:04 yeah imagine if you had to dig a secret tunnel and underground bunker!
h horst
h horst 12 dager siden
Why dont you paint any steel thats going underground, it will rott away in 5 to 10 years, i also thought this about your bunker and tunnel
Matt Sprayberry
Matt Sprayberry 13 dager siden
John Deere's arch nemesis
Ghost Dragon
Ghost Dragon 13 dager siden
The bolts in the edge of the carpet at back of the shed is now clear what they are for and never really noticed until now 😆😆
Jesse Mcpeak
Jesse Mcpeak 13 dager siden
Awesome sauce!
Jubayer Ahmed
Jubayer Ahmed 13 dager siden
Shifted your workshop in undar Ground 🙆‍♀️
DragonPirate116 14 dager siden
Bruh those wields were..... NOICE!!!!!
We love To ski
We love To ski 14 dager siden
He could sell his house for so much moeny
CallfortheMedic 14 dager siden
Colin: digs something in the garden: His Wife: *BUNKER FLASHBACKS*
D J 14 dager siden
Love this. But I love the tunnel that you are currently extending even more .........
BabyCrow 14 dager siden
I just love the idea of him doing all this in a neighborhood where people probably are like "honey the crazy guy is doing crazy shit again"
war32mec 15 dager siden
That was an awesome swing, And his kid was so adorable! He's gonna run outta yard eventually with all the things he keeps adding to it.
The LEGO infection God
The LEGO infection God 15 dager siden
That kid sounds like hermoine from Harry Potter
Brian Terry
Brian Terry 15 dager siden
Thank You for killing the advertisements...
Elvis Burgerking
Elvis Burgerking 15 dager siden
if you planned ahead like me it's a lot easier to just plant a sycamore seed 25 years later I have a 80ft tree with a trunk well over 2ft in diameter a 360deg swing that goes all around the garden and a plan to build a large tree house 25ft up with a walkway from an adjacent tree that already has a small treehouse 15ft up the sycamore got damaged early in it's life due to an out of control garden fire. which caused the trunk to split into 3 quite low down. perfect fo`r say a 15 perhaps 20ft ( thats the length of scaffolding poles ) treehouse. its also covered in thick Ivy, so its an evergreen Sycamore.
BK1096 15 dager siden
I love how nobody is mentioning the song in the background. C U next Thursday C U N T lol
Emil Fladstrand
Emil Fladstrand 15 dager siden
The buckets! They're the same used in the (ssshhh) secret tunnel
LEGO fo Yo
LEGO fo Yo 15 dager siden
8:55 the best 180 swing for children
LEGO fo Yo
LEGO fo Yo 15 dager siden
Well not for obese ones
Kunnoc 15 dager siden
You should make a company to install this on other peoples's houses
INSIGHT- CHRIS 15 dager siden
6:19 is the best part of the Video! Change my mind :P
FutabaDeezing 16 dager siden
these videos feel like episodes from a tv show! absolutely brilliant stuff
ThatOne Guy
ThatOne Guy 16 dager siden
"so glad im not digging this by hand" 1 year later giant homemade tunnel built
ThatOne Guy
ThatOne Guy 5 dager siden
@Cᐰptain ᐰwsome fair enough
Cᐰptain ᐰwsome
Cᐰptain ᐰwsome 7 dager siden
a few months before this video was made*
Isaac Moore
Isaac Moore 16 dager siden
I love how there’s no adds your the best
Jackal1412 16 dager siden
That looks like SOOOOO much fun!
KingJay 0101
KingJay 0101 16 dager siden
How the hell did you lose grass
Jon Johns
Jon Johns 16 dager siden
Ey bruh them welds is tidy
TheCharlieDelta 17 dager siden
"honey, that man's out there again.. he's doing weird stuff in the garden again"
Jivan Reddy
Jivan Reddy 17 dager siden
And here iam thinking that Phineas and ferb shit doesn't happen in real life
SmokeyToast 16
SmokeyToast 16 17 dager siden
an idea with the 360 swing i8s that you could make a seat the swivels with it too, like one of the rides at a fair. just a suggestion
ZchryPlys 18 dager siden
Couldn’t handle the wheel barrel
SouthWest Bristol MX
SouthWest Bristol MX 18 dager siden
This guy 🔥🔥🔥 Keep up the amazing work 👏🏽 love your channel
TwistedLink08 18 dager siden
I wonder what his neighbors think of him
Metal Galaxy
Metal Galaxy 18 dager siden
You're probably one of the coolest fathers out there. All dads should aspire to have your passion, humor and creativity so that kids are constantly engaged and those traits are experientially passed on in some way. Basically, the kid's lucky to have a cool dad. 👍
Mognet 18 dager siden
For stamford
SkyPeek_ 18 dager siden
I heard a myth about the perfect NOsectionsr... Glad to meet you! Thanks for turning ads off, just for us to enjoy! :)
Devin 19 dager siden
Incredible energy
IIRunicSnakeII 19 dager siden
how do u stop
isaac matthews
isaac matthews 19 dager siden
Wait Colin are you from Lincolnshire
I Am an idiot but
I Am an idiot but 19 dager siden
Guess they don’t have 811 in the UK
David Ellis
David Ellis 19 dager siden
Where did you get all those buckets Mr Furze? Are you doing any other digging ?
Existence of me
Existence of me 19 dager siden
He said that is ground is rock hard man I would love to have that dirt were I lice most of my ground is rock and granite and mika at that it sucks tk dig because when I have to dig I pull out rocks the size of my chest and bigger.
Cooper Griggs
Cooper Griggs 20 dager siden
I’ve been watching this channel for a while now how is it Possible I just realized the lyrics to the song are things he’s done I’m a moron
Cooper Griggs
Cooper Griggs 20 dager siden
IMean the main lyrics are literally see you next Furze day
J J 20 dager siden
Love the music on your vids
DanSoldierGuy 20 dager siden
What is it with Brits getting in the water with their SOCKS ON?? 🤣🤣
NJ Newman
NJ Newman 20 dager siden
"That's not very British" is the most British sentence I've ever heard
m p
m p 20 dager siden
9:37 Woelrds words wisedom Buy that man's murch
Daniel Munteanu
Daniel Munteanu 20 dager siden
he looks like Gordon Ramsy but he likes engeniering
Nas Qad
Nas Qad 20 dager siden
That looked so fun at the same time my anxiety went through the roof lol
Jollibeenos has your coordinates
But who exactly are Tom and Rick?
sacred bridge
sacred bridge 21 dag siden
Colin you should use that pole to make yourself a wind turbine to make electricity for your bunker
garcia sward
garcia sward 21 dag siden
How much concrete is in this mans backyard
sxcf90 p477
sxcf90 p477 21 dag siden
He just made a home made roley coster
FireAce 21 dag siden
Music volume ratio to speech volume is way off on most of your videos. Way off. :)
Phonixfire4698 22 dager siden
I love watching this after the underground tunnel vid and seeing evidence of it.
Eliot the Turtle
Eliot the Turtle 22 dager siden
I just realize that the furzday song reminds me of Shawn the sheep
potato=power 22 dager siden
You’re a cool dude.
Donut Max
Donut Max 22 dager siden
that kid’s gotta be the luckiest kid ever
Shaniqiua da tranny queen
It’s always cloudy over there. In da upside down universe
The Kameleon
The Kameleon 22 dager siden
Iam jaloush at his neighbours for being his neighbours
Peter Duvet
Peter Duvet 22 dager siden
NOsections adverts a fing nuisance, every damn thing gummed up with so many ads and not ONCE have i ever bought something as a result of them
H S 22 dager siden
Could you imagine seeing this from a neighbours perspective :D
H S 22 dager siden
Could we support if you have a Binance account?
Herschel Soni Thekkethala
I want this swing at my school
Freddie Beltran
Freddie Beltran 23 dager siden
8:30 if the thing snapped while his neighbors were lookin. this is the face my neighbors make when they go by my house :(
Freddie Beltran
Freddie Beltran 23 dager siden
notice 7:20 blue water comes out, i mind if my water is anything but blue. The water in USA is all a bunch of powder.
demofier light
demofier light 23 dager siden
Be carefull downthere, think about ventilate your tunnel to evacuate the carbon monoxide, really nice video
Ethan Brown
Ethan Brown 24 dager siden
do you have a twin brother?
Dupla do Barulho
Dupla do Barulho 25 dager siden
Magnesio vc deve tomar, vc perde magnesio no suor e pode morrer por falta dele
Lukas Jakob
Lukas Jakob 26 dager siden
If something like this happened to you in Germany at 2:35 minutes, you would have to dredge the whole garden and you could throw away the earth. On top of that, there would be a hefty fine for pollution.
SAD MAN Official
SAD MAN Official Måned siden
Bro you are crazy
Ally Mc
Ally Mc Måned siden
Can you please build a big rollercoasters in the backyard with 500 loops
Ally Mc
Ally Mc Måned siden
Another building idea maybe you guys to build a jet powered log flume amusement ride
Ally Mc
Ally Mc Måned siden
You should make a jet power washing machine
Great Sanora Enterprise
build a roller coaster and extend the bunker
Jack Hart 1
Jack Hart 1 Måned siden
Mc_walker _
Mc_walker _ Måned siden
*Crys in neighbor kid”
space gamer
space gamer Måned siden
Dont let you son lick The Camera it’s super grose
sandar soe
sandar soe Måned siden
His neighbour looking out the window : *what the honk is this madlad doing*
KillerQueen 2 måneder siden
2:38 even the machine is sweating
Lrs Lx
Lrs Lx 2 måneder siden
imagin this guy is your neighbor xD
dekutree64 2 måneder siden
From the title I thought you were going to make a swing where you're upside down the whole time, swinging back and forth up high, supported by a heavy counterweight on the other end of the stick. So basically strapped to the arm of your trebuchet.
Zoe Lim
Zoe Lim 2 måneder siden
Username 2 måneder siden
Colin is the embodiment of British engineering
Underground Beach Hut Build
Gabbie Hanna will never stop.