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No other Z3 can spit fire, lift itself up, shoot, Smoke and deliver biscuits at the flick of a switch.

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4. april. 2021





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colinfurze 3 måneder siden
What a Car, the flamethrower nearly took the front off haha, so what else could we squeeze in this beast and can you spot the card Stig in background of one of the shots.
Colin Southern
Colin Southern 4 dager siden
Needs a martini shaker ;)
a random lego
a random lego 5 dager siden
@Blessed OwO Maximilian is just a horrible person
Ravi M
Ravi M 12 dager siden
Jet Car!
William MacPherson
William MacPherson 14 dager siden
Glenn Trinidad
Glenn Trinidad 14 dager siden
put front and back camera so even you use the smoke, you can drive using the cameras...
Joel A
Joel A Dag siden
If Colin ever snaps..... lord help us. lol
Mehrzad Yazdani
Mehrzad Yazdani Dag siden
Ashok M Nagaral
Ashok M Nagaral 2 dager siden
Juliusz Kociński
Juliusz Kociński 2 dager siden
Being used to some whackyness in these projects I'm actually impressed how real this feels
Adam Aburweis
Adam Aburweis 4 dager siden
5:27 5:26
Adam Aburweis
Adam Aburweis 4 dager siden
5:42 5:43
Curtis Muir
Curtis Muir 4 dager siden
Scratching the ground at the end made me laugh so hard
Justin In
Justin In 4 dager siden
Love your work but 007 wouldn’t drive a German car
Rays x
Rays x 6 dager siden
the blood sugar levels affect ultimately the psychological and physical performance of all living creatures. The biscuits functionality beats all other ideas about what an amazing Bonds cars should have. The film’s studio should adopt the idea.
Lachlan South
Lachlan South 6 dager siden
6:37 you said in part 2 of this that you were going to get an actual wheel, and maybe this is why. You've scratched the cobblestone. Sheer perfection though other than that
KBTz PicturesTM
KBTz PicturesTM 7 dager siden
The smoke machine is just stupid
Moritz 7 dager siden
Haha I have the Z3
There is a tunnel dig reference in this
pnorgate 8 dager siden
So…. Racing round a track in a car fitted with ballistics and highly flammable fuel while spraying the wheels with oil…. Ah, must be a Colin Furze video!! 🤘🏼
stavros skourou
stavros skourou 8 dager siden
Ο ποιό τρελος από τους τρελους!
side side name
side side name 8 dager siden
Question does the fbi pay u when u were done making this
Smxky_gxted 8 dager siden
Your the best
Spynmaster 8 dager siden
would've been perfect with a few firework missiles to polish it off
Ben 9 dager siden
if someone brake checks you.... that flamethrower will be handy
Metal Head Gaming Brony
Furze can u create a biscuit machine gun
Mike's Bakes
Mike's Bakes 9 dager siden
I knew that shark would come in handy
Matthmataz 9 dager siden
You missed “Roasted, not fried”
TAZSCOTT 10 dager siden
I wish this guy picked a random subscriber like me to choose something to build for me 😩😩😩😩
F-22 raptor
F-22 raptor 10 dager siden
The biscuits definitely make this a British car
joekenorer 11 dager siden
The wheel in the back used to be an actual feature in 50's American cars called a fifth wheel parking system. I don't recall which car/s had it.
Chris1094 11 dager siden
Where can I buy that aftermarket stereo? 😂
ilyNoobz_ 11 dager siden
2:43 the stig just hotboxing
ad mobile4
ad mobile4 11 dager siden
The gadgets will work long after this piece of crap is mechanically totaled.
Alphins Tech
Alphins Tech 11 dager siden
Make a submarine car
Alleriea 12 dager siden
The scratches on the floor at the end though xD
juanlash 12 dager siden
We all know we want him to build an. Iron man suit next
the walrus U.S
the walrus U.S 12 dager siden
this is the kind of person the 2nd amendment was made for. gun car hehehehehe. too bad he's british.
Lasagna5836 12 dager siden
Maybe try putting a custom tire on the lifty thingy
chimb 13 dager siden
3:03 when snoop dog goes driving
EdgeOfFate 13 dager siden
I would have billed the smoke machine as a way to gas passengers or some such
Alfie Miller-Sharp
Alfie Miller-Sharp 13 dager siden
Colin mate, you need a tyre on that back wheel. It scuffs the pavement up so the villain knows a spy has parked.
Mr_Erkki 13 dager siden
This gets crazier with every button!
alias unknown
alias unknown 14 dager siden
the biscuit changed after he caught it
RailDemon87 14 dager siden
Bla Blabez
Bla Blabez 14 dager siden
Car is smoking huh i guess nothing wrong is happening
ASAP Perry
ASAP Perry 14 dager siden
The hell did that oil to the wheels do😂😂p.s fix your edit
Nicholas Williams
Nicholas Williams 15 dager siden
Jeez imagine buying this on auto trader lol
Tony Murphy
Tony Murphy 15 dager siden
Gin and Tonic please
bryan diel
bryan diel 15 dager siden
just need to put rubber on the parking assist- gouges on the cobble a bit obvious!
gary dates
gary dates 15 dager siden
should have oiled the tyres so the car would not need to be so high before spinning.. it would be more stable aswell
L.G.M 15 dager siden
This was brilliant 👏
Hussein Salhab
Hussein Salhab 16 dager siden
Why don’t you put a camera outside the car so you can see what’s going on
Gaetano Fazio
Gaetano Fazio 16 dager siden
I know this is late but you should put a camera in the front and make a headset that sees the camera so you can see when driving with that smoke screen
user_1234 16 dager siden
at this point this guy , styropyro , hacksmith and carl bugeja can form the avengers or some other movie shit
Red grenadier
Red grenadier 16 dager siden
biscuit blasters should be standard in all UK cars 😂
RAHUL KUMAR 17 dager siden
Flying biscuit is most British thing I seen 😳
Kyle Brake
Kyle Brake 18 dager siden
I love your videos!
Christopher Cook
Christopher Cook 18 dager siden
Awesome build & Hilarious 😂 👍🏻
Leonardo Frederico de Paula
Nathan Curtis
Nathan Curtis 19 dager siden
That’s brilliant 😂
Letz_Get Schwifty
Letz_Get Schwifty 19 dager siden
The biscuit dispenser is the best feature
KingGurke 20 dager siden
Nice car, but: Who gave Colin the license to use real guns? What were they thinking?
Defective 20 dager siden
Like the car man
Darkassassin 07
Darkassassin 07 20 dager siden
I have a feeling the MOT may have an issue with rear mounted guns (or any mounted guns for that matter)
ɪᴍ ғɪɴᴇ.
ɪᴍ ғɪɴᴇ. 21 dag siden
JacobPug Poirier
JacobPug Poirier 21 dag siden
3:52 I like how he incorporates old technology 6:28
Mythic 21 dag siden
Id love to give the design but dont know how
Mythic 21 dag siden
? Whot is 4.is
xX Xx
xX Xx 21 dag siden
i would switch the flamethrower and the guns
CTAnut 22 dager siden
If he lived in the USA or Czech Republic...
Cunning Foxx
Cunning Foxx 22 dager siden
The rear guns and that rear lifting was so awesome great job Colin!!!
Sailx 22 dager siden
6:35 those scratch marks lol
Rate Car Pix
Rate Car Pix 22 dager siden
AlTheEngineer 22 dager siden
I absolutely love the fact that you put real guns on it! It just makes it 1000x cooler :)
Mat Nichol
Mat Nichol 22 dager siden
You really should get a small background role in the next Bond film testing something behind Q in the lab. You might have to wear goggles and a lab coat though as well as the safety tie.
TimSoKar 23 dager siden
I didn't expect the biscuits, I think it's the best feature in that car.
Caught On 4k
Caught On 4k 23 dager siden
The smoke machine makes it look like you were hot boxing
Christian Clements
Christian Clements 23 dager siden
Colin you’re living my dream my friend. Keep up the madness
Khaalem 23 dager siden
6:41 Just 3 tries :D
Arch Angel
Arch Angel 23 dager siden
This is pure Madness! I love it! Colin’s gadgets, inventions, and videos never disappoint! Colin sir, you are the man! You make the impossible possible and we love you for it!
frank gardiner
frank gardiner 23 dager siden
Love the idea of the internal biscuit deployment system (IBDS) but have to say your choice of biscuit leaves a lot to be desired Bond would of had Hob Nobs for the more discerning secret agent
TastyDeath 24 dager siden
if colin had elon musk's wealth he would literally be iron man
Larry Diffey
Larry Diffey 24 dager siden
No guns? (Air guns don't count) Oh, that's right, you're in the UK. You should come to Texas and build one with guns.
Amin Izzat
Amin Izzat 25 dager siden
I wanna see an engineering video of Colin Furze Vs Mark Rober!
Carl Soll
Carl Soll 28 dager siden
1:52 That face
MALTA 28 dager siden
Listen to the pure of the engine
Alexander Cross
Alexander Cross 29 dager siden
Aren't you supposed to oil the other guys tires?
cpsedmonds 29 dager siden
Was that a frickin' shark with a frickin' laser beam attached to its head??
Hammad Ali
Hammad Ali Måned siden
An oil deployment system? I thought every BMW came with that already.
mirthenary Måned siden
Just like a Maserati or TVR, loads of buttons, nothing labeled
Seek Truth
Seek Truth Måned siden
Such a waste of life.
Max Z
Max Z 14 dager siden
What is?
Where is the tea maker in this thing??? What a wasted potential for the biscuit dispenser!
mr pronoob
mr pronoob Måned siden
No officer, its completely a stock car
Zir Jaeger
Zir Jaeger Måned siden
I like how you can tell the parking segment was filmed at least three times.
rupesh sutar
rupesh sutar Måned siden
Also add in a car a beer machine
the hummble dash
the hummble dash Måned siden
Gordon ram would be happy with the bagel radio
Engineer gaming
Engineer gaming Måned siden
If anyone tries to break into Collins home there going to be destroyed
Darrell Galusha
Darrell Galusha Måned siden
Really sad it doesn't have a self destruct button.
Quiet Måned siden
I can dig the friggin Austin Powers reference
Lalruat dika
Lalruat dika Måned siden
We have a camouflage system...no one can see u,and neither can you
Aggromemnon Måned siden
People are often divided about the kidney grills on the Z3, but this completely redefines the whole debate - now it's also steak grills, chicken, sausages, maybe bacon...
Mortimer Måned siden
Joel Sanford
Joel Sanford Måned siden
Imagine being James Bond trying to get somewhere and your fucking car starts puking coolant everywhere because it's a BMW
Dave Kauffman
Dave Kauffman Måned siden
Colin, you're off your nut, I think that's how they say "crazy" in the UK, I love your channel.
Pierre Vincent
Pierre Vincent Måned siden
2:28 welcome to Colorado
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