Corona Virus Isolation Box 

Ganger 6 mill
79% 216 000 57 000

Stay safe furze army and hope you don't end up needing the Furze Isolation Box!!!!

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19. mars. 2020





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colinfurze År siden
Hope this is informative as well as entertaining, hope this all passes you by as best as possible. Stay Healthy Furzearmy.
Pavan Kumar
Pavan Kumar 6 dager siden
Isolation is crazy. This corona video is just MIND BLOWING 👉🏼 nosections.info/green/uWh8eICkmpqf2qo/video.html
Apache Chase Roadrunner
Thank you Colin for keeping the world entertained while this virus is running wild . You're a great man . With love from 🇺🇸 American USA
Ryan Gilligan
Ryan Gilligan 21 dag siden
Looking back to this it’s funny how you didn’t make one for your son
Hairhandpenciltable Lol
Hairhandpenciltable Lol 2 måneder siden
Whoa a guy with the same name as me!!
Joan Minguell Armengol
Joan Minguell Armengol 3 måneder siden
@WikiWiki109 ppp
Alex Karkowka
Alex Karkowka 3 dager siden
I havent left my house in 3 years ill be ok in isolation lol
curt heidel
curt heidel 4 dager siden
I thought you were going to open the toilet and yell "incoming Tom"
MR. lapiz
MR. lapiz 4 dager siden
I think more people should realize how badass mr. Furze is😃
A Human
A Human 5 dager siden
Still love this video even 1 year later
Nathan Smith
Nathan Smith 7 dager siden
Aha now if people test positive they go for a pint with everyone 🤣
trinity playz
trinity playz 7 dager siden
Do you reckon colin has a warehouse full of his inventions
Amojoking Playz
Amojoking Playz 7 dager siden
I need one
Arcade Alchemist
Arcade Alchemist 7 dager siden
a suicide box? or getting use to fema coffins?
Pavan Kumar
Pavan Kumar 6 dager siden
Really man!!This corona video is just MIND BLOWING 👉🏼 nosections.info/green/uWh8eICkmpqf2qo/video.html
Morgan Addams
Morgan Addams 8 dager siden
That guy is amazing.he is living his dream , doing what he likes while raising his family as well our creativity and spirits.kinda we need more people like him.keep it up mate
Pavan Kumar
Pavan Kumar 6 dager siden
This corona video is just MIND BLOWING 👉🏼 nosections.info/green/uWh8eICkmpqf2qo/video.html
Your survival Guide
Your survival Guide 8 dager siden
I had to stay in for two weeks so I learned 30 knots
Major SY-03
Major SY-03 9 dager siden
This dude could be working for a spy agency and we probably all know it
Mike Goering
Mike Goering 9 dager siden
It can be à caravane for the bike
Kipras Juršė
Kipras Juršė 9 dager siden
he started the tunnel build in march of 2020? its been like a year
Scwid Scwid
Scwid Scwid 9 dager siden
I am in isolation I need one of these
christiaan Janeke
christiaan Janeke 9 dager siden
Where is the tea?
Googlely Eye
Googlely Eye 10 dager siden
Its like if you take anti covid a house and some pallets boom this box is boarn and its cozyness
Michael Kennedy
Michael Kennedy 10 dager siden
You'd make the perfect sleeper trailer!
RonByg 10 dager siden
You missed a great opportunity for a "long drop" joke with the dunny, mate!
Jack Niedbalski
Jack Niedbalski 11 dager siden
Check out plant aktivity
StapleCactus 11 dager siden
"Oh, staying inside for 2 weeks is hard!" Every introvert: Seriously?
TheFranzEoin 11 dager siden
Honey our crackhead neighbour is at it again. I wonder what kind of Idea did he get while he was high
Ivan Madrid
Ivan Madrid 11 dager siden
Just excellent 🤟🤪
Buster Dafydd
Buster Dafydd 11 dager siden
4:00 I know this is probably a little late but if you ever want a "teacher", I would be happy to walk you through "programming"
Spicy Wolf
Spicy Wolf 11 dager siden
so you basically eat food brought up from your pile of shit right below (which freefell from the box)
TeamTurboBaconStudios 12 dager siden
Caleb Doyel
Caleb Doyel 13 dager siden
I'd love to see how you fair on taskmaster.
Aaron Sorensen
Aaron Sorensen 13 dager siden
He should have had a drone deliver his food to him.
Shay the wErdO
Shay the wErdO 13 dager siden
Will Pollard
Will Pollard 13 dager siden
delet this
NLios Official
NLios Official 13 dager siden
Isolation chamber… *literally opens window*
Salvatore Boi
Salvatore Boi 13 dager siden
Alpha Chad
Alpha Chad 14 dager siden
He doesn’t need us we need him
Ton Avila
Ton Avila 14 dager siden
Awesome, just make sure to not shit while receiving food LOL
Meme Productions inc.
Meme Productions inc. 14 dager siden
What a load of rubbish
Roblox scripts 101
Roblox scripts 101 14 dager siden
Can’t believe this video was a year ago!
Steven Hodgson
Steven Hodgson 14 dager siden
I genuinely think Colin would have done a better job than Matt Hancock.
Ponçikgamer 14 dager siden
Video highlighter
Video highlighter 14 dager siden
If this guy wins the lottery He's gonna make a lot of cool stuff lol
ShaneX 14 dager siden
lol, a week or 2, cute!
ohmann88 14 dager siden
You are such a dork man i love you
Not Bily
Not Bily 14 dager siden
Can I live in that little thing?
Turtle Master
Turtle Master 15 dager siden
If this guy ever died, his coffin would contain everything needed to sustain an entire country
Augustin Campeau
Augustin Campeau 15 dager siden
Allô mon pote à la conpote
Matthew Anderson
Matthew Anderson 15 dager siden
Legend has it he stayed in there for the whole pandemic
Mecatrônica Pablo Lucas Goncalves Silva
good night my friend u and a comedy my friend.
Mr De Mesmaeker
Mr De Mesmaeker 15 dager siden
You are probably the craziest man of England. Beacause of English people is the craziest of the world you are the craziest man of the world !
Liam Williamson
Liam Williamson 15 dager siden
I feel normal, lol after watching this mad hatter show..thanks Colby ,keep up ya mad inventions...🤣🙏🙂👊
Louie C
Louie C 15 dager siden
Just noticed the winch on the ceiling, Colin was dropping hints of the tunnel!
Zed Boi
Zed Boi 16 dager siden
I wanna get this and build it in the backyard, just kinda backwards so I can shower against the fence for when the new strain hits me hard.
Spicy Lemon
Spicy Lemon 16 dager siden
He has a box with a hand gel dispenser in it, a bed and a closable hatch. Don't sell it ever. Isolating is the last thing people will do.
ScorchingShadow Shaun
ScorchingShadow Shaun 16 dager siden
"2 weeks" one of the biggest lies we were ever told..... Love the videos 😊
Definitely Not A Human
Definitely Not A Human 17 dager siden
Me now in my 10 day second self isolation
Engineer Gaming
Engineer Gaming 17 dager siden
I would live in that
vortexx 05
vortexx 05 17 dager siden
the funny thing is that im in hisolation rn
FlickHappySmile 17 dager siden
We British people are amazing
Steven Herrera
Steven Herrera 18 dager siden
1:14 what a load of old rubbish 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Player2hasjoined 18 dager siden
How do you get power to the box in the air
Kevin Cairns
Kevin Cairns 18 dager siden
Crying @1:44.
Stuart Francis
Stuart Francis 18 dager siden
Colin are you not aware of the radiation that is given off by them microwaves id change your head end but then maybe this explains your madness
appelpaj 18 dager siden
creative mode
Pendolino Fan
Pendolino Fan 18 dager siden
My mum loves it
Paper Airman
Paper Airman 19 dager siden
#### covid
Martim Duarte
Martim Duarte 19 dager siden
I cant believe this video already has 1 year...😑
Mono 19 dager siden
Where can i buy one and how much
SocialAnarchist 19 dager siden
getting a weird feeling there's more than just tea in his mug
fursu69 19 dager siden
That looks really cool, but please dont risk your life for us.
MDST 19 dager siden
Who else watches these videos again and notices every tool that was rigged and used for his new tunnel project?
Patrick stars Best mate
The science teacher everyone wanted in school
ilikesexisnice 19 dager siden
At 0:43 you can see the carpet modification for the underground tunnel he's building now 👀
Charkrit Atherton
Charkrit Atherton 19 dager siden
Sadaam Hussein
Raven Jairus M. Egana
Raven Jairus M. Egana 19 dager siden
How about you poop?
Nerd Singer
Nerd Singer 19 dager siden
Aaaaand got corona virus infection from the food's package...
brmnplayr 20 dager siden
Want that micowave👍😎
sumic 20 dager siden
Most awesome tent I've ever seen.
GreenBox 20 dager siden
"stay inside a house for 7-14 days." If he only knew....
Noble Thompson
Noble Thompson 20 dager siden
Random comment for the NOsections algorithm.
Athena 20 dager siden
"Two weeks will be a breeze Furze," if only if only
Rowan Reid
Rowan Reid 20 dager siden
Watching this because I’m stuck in a house for ten days because I got covid
Apache Chase Roadrunner
Hey Colin's , you've forgotten one thing if you were to stay that high in the air who's gonna get you down if the operator of that machine is gone lmao 😄
Marshall Zachan
Marshall Zachan 20 dager siden
During the coronavirus I learnt how many hours I could put on my steam account and in 5 weeks
Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris 20 dager siden
Colin for next British prime minster 🤞
Florida Llama
Florida Llama 21 dag siden
This guy puts more work on his projects than ironing his shirt (which is a good thing)
Ezh__ 21 dag siden
I noticed that that was a plastic hand WAY too late.
Iceking **Gaming
Iceking **Gaming 21 dag siden
That's sooo sick wow
Gettinemgaming 21 dag siden
Basically everyone could see ya undies mate!
Owl Nightwind
Owl Nightwind 21 dag siden
Colin, you're disgusting for heating a cup of water in a microwave.
jo.jo. 3
jo.jo. 3 21 dag siden
Anyone standing under the toilet hole is in for a rude awakening 😂
Colin Southern
Colin Southern 6 dager siden
The joke could be on him if it's someone bringing him his next meal on a plate ;)
Jalecko 21 dag siden
Live in pod, eat bug
Jtest Ice
Jtest Ice 21 dag siden
The toilet design is amazing, all you see is some butt checks and a brown dot zooming towards your confused face
GeminiXYZ 21 dag siden
"the hardest part is staying in a house for 7 to 14 days without going crazy yourself" ..... video: "1 year ago"
Skepalot 6 dager siden
watcing it and reading it at the same time, what a coincidence
codetastic 8 dager siden
Me a year later after my parents made me never have human contact for a year and a half: you’ve got a lot comming
BISS 18 dager siden
Joe Rong
Joe Rong 22 dager siden
meatbear 22 dager siden
that aged like milk
Izanami 22 dager siden
I just noticed, but this is essentially a capsule room from a capsule hotel
Werewolf 7477
Werewolf 7477 22 dager siden
If you replace the microwave video games with microwave TV, put it on the other side of the room
Karston Watkins
Karston Watkins 22 dager siden
He'd be a multimillionaire if he sold that toilet paper at the right time last year, as well as all that pallet wood this year.
JaxX 22 dager siden
Who else watched this again because they realized he did this project while he was digging the tunnel under the shed
Im Infinite
Im Infinite 22 dager siden
Sorry but thats just distastefull humor on ur part
NoCaps 22 dager siden
colin: literally builds a bunker under his house also colin: "Quarentine"
Underground Beach Hut Build