MASSIVE Trebuchet/Catapult BUILD 

Ganger 1,8 mill
89% 107 000 12 000

Its as big as we could make it without it getting stuck in the warehouse......
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3. des.. 2020





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colinfurze 7 måneder siden
Outside with the arm fully extended this thing is huge, channel members will get a sneak peak but can't wait to start firing stuff.....but what would you launch from it. Thanks again to Xbox Game Pass for PC for sponsoring this video! Be sure to check out Age of Empires: Definitive Collection and many other great games on Xbox Game Pass for PC here = bit.ly/3fYEUhX
Diagnosticnoodle 20 dager siden
i bet you could have done this faster if your barn had a crane in it
Jimmy Gresik
Jimmy Gresik 7 måneder siden
How did You (re)build the... T-REXbuchet of Age of Jurassic Empires (clue: The "HORN" roar...)? HAHAHAHA!
JamesUKE92 7 måneder siden
Wow! Just needed a steering front axle and you could have titled the video “How to get Microsoft to pay for a new custom trailer for Tom Lamb” 👍👍👍
Tåbb 7 måneder siden
Is that Alec Steele's old band saw you have?
Sebastian Denyer Arauz
Sebastian Denyer Arauz 7 måneder siden
Hey what about making some sort of spoon shaped piece for replacement of the straps that failed on the video that came next
Mike Horton
Mike Horton 15 timer siden
A cup a tea? lol. We don't drink that weak shit over this side of the pond...... ;)
Noble Thompson
Noble Thompson 2 dager siden
Random comment for the NOsections algorithm.
Snojie 3 dager siden
06:35 kinda sus colin
Buck Buck
Buck Buck 6 dager siden
Music is too much mate.
Aaron Rockwell
Aaron Rockwell 6 dager siden
6:35 grey is sus
Tim Smith
Tim Smith 7 dager siden
It’s one heck of a pumpkin chunker
2Scoops 7 dager siden
A fine tree bucket, indeed
Mr. Fish
Mr. Fish 7 dager siden
6:32 when the steel is sus
MrLetter 7 dager siden
That's a textbook trebuchet.
MT 8 dager siden
Age of empires is absolutely the best strategy game!
Tim E
Tim E 8 dager siden
I finally understand what the jackhammer at 6:25 is for... The last few videos explain so many of the questions i had... i love it !
Michael Royer
Michael Royer 8 dager siden
Kinda wish you guys would wear safety glasses more often😕 You're not really setting a great example when it comes to PPE
Tim E
Tim E 8 dager siden
it's not their job to set examples... Nothing in his videos scream safety (except the tie)...
Vicki Anderson
Vicki Anderson 9 dager siden
The cut frown supply chop because sandwich orly part until a aquatic suggestion. wide-eyed, invincible thomas
CannedGoose 9 dager siden
6:35 sus
Anarchy !
Anarchy ! 9 dager siden
took me five days after watching to realize when he was saying pounds he meant money, and not weight
ItsYaBoiCalebRoot 9 dager siden
Take a shot every time he says bit
Sanjay Mohan
Sanjay Mohan 9 dager siden
Instead of making these you could make a trip van
zombiebeanz 10 dager siden
6:34 amongus
Wulfrache 10 dager siden
I would be more worried about bending the beam instead of the blade, thats 4340 steal.
Wulfrache 10 dager siden
well its either a Treb or a Cat it cant be both lol....
Air conditioner
Air conditioner 11 dager siden
8:15 im gonna be honest i seriously have no idea what youre saying
Baliko Gamin'
Baliko Gamin' 11 dager siden
Úristen very big! Amúgy meg ha érted, akkor igazi magyar vér csepeg az ereidben. Btw bojler eladó.
Rhys Mcclune
Rhys Mcclune 11 dager siden
Where does he keep this stuff
James Mclachlan
James Mclachlan 13 dager siden
Try and do this with basic tools
Murphey Law
Murphey Law 13 dager siden
British guy: Makes a giant trebuchet. The French: *Sweats nervously*
Vp 15 dager siden
6:35 amogus
Lucas Harvey
Lucas Harvey 16 dager siden
Bio Hazard
Bio Hazard 16 dager siden
2:53 For some reason, this killed me.
James Thames
James Thames 17 dager siden
I imagine Colin is what we'd end up with in the DC universe if John Constantine got into engineering instead of magic.
Isaac Andersen
Isaac Andersen 18 dager siden
Love the games and love the channel. Great sponsor!
Keat0n_ 19 dager siden
Damn if only the trebuchet I had to make for school could’ve been this big
Kronk 20 dager siden
6:35 among us?
James Clayton
James Clayton 21 dag siden
oh my gosh, between labor, time spent not working on other projects and materials, this project must have cost over 80,000. I really hope they gave you at least 100k for this!
Cindy Lewis
Cindy Lewis 21 dag siden
@Colinfurze are you british?
Robert Oakley
Robert Oakley 22 dager siden
Absolute talented LAAAAAAD! 👍🏻💪🏻
Mitchell Riches-Evans
Mitchell Riches-Evans 27 dager siden
Mans gonna be deaf by 50
Vença sua Mente!
Vença sua Mente! Måned siden
how the fuck did you slide like that? :O
George Jefferies
George Jefferies Måned siden
How about putting 4 rotors on the hover machine ?
Duncan Overload
Duncan Overload 2 måneder siden
this man shaves his beard with a wooden powered arm mounted chainsaw
JP Schöpe
JP Schöpe 2 måneder siden
How he always find someone thats be like "Oh yea totally normal, i`ll help ya mate" XD
Tom Lamb
Tom Lamb 2 måneder siden
yer totaly normal
Creative Jake
Creative Jake 2 måneder siden
Bada bing bada boom and you have a child chirtmas present make sure it can dit under the chirtmas tree😂
Jeremi Lewandowski
Jeremi Lewandowski 3 måneder siden
Matthew Washington
Matthew Washington 3 måneder siden
How did u get a quickie saw? I've been trying to get one of those for years
Robert Casey
Robert Casey 3 måneder siden
250x150x8mm RHS is about 48 kg/metre. So each 13m length is 600kg, noice
FighterNight34 3 måneder siden
Ngl welding look pretty fun
IanJack231 3 måneder siden
6:35 metal plate sus
Kate Moore
Kate Moore 3 måneder siden
Where dose he keep this stuff!?!
Caleb Kerns
Caleb Kerns 3 måneder siden
I never can tell if he is talking about weight or price.
Mars' Gaming
Mars' Gaming 3 måneder siden
I’ll make a shed Colin I agree
Cristofor Cojocaru
Cristofor Cojocaru 3 måneder siden
6:35 when the trebuchet is sus
emp100k 3 måneder siden
In awe at the size of this lad... Absolute unit! This might be your most mental project yet.
Finn Brewer
Finn Brewer 3 måneder siden
7:02 - "IT'S JURRASIC PARK" 😂😂
Iωάννης Κοραχάης
And here I am, designing and making small gadgets thinking I'm a fucking genius.
Dasturdly 4 måneder siden
Hi Can you try making something that uses a vortex cooled engine to power it.
frozonev 4 måneder siden
Workers' health and safety wants to know your location
Virtual_Inferno 4 måneder siden
Colinfurze sus? 6:35
Random Person
Random Person 4 måneder siden
Love the fact that the one song is about a guy who likes washing the dishes
Natalia Wolniewicz
Natalia Wolniewicz 4 måneder siden
I now wonder if Tom Lamb is Colin's good friend who happens to have a big machinery company or just some local guy who keeps getting hired for this dude's weird projects
Nova Rutheniaball
Nova Rutheniaball 4 måneder siden
I wonder how big this is compared to the warwolf...
oversized biscuit
oversized biscuit 5 måneder siden
tree bucket
TelluricDeepDown 5 måneder siden
PewdDiePie watching this: 👁👄👁
Ove Bakken
Ove Bakken 5 måneder siden
And people tell me I'm mad ...
Ononymous Figure
Ononymous Figure 6 måneder siden
Colin, your hilarious
Pumkin Spice
Pumkin Spice 6 måneder siden
I'm convinced Colin is a secret billionare.
Neon Knight
Neon Knight 6 måneder siden
your vids are the best
Alex 5432
Alex 5432 6 måneder siden
I don't belive you did this because the sponser... you did this because Pewds.
ADV_hypxr 6 måneder siden
This is the British version of that nasa guy mark something
Life of Peen
Life of Peen 6 måneder siden
I mean, Colin helped Mark with the paint gun iirc
ADV_hypxr 6 måneder siden
Mark rober
Albert Ochoa
Albert Ochoa 6 måneder siden
Age Of Empires II , first thing came to my mind when I saw it.
SlickViper 6 måneder siden
Great build! This project inspired me to build an epic wooden bike ramp! nosections.info/green/2Gt8bIuAjHio2r4/video.html
Victor T. Jerry
Victor T. Jerry 6 måneder siden
Could you try a project of building a Dyno.
Ugala Bogala
Ugala Bogala 6 måneder siden
I think it’s unfair Xbox can’t use key and mouse for most games but pc is now getting game pass
Subzero Pie
Subzero Pie 6 måneder siden
Talk about heavy duty
panda4247 7 måneder siden
11:17 that seems completely safe. Not.
Heaven Toast
Heaven Toast 7 måneder siden
Came here from NitroType!
John Kuzma
John Kuzma 7 måneder siden
WTF, that stop motion on the beam was SO SMOOTH! How...?
BigMo 7 måneder siden
Collin is really struggling to act like a child these days ...he’s growing up. The childish act is soooo forced.
Alexander Cutzdeep
Alexander Cutzdeep 7 måneder siden
I would recommend using bpw axles next time on your projects very strong German axles
Bobby Benfield
Bobby Benfield 7 måneder siden
You had me excited thinking they were making a new age of empires lol darn
Paul Andrews
Paul Andrews 7 måneder siden
It has to be made of wood! Your cheating!
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 7 måneder siden
10:27 ah yes, the good ol 'safety squint while bending your head away' practice
Albin Petschauer
Albin Petschauer 7 måneder siden
Colin Furze is Gordon Ramsay in an alternative universe but instead of food he builds stuff
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 7 måneder siden
Angle grinding steel without eyepro? or earpro?
steve johnson
steve johnson 7 måneder siden
Be better with the SoapGirls music
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 7 måneder siden
10:27 ah yes, the good ol 'safety squint while bending your head away' practice
ProfJack 7 måneder siden
And next project will be spaceship? :D
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 7 måneder siden
7:25 - That, there, is precision engineering
Rob Charlts
Rob Charlts 7 måneder siden
I didn’t think you were allowing rolling ads Colin ?
Bern M
Bern M 7 måneder siden
7:04 I wonder if that was the actual sound of the Tyrannosaurus Rex scene
Asger Iversen
Asger Iversen 7 måneder siden
make a bus next time
QuaidenTheCanadian 7 måneder siden
Why did that scare me 2:53
Muhammad Walters
Muhammad Walters 7 måneder siden
If you've watched Sherlock holmes he kind of looks like the detective from there 😂😂
Bram vandenbroeck
Bram vandenbroeck 7 måneder siden
Colinfurze is going midieval!
Yata Miata
Yata Miata 7 måneder siden
Imagine putting those whells on a miata
DBDannyBeeDB Bee
DBDannyBeeDB Bee 7 måneder siden
4:29 his friend has seen him air hump so much now he just tunes it out hahahahahahahaah
Reverend George
Reverend George 7 måneder siden
Having watched the video where this thing is tested to destruction, which happened when bearings disintegrated, I'd recommend not welding anywhere near to where bearings are installed. Remove the bearings, do the welding, reinstate the bearings. Heat does a lot more damage than just melting the grease out of them, they are precise bits of kit and a bit of heat can distort them enough to ruin them. I'll not mention the lack of safety precautions which were neglected.
Nutjob with a Machete
Nutjob with a Machete 7 måneder siden
Up in the north of Alberta we had to work with pieces that big in the field (don't ask!) and holy hell can it be a pain.
Spearfishing Adventures
Spearfishing Adventures 7 måneder siden
Ah, a Fender plate. We have a man of taste here
Laser Eyes
Laser Eyes 7 måneder siden
Hey @colinfurze what does it take to be such a hilarious genius like you?
Bernard Bruinsma
Bernard Bruinsma 7 måneder siden
Angle grinding steel without eyepro? or earpro?
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 7 måneder siden
Next build: Pogo stick to the moon, just to dial things back a bit.
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 7 måneder siden
The pair of beams at the full 13m weigh around 1200kg, not a single 10m beam. That stuff is fukkin heavy though, for sure!!
BlackCell22 7 måneder siden
Spoiler alert! It doesnt end up working, because they leave the trebuchet on free rolling wheels, which absorb a lot of the would be forward motion. After you fix the sling, put some chocks on the tires, mate!
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